Sunday, July 22, 2012

Theme 100 - Supernatural

From @RootKanal:

The wind slammed against the windows and rattled the hinges off the door, its eerie sound only to be topped by rustling leaves. The wooden floor creaked ever so softly with heavy feet treading over them carefully.

She woke up and the hair on her neck prickled, “Dean, is that you?”

From @menakasays: She remembered sitting together at the balcony and watching the rain. Ironic how the same rain killed him in an accident. A misplaced breeze moved a strand of hair away from her temples. She'd felt this before, "Are you still here?" She felt the fingers loosening the knot that held her hair up. She felt her tresses bounce around her shoulders. Tears rolled down her cheek.

From @vchatting:

He hated Karate but, for his mother's insistence. He'd do anything for her. Arrived, the championship day. He was frail; his hatred for karate made it tougher!
He tried. Tears streaming down his face,taking punch after punch, from his opponent,he stood his ground. Such love and courage in a seven year old? Supernatural!

From @swaravali: A 7-year-old had to write a few lines in a creative writing class.  "Supernatural??? super+natural = much better than natural !!! But how can anything better than natural?  What is closest to nature is the best. Right Ma'm?" 

From @karthikisthin:
Anuja delicately adjusted her infant’s head, as she held him close. She liked feeding him; she liked the control. Eyes closed, she hummed her favourite tune and gently ran her palm against his back. His body’s warmth matched hers.

His tiny fingers then traced out the letters M, O, R and E on her tummy.

From @CruciFire:

When they say Yes, they mean No.
When they say Fine, it means it isn’t.
Logic ain’t important, extreme emotions are.
Fights happen on assumptions.
History is their arsenal. Memory, their firepower.

Girls might think they are super natural. I think they are supernatural.

Witches from Hell.

From @Nabilazaidi:

Like the whiff of wind he walked in promising to save not just a day, not just a life, but me, forever.

I was stripped off my reality. My being, shaken. My loss, unaccounted. My worth, questioned.

All that felt, was not natural. All that he did, was die under the krypotonite.

From @jumidas1:

He: You want to marry me just because of my money. Forget about loving me; you do not even believe in love!
She: Ofcourse I love you. And for me love is God.
Two months later, they are married. 3 months later he learnt that she is an atheist.

From @JeeveSobs: He walks in, drunk, and goes straight for her room. Her complaints get silenced by his slap across her face. His abuses making her cry even more. Across the room a young kid watches silently, in shock, at the supernatural scene of his loving, doting father being converted into a devil.

From @bitchwanti: Clouds moved in endless circles. The swirls a solid, unchanging grey. Characterless, they merge into one another like faceless days. Her melancholy grows, like a slab of cement. It would take something supernatural, spectacular to drag her out of this place.

From @anushreekejriwa: We are made up of the five elements of nature and ultimately get mixed with them. There was a supernatural element in his nature....he could smile his way through his problems. Problems said "we won't leave you buddy", he said "neither will I leave you.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Everyone thought that Karim was alone and lonely. He did not think like that. He had an unwanted companion with him for years.
It seemed as if there was some supernatural power that ensured that he was never alone and pain was his constant companion.
Karim longed for solitude, at  least without this companion.

From @drun007:

She could foresee people's future. With an impressively large client list and a jam packed calendar, her predictions were much spoken about.

When her close friends ask about how she didn't predict her own messy life, her reply always was, "You can't be right about everything, everytime. You've got to leave certain things to fate!"

From @writingchalk:

A little boy was watching V for Vendetta. In the movie, a masked man was shot repeatedly, but didn’t die.
Even the villain exclaimed, “Why won’t you die?!”

The boy wore a Guy Fawkes mask…

“Papa, I won’t die! I am like V man…”

… and shot himself with his dad’s gun.

Fortunately, no bullets.

From @maruwahna:

Mother had told him not to talk to strangers . But all she asked him was the time . Then , ten minutes later , his darkest fear . Those blue eyes knew everything.
Ajmer. 1:30 PM . She wanted some air . He waited patiently for his turn to tell his story. She never came .

From @AskThePankazzzz: They were so much into each other, that with every time they touched, the souls interchanged places. Inside each other, they breathed. They were each other's God, each other's Satan. Like some magic, some supernatural happening maybe. Good or bad they didnt know. Yes, they were in love. They needed some exorcist, they didnt know.

From @IncompleteWaste: Cuddling on the couch, watching her favourite sitcom, she told him how thankful she was for bearing Supernatural. Later, ''Knock knock'', he said. ''Who's there?'', she replied. ''Marry''. ''Marry who?'', she asked. ''Marry you?'', he said nervously. She straightened herself, trying to kiss him, but fell off. She looked around. It was a dream.

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