Friday, July 27, 2012

Theme 104 - Anger

From @deescjockey: I swear that measly kitten was smiling at me. An entire week’s work lay ruined on the table, the milk flowing away with blue streaks of washed-out ink. I vaguely remember holding it by the neck and tossing it out in the pouring rain. If only it came back now; I have really cooled down.

From @RiddhiAswani:

Lightning flashed across the dark sky in a blinding streak of furious light. It was poetic, the way it reflected my rioting emotions. My legs pumped fast, one foot falling effortlessly in front of the other as I ran.

"Give me that cell phone back," I shouted angrily, chasing my brother through the house.

From @TheScotchGirl:

The kettle was whistling aloud. The water was nearly jumping and making sounds.

She was trying her best to look away, after all one should conduct herself like a lady.  This man was just pushing the right buttons. She flew across the kitchen & flung the kettle at him. He went too far, this time.

From @slokabs: The students were learning expressions in the drawing class. “Class,” started Ms.Smith, “Today, you shall draw an angry face.” Little Ansh innocently and spontaneously asked, “Ma’am, could we use lot of colours?” “Sure, why not?!”, she replied! “Good”, said Ansh, “because mummy’s cheeks go from pink to red to crimson to purple when she’s angry!”

From @swordfish19: Anger? It is the emotion that we feel when things don’t go our way. Sometimes, we implode; sometimes we erupt, like a volcano. The root cause of anger is desire. You want them to act a certain way. You want them to do this or say that. Don’t expect. Just accept.  Aum shanti shanti shanti.

From @AskThePankazzzz: She made out with her boyfriend's best friend. The boyfriend had his own way to resolve. A bullet each, for both heads. Point blank. The third bullet was wrapped with his own death. Nobody knows what killed them all. The betrayal. The trigger. The regret Or the wrath. But, together, they put anger in danger.

From @chicabeingme: "I wish you would be angry with me. That would certainly be a lot easier to handle. I find your forgiving nature just so unnerving. It doubles my guilt. Scream, shout, rant. Something. Don't just sit there with that look on your face and that caring smile. I crave a frown. A grimace. Disgust. Anything but love."

From @pallavipinakin: She laughed with delight, sweeping tendrils of wayward hair away from her face with a languid hand. He seethed with rage at the temerity of the men drinking in her luminous beauty, hanging on to her every word, making her giggle helplessly. The end was inevitable. He married her and locked her into a tower.

From @numbyaar: Thanks to backbiting, office politics and a failed relationship, the murderer in him was gearing up. He was yet to shortlist on the victim. As he started to plot his first ever murder, the bastard next door switched on the radio. He called off his plan and started dancing instead.

From @prawncis: Anger is blue. Anger is bubbles. Bubbles rising fast. Thousands of bubbles, rising desperately. Anger is thrashing desperately below the surface. Anger defeats fear. Anger overcomes desire. Anger is white hot adrenalin pumping poison into your brain as your fingers clench. Anger is soft flesh stiffening and floating slowly upwards. Anger?  Anger is death.

From @shruti_says: It was unusually quiet. She dried her hands on her apron and went to Arjun’s room. She found him surrounded by PVC pellets, carefully refilling the beanbag. “Please don’t be angry Mama! I’m putting them back. I wanted to see what was inside.” Priya suppressed a laugh. How could she be angry at his innocence?

From @FateMarfatia:
The sage gave his two disciples a weapon each to eradicate felony.
The First returned in a day, with thousands of dead criminals and proclaimed, "The world is free of mortal sin!"
The Second returned after decades, with nothing and submitted, "The world has learnt this weapon's use. To kill the enemy within not without"

From @writingchalk:
Snip. Tear. Cut. Rip! Crack! Crush! GRIND. POUND. HAMMER. WHACK! BLAST! BOOM!

Arkham Asylum was torn to shreds. Out came Killer Croc and Bane. 

“Where is BATMAN?” they screamed in unison.

“I’m here...” said Batman, behind them.

Just as they were about to battle, I heard, “COME DOWN AND HAVE DINNER RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!”

From @Minolajekar:

She sat in a corner holding a packet of frozen peas to her steadily darkening eye.
He lay on the floor, crying, begging for forgiveness.
“I swear darling, I will enroll in counseling, I can’t understand my rage”.
She rubbed her now-empty womb, reminiscing the last rage.
She tousled his hair, and it begun again.

From @shantusharma:
"I won’t talk to Papa ever if he doesn’t show up today."
Neeru's sadness had engulfed her anger. Soon tears rolled down her eyes. Sobbing she fell asleep. After sometime she felt familiar warmth on her cheek and woke up.
 She screamed and hugged him tightly. Joy gave way to all other emotions instantly.

From @RootKanal: Her breathing was labored, she exhaled in short, sudden bursts. Her stomach tied itself up in a knot and her throat hurt from keeping her tongue trapped shut inside her jaw. "You call this a report? Your insane!" "'Your'?" She snapped. The well aimed stapler hit him right between the eyes.

From @godjustsignedin: They stood at crossroads! After years of being together, the inevitable falling out finally happened. He tried his best to keep them together, but their relationship dangled through a slim thread. A long break later, they came up with a solution, ‘St. Anger’.

From @karthikisthin:

He pressed his pencil as hard as he could into the page and continued writing. The lines were strong enough to cause depressions across the next few pages.
With his lower lip engaged in a muscle-numbing pout, his eyes darted from his friends outside to his mother who was vacuuming in the kitchen. “Homework first.”

From @Crucifire:

“Hey, this is something you should definitely be pissed about”

“It’s not big a deal, just let it go”

“You had cleared it up with her right? How could she?”

“Oh yes… OMG that bitch!”

“Now go screw your guy’s happiness.”

“ROHIT, stop talking to Priya, that bitch wore the same top to the wedding.”

From @sinpinklove:

She slapped him hard. He hugged her tight.
She pushed him back. He caught her back.
She glared. He smiled.
And then he caught her hands and kissed her hard. She was angry the kiss got her off guard. Slowly she responded and kissed him back first gently and then with rage.

From @vchatting:

The power-cut suddenly turned the room dark.Scared little Arjun,rushed, but forgot that the door was closed, hitting his head against the door! He screamed with the impact of this assault. Just then, the electricity returned.
Angry Arjun, punishingly, hit the tightest slaps he could, at the mute door before him!

From @_Nehu: They fly and fight, they are cute and tough at same time… They are in different colors and everyone loves to spend time with them; you carry them with yourself on cellphone. The game, the brand – Angry Birds! Angry? Angry on us to ruin Mother Nature but they still entertain us. Strange!!

From @stupidiotica: He sat motionless on the floor, it's stinging coldness failing to register in his brain. Tears still streaked his face but his eyes resolute. In the other room, rigor mortis had begun claiming who once had been his lover. The anger still caused him to shiver involuntarily. The blood on his hands was partly clotted.

From @Bongbuffoon:

“Why are you angry?”
“She rejected me.”
“So? You’ll throw acid on her.”
“Why? Did she ever say she loved you?”
“But you loved her?”
“So, you’ll show your love with acid?”
“How will that solve anything? Why will you destroy her life?”
He shrugged and said: “I am a man.”

From @roshd:

ShriShriShriGuruji Maharaj finished his discourse on the futility of anger amid full media coverage.

Sushil - Guruji, my brother’s girlfriend’s father disapproves of him.They wish to elope.Please advise.
SSSGM: Her father’s anger is misplaced. Tell him to go ahead with my blessings.
Sushil- Thank you Guruji. He’s now your son-in-law with your blessings!

From @_saraU:

Laya was 12 and famous.
She was all over on TV.She was the big bee.
She went to her teacher, who had once assured the class, that Laya would fail the fourth grade.
“I couldn’t wait to remind you. I was angry. So I proved.“
She smiled.
“I’m glad, it made you angry.”

From @alienatedwind: Why would you push me back down every time I have to rise? Longer I am inside, crazier I get on the outside. Misconstrued I am. No, violence is not always what I rise for. Your well being also needs to be fought for. Anger I am. Not a foe, a friend I can be.

From @maruwahna:

I‘m sorry beta, but this cannot happen. Our family honour will be lost.

What‘s wrong with Anisha ? She‘s educated, pretty good looking and she
loves me ? What else you want ?

All that is irrelavent, you‘re from a different gotra.
Like red flames on a dark night, his eyes said it all.
Go to hell.

From @pranavvk: Please don’t look at me that way. I know it was wrong. I know intentions cannot forgive actions. Please don’t cry. It was a mistake. An unforgiveable moment of weakness . Please don’t look at me with those empty eyes. Please don’t look beyond me at a blank landscape. Please, just be angry at me.

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