Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Theme 95 - Indifference

From @RadhikaMohanDas:

I asked. I expected. I demanded. I pleaded. I waited.

I asked again. I begged. I kept silent. I hinted.

I resigned. I sighed. I walked away.

And I did look back. I made a mistake. I hoped again.

You could be dead for all I know.

That's how you struck your blow.

You win.

From @bhytu:

She watched him silently as he writhed and screamed in pain. A face so wretched yet so innocent.
The love of her life.
His days were counted but she had to live.
She could not bear it any longer.
Wiping her tears she walked away. Indifference was not her choice, it was her lifeline.

From @mal_vi_ka: It was 6.30. The trains were pouring out their weary loads. Aching feet, sore backs, tired eyes rushing towards home, dinner, TVs. He stood in the middle of this river in spate. His fliers fluttered around him like dying butterflies. He was invisible, a rock on the beach, worn down by the ocean’s indifference.

From @aprils_daughter:

She opened her cupboard to find an array of clothes and thought to herself,
"I have to go shopping".
She was feeling cold. She chose a jacket her EX had gifted her.
For an instant it reminded her of him. But she shrugged off the uneasy feeling and wore it with an attitude of indifference.

From @writingchalk:

He realised another dreary day awaited him. A day filled with insults from his roommates and obnoxious colleagues. He walked out of the bathroom, brushing, and saw half his building and the rest of the city torn down by an earthquake.

He took the brush out of his mouth. “Damn... I forgot to put toothpaste.”

From @anjana_murali: All the kids were staring at the new girl who entered wearing rag clothes but holding a book determinedly. Sapna gave a tap on the blackboard with the ruler- the class returned to attention. It did not make any difference to her as to who attended her tuitions as long as they wanted to learn.

From @karthikisthin: Sitting cross legged, she cupped her hand and scooped a handful of gravel and dropped it into a rusty strainer. She giggled and repeated this amusing trick. The larger pebbles remained while the smaller ones passed through and gleefully landed onto her billowing frock. The divider at Dharavi junction was this 4 year old’s playground.

From @giggle_water: Bleary eyes struggled to focus on the throbbing in her arm. Her bulging vein screamed in pain. Way past its endurance, it pulsed blue, black, green – all shades of disgusting. She looked at him. It’d been love once, now, it was need. The kind that showed in her veins. She rolled over and fell asleep.

From @AskThePankazzzz:  She meant 'Special' when she said "I want to be treated differently", he mistook it for 'indifference.' Those tears, this coffin, these people at the cemetery, are just customary. Otherwise, she's been dead ever since he stopped loving her.

From @jumidas1:

Her husband did not love her. She was okay with it; love anyways happen only in romantic flicks. She wanted to know if he was also indifferent to her. If so, she will file for divorce.

She left tell tale signs of the afternoon affair with her neighbour all over their bedroom and went shopping.

From @The_BuffMaster: A pen, paper and books. It was all he needed. It was his tonic, rather his serum for existence. He wrote, no matter how he was. Depressed, happy, raged, grieved, frustrated, or vulnerable.   Some brilliant pieces which were never published and vanished away with him. Fame was just another quality which was indifferent for him.

From @MixelRandy: “I don’t care how, you have to fix it…you just have to!”, she implored, tears welling up in her eyes. She thrust it at him and narrated, again, the tale of how it had come to this state, sniffling the whole time. He rolled his eyes, took the stained garment and wrote out a receipt.

From @MinolAjekar:

He spat on the road, chalta hai.
She broke line, chalta hai.
They ragged someone, chalta hai.
She was molested, chalta hai.
He was sodomised by eight men, chalta hai.
They were hacked to pieces, chalta hai.
Your loved one hurt their head, run for MRI.
Indifference or inhuman?

From @RiddhiAswani Fed up by the state of her country, she vowed to change. Typing a scathing letter on her laptop, she threw her cigarette butt out of the window. A crow somewhere dived for it. She typed more, while the circulating fans cooled other rooms. Quite some more while ‘election day’ came to an end.

From @drun007 : Ravi sensed that everyone avoided him. He was no longer part of his friends clique. It was eternal wonderment to him on what changed in the last few months.

'Indifference', he would say.

'If he has not figured it by now, he will never know", say his friends.

From @sinpinklove: After four years of being in a relationship, Gaurav couldnt meet Arpita's eyes.She had seen him kissing Maya and slowly left without creating a scene. He said "I'm sorry". She gave her beautiful smile, wished him luck and hugged him goodbye. She had lost her heart,not her self-respect.

From @maruwanha: With a caress that would put a lover to shame , she ran a long finger along his spine .Were on two different pages , her mind and his. They say words are  perfect foreplay for women , she was inclined to agree. He was indifferent. Tolstoy's Anna Karenina always did this to her .

From @sagarsion: Convocation day was the last chance. They'd never see each other again. Not that they were best friends, even hardly friends. From time to time they'd put their ear against the tall wall standing between. Situation where regrets outnumber memories. Wat they speak over convo-lunch "curry's superb !" "swear, could munch on it forever ! "

From @RBTrary: Tear dropped from the MLA’s eye at the poor-man’s story. He consoled him and promised that the builder won’t harass him for the house anymore. Ignorant of the fact that it was the MLA’s money in the builder’s project, the poor-man walked away.

It’s so amazing how facial expressions hide the indifference that lies beneath…

From @chinmaynaik07:

She hung up. He had wronged her, let her down.
He waited for the next day, so that she could shout at him, hug him, then cry. And he could tell her how sorry he was.
But the next day, she just walked past him.
He longed for her anger.
She gifted him her indifference.

From @Vagabondinact: Langouring, the mind moved, trying to feel. The heart numb, did not pulsate. Vacant eyes swept through the barren past, a gorge forgotten. Somewhere in the recess of long gone memories, stirred the past, of passion, of vigor and life. There were remnants of love unrequited. Not hate, but indifference had frozen the soul.

From @CruciFire:

Girls being molested.
Lower castes being ostracized.
Foetuses being aborted.
Couples being hung.
Taxes being upped.
Laws being broken.
Free speech being banned.
Ministers being assholes.

If I had the power, I would change the country's name to INDI-FFERENCE

From @roshd: The love had vanished out of their love marriage. She was too posh for him. And she let him know it.. Her indifference was choking him. Then one day he found love again.It was the paid kind but atleast he felt respected. Dammed water falls to a lower level with great force releasing energy.

From @vchatting: Why don't you talk to me these days? We live together and you have nothing, to speak to me about? You talk to everyone else , at office, at parties. Don't you love me? Anymore?
Look, I am tired. You ask the same questions over and over, everyday. Can you please just let me be.

From @aaroo4: So, if we hit the road now, we should reach Shimla by 4pm and then can break the journey before heading over to Chail. Have heard so much about the place, it is the 1st cricket ground and the one at such high altitude. Let’s go girls… “Hon, Ron left in anger..” Let’s go, already!

From @TandooriCutlet: She jumped around, pulling her stomach in. But the damned pair of jeans wouldn’t button up. With an effort that took her breathe away, she peeled them off her body and got back into her skirt. “Do you want it ma├ím?” asked the salesgirl. With practiced indifference she shrugged. “Nah. Jeans are out of fashion.”

From @ChaaluChapaati: Amol’s insides raged like a forest fire as he watched Pia flirt with Nikhil from the corner of his eye. He knew she was putting on a show for him, trying to elicit something, anything. But he also knew that no reaction was the best reaction. It was the only way to keep her interested.

From @tanyachopra08: Suddenly one  day he acted like it did not matter. Her existence. Calls,msgs.. She tried them all.. In vain.. All she wondered,'why'? Days passed, something inside her shut off!! Months later,he said he dint wanna be mean,thought ignoring was easier. She didn't  care now. She could handle hatred but not indifference!

From @vivekisms: He: Do you love me? She: Yes. He: Then why don't you show it? She: What's there to show?

From @Greyllusionist: indifference, n. - I brought few roses & your favourite Lindt that evening. I see the roses still on the table, pale and the Lindt, melting in tears, beside. Unlikely. Unprecedented. Untoward.

From @anushreekejriwa: They were both brilliant in Economics and always wanted to be on the indifference curves. Fate had some other plans. They started complementing each other. Love blossomed and they became indifferent towards their careers.

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