Thursday, July 12, 2012

Theme 90 - Forbidden

From @HighHeelsWaali: It was a tiny rebellion. But they knew it needed to be crushed. From tiny flames grow jungle fires. The army was happy to have something to do. The king was resigned. He knew this was a lost cause, from the beginning, before the battle began. He knew that you cannot forbid thoughts.

From @jumidas1:

Husband: Do you love him?
Wife: No. Its forbidden.

From @miffalicious:

They must never know.

She’d been working on this for a long while now. She’d written it out, a few words every night painstakingly, her final masterpiece. She’d gotten her father to smuggle the laptop so that she could tell her story to the world.

In a country, where women were forced to be silent.

From @The_lie_lama: She was secretly in love with him. Stalked him the way she could. More she knew about him, the more she fell for him. From infatuation, to lust, to love, the journey was ever so exciting.The most exciting part, her husband was away, on sail for four months.

From @dopeywriter:

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, in a family of radicals. He was the sole inheritor of everything except the frame of mind.
He was gifted, insanely talented. But, destiny had other plans.

He had to cross the line. He had to make a decision. He made.

And, he made it.

From @featheringhigh: She hadn’t stopped thinking about him. He teased her without words, without a glance and yet she only ached for him. Maybe it was the mystery she couldn’t resist. He was all that she wanted no one else would do, ever. He smiled, he knew why she wanted him and he blushed a bright red.

From @nabilazaidi:

“All things forbidden hold inspiration in them.”
“I thought it was curiosity. Natural rebellion, maybe.”
“You, I would call forbidden.”
“Do I look like an Apple to you?”
“No. For that matter, I am not even curious or feel challenged when it comes to you.”
“You confuse me.”
“You forbid me from reading you!”

From @ChaaluChapaati: Every time he looked at her, she seemed to be more beautiful. Every time he glimpsed her dimple, or saw her eyes sparkle or heard her laugh…his breath would catch a little and his head would swoon. And every time she spoke about her paramour, his heart would sink and land with a thud.

From @FateMarfatia:

“How do you breathe in that thing?” John wondered aloud.  Sakina’s blue eyes, the only part not covered by her burqa, grew bigger in response. How was she to explain the inexplicable?

 “Don’t you desire to be free?” John prodded.

Sakina smiled under her veil at his unabashed curiosity.

“Who told you I am not?”

From @madrasmad: Mmmm... come closer. Yeah... yeah... Nice, nice! Wait.. er... what are you doing? Hey.. HEY HEY! What do you think you’re doing? Stop it! And get the hell out of my house! NOW!

From @shantusharma:

Enter at your own risk.
Danger. 440 Volts.
Dogs and Indians not allowed.
Entry restricted to International passport holders only: Haagen-Dazs.
22.5% + 27%.
Sabrimala Temple: Women (Aged 10-50).
1920-1933, USA.
Hizab: France.
Women Suffrage: Saudi Arabia.
The Satanic Verses.
Public Display of Affection.
Menstruating Women.
Apple for Eve.
Toilets in Planning Commission.

From @tunnvi: The blood sucking bugbears and the Acromantual colony. The massive three headed dog and the Bowtruckles. The werewolves and the giants and the trolls. The unicorns and the centaurs and other magical creatures. Nothing mattered. He was the boy who lived, the one who broke all the rules. He had to explore the forbidden forest.

From @aaroo4: He stared at the container sitting on top of the cupboard. Sweet divine Jalebis, something that he could gobble all day, and all night… “What is wrong with me, why have i not changed, inspite of all that happened”. He looked down; he saw empty spaces where his legs had been. Damn them forbidden sweets.

From @karthikisthin:

He locked and unlocked his door. 9 times.
Next, he climbed into his attic and dug out a framed photograph.
He took a silk cloth from his bathrobe pocket and cleaned the frame. 9 times.
Finally, he flossed his teeth. He stopped after the eighth time for a sneeze.
He flogged himself for this error.

From @tamannadahiya29:

She was born in a land where love was forbidden. She, a rebel, dared and loved. When she was killed by her own kin, she was pregnant. Her love was also lynched the same day.

Yes, here rules are laid who has to be loved and how much. They had planned to marry that day.

From @ThePheno_Menon: He was always so silent, so introspective, almost to the point of rudeness. But he didn't do it on purpose. It just was like that with him. He could never think of anything else. How can he think of anything to say or sing, when loving her was forbidden?

From @chinmaynaik07: She hurt him, wronged him over and over, again and again. He kept forgiving her because he didn't want to lose her. One day he couldn't be for her the way she had desired. And she left him. Now he sat alone crying. Even the solace of being labelled as a victim had been forbidden.

From @MixelRandy:

David stirred. He stretched, his toned arms raised above him. At the far end of the hall, he heard some rustling. “Ah, Diana is awake”, he observed. Together, they took their nightly stroll.

Far away, a little boy stared. He quickly ran away, knocking over the No Entry sign at the entrance to the museum.

From @baba_bakwaas: The windows of lust shut upon her life like catacombs.She hadn’t seen the green leaves or the white. Her sensuality was caged by the society but she wanted to break free. She wanted to steal that one love, to feel his breath on her bare back, her tongue ran naked into the world of sensations.

From @tazeenzafar:

‘It’s forbidden’

These were the two words that had been playing in his mind since the moment he had heard them. Mankind has always felt a certain attraction to what is forbidden, and now he felt it too.

‘What could it be? ‘He thought as he entered the forbidden room of the house.

From @AskThePankazzzz: They met. He tried turning his eyes away from her. He did too. Couldnt do it for long, though. The highs she gave were better than his sobriety. She was his forbidden fruit, perhaps. The closeness became the catalyst. He gave into temptation. And then, love happened. Forbidden love!

From @CruciFire:

“Beta, I want you to study well and top the class in all the subjects.”
“You should pass engineering with flying colours so that you can do an MBA”
“Get a well paying job, get married and settle down with two kids.”

“When do I live?”

“What do you mean?”

From @writingchalk:

“Ammi how is the lunch I prepared?”
She ate silently. His father said, “Her silence is a compliment!”
His Ammi nodded in approval.
“Even I enjoyed myself!”
“Thanks Abbu.”
As his parents spoke about the tenderness of the meat, Irfan smiled. For all the inhuman torture they inflicted on him, pork was a great revenge.

From @vchatting:

“What does your father do? Never  seen him at school!”

“Sir, he’s an Engineer in USA.”

How does a boy of 10 confess that his father’s presence is forbidden in his life? His parents are divorced but socially, he wants to appear just as “normal” as all other “complete” children around him !

From @sinpinklove: Amruta had the perfect family - a loving husband and two beautiful daughters but in keeping the family happy she had lost her mischievous self . When Raj first asked her out she was enraged but then she couldnt resist playing with scandals . Afterall the forbidden fruit is the tastiest.

From @NeelSheth:

Somewhere in Heaven; Maybe Hell: 

Adam: I hate it!

Eve: What?

Adam: These guys cursing us every day for eating the forbidden fruit.

Eve: Yeah Darling! But why so upset?

Adam: Fuckers don’t know that they came into being not because of the fruit; but because we fucked the hell outta each other that night.

From @ShimmyandTwist: The smell and feel of leather bound books he held in his little hands… each book representing to him a new world of dreams and endless possibilities. He found solace amidst the rusted bookshelves… lasting until someone told him off for shunning his work of cleaning the library floors. Books thus remained his forbidden love.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She dreamed of the city, the marketplace, the schools, other people’s houses, she painted pictures with her imagination. That day she was watching a little bird fly high into the sky through her window. That day she built up the courage to put a step out of the door, into the forbidden territory.

From @NumbYaar: Little Ramu lived happily in the Ganges along with other fishes. He was allowed to have all the fun he could, but was warned against a luring red algae. One day when he was all alone, he pounced on the algae and ate it. He never saw friends and family again; He turned into a frog.

From @TandooriCutlet: Of all the things that were forbidden, she missed colour the most. It was usually in the early morn, that time between pink and yellow that she felt most sorry for herself. She felt drab in white. But then she remembered her little rebellion. Her loop hole. That flowery splash of crimson in her plait.

From @sagarsion: Pity or simply attraction of opposites. she found in him, a small hole to suck in all the air she could, that bad dire longing came from. smothering restraints over-time since she was born. Their differences, peculiar to their own  comnunities, attacked each others roots, set free into rebels, they took off away from world.

From @roshd: The golden liquid sloshed into the glass and drowned the ice cubes. Chivas on the rocks. As the first sip burnt it’s way down his throat, he closed his eyes savouring it’s taste. If he was gonna die he’d rather go this way, he thought. Who was the doctor to forbid him from another drink?

From @ishajalan: He saw her almost every other day, in Saket's house. Her laughter would echo deep inside him, even after he left. He had never seen eyes as sparkling as hers, voice as sweet as hers. He had fallen for her. BUT, he couldn't break the bro code. She was forbidden.

From @vagabondinact: You shall not go there. Why? Bhus..nahi jasakthe ho..But why mamma? No questions now. Go to your room now. She couldn't sleep, not now when her curiosity was heightened. When the moon was high, she tiptoed into the backyard and fell right into the ditch that was yet to be a swimming-pool.

From @bitchwanti: They had turned bulbous with all the sucking.Still she couldn't get enough. They grew raw, yet there was no stopping her. One morning,Baby woke with bitter taste on her lips. She cried. Oh little pleasures forbidden!Her mother noticed with satisfaction the effect of neem paste. Her little princess would have perfect lips.

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