Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Theme 96 - Envy

From @aprils_daughter: She sat cross legged observing him intently. He was busy chatting up a pretty girl wearing a short skirt. She feigned interest in their conversation but was soon left out of it. Playing with her hair served no distraction, so she left, not able to bear the little green monsters swirling inside her.

From @shruti_says: At the factory he had always been the stronger one. She was thin and fragile compared to him. This world didn’t seem to agree with him. He lay unsharpened in the drawer while she was out daintily creating art. Damn progression! That plastic casing she lived in with a press button was making him redundant.

From @karthikisthin:

“Free on the 2nd next month?”
“Yeah probably. Why? What’s up?”
“Cool, I’ve got some tickets. Will let you know about them soon."
“Nothing special. I’ll ttyl.”

2 weeks and a forgotten phone call later, I was at home and my soon to be ex-friends were at Wankhede watching Sachin lift the World Cup.

From @SueTheRaj:

Coming through the VIP gate, with a ‘business class’ tag on his bag. He wore one of the sharpest grey suits I have seen.

“Perfect, doesn’t his life seem?”  I asked the man sitting adjacent. He peacefully smiled, and said “I’m happy for him” as he proceeded to the first class gate.

Boarding had begun.

From @tazeenzafar:

When he was born, his father swore to never let him come across the feeling of envy.

‘He would have everything he’d wish for’

And yet it was his son who'd sit by the window and watch the children on the streets play with envious eyes.

His father could never give him what he wanted.

From @anjana_murali: Paulomi gave adequate attention to her first child to ensure that she never committed the crime that she had inadvertently committed when she was young. She had to bear the punishment of looking at one deformed leg of her younger sister for her entire lifetime after she had harmed her in a wave of envy.

From @AskThePankazzzz: He was an IIT & IIM alumnus. Wearing formals to office made him feel like an achiever. The bubble was destined to burst. And thus he met this schoolmate. Who passed his 12th in the
3rd attempt. He was married, to some illiterate girl from their community, & to the Audi that he got in dowry.

From @jumidas1:

"They leave behind their lazy habits for you! They meet you in their best behaviour and best dress!"

"And when I am around, they spend half the time sleeping! And the rest of the time, stinking !

"Its like..people are wooing you and ignoring me! I envy you !"

What Sunday said to Monday.

From @dopeywriter: He hates the leash so it’s mostly off. He runs around the house, goes for morning and evening strolls. He gets to enjoy the rains, the nature and the company of strangers. 

Caesar has everything.

He has freedom.

That’s all I can see from my caged vision. I am a parrot. They call me Prince.

From @FateMarfatia: Another scorcher. Food and water served outside, visitors came fluttering. A pattern to their arrival. First, sparrows, quenching their thirst. Next, pigeons, feasting on the spread. Last, a lonely crow, scavenging for leftovers. Always a raw deal for my last visitor. ‘Will it help if I put out a chart with revised timings?’ I wondered.

From @quratzafar: The flower will bloom beautiful and have many admirers. It’ll spread its sweet smell; give something to the world before wilting into nothing. The candle flame will flicker bright, giving light to the world and then die out. And here, I will slip slowly, painfully towards death; excruciatingly aware of my utter insignificance.

From @MixelRandy: The cat sat quietly in his corner, watching. In his seven years with them, he had never seen the couple so excited. There was a strange noise emanating from the soft, blue bundle, and it seemed to send them into spirals of delight. He sauntered over, looked at the potato-faced being, and swatted at it.

From @janani199: She eyed them all with envy. In the crowded local train, her bleeding knee and bloody knife went unnoticed. She strategically placed the knife while the crowd disembarked. The women let out shocked screams. If she was to die of HIV, she was going to take a few down with her.

From @sinpinklove: Eyes green with envy she repeatedly saw Sonakshi being crowned Miss Universe as she stood applauding in a corner , a fake smile plastered on her face. She couldnt forget the scene.In her mental state, she had acid thrown on "Miss Universe"'s face, spoiling Sonakshi's career and also her own life.

From @Quratzafar: The flower will bloom beautiful and have many admirers. It’ll spread its sweet smell; give something to the world before wilting into nothing. The candle flame will flicker bright, giving light to the world and then die out. And here, I will slip slowly, painfully towards death; excruciatingly aware of my utter insignificance.

From @vchatting:

Her : "Would you believe it!  I’ve clinched the job! (Giggle)…..Which means, we can buy that house now. I’ll be handling all India ; salary will be thrice of what I’m drawing …..Wonderful isn't it !….. Aren’t  you  thrilled?"

Him : “You know, you shouldn’t consider this offer. Money’s not everything. Don’t be in a hurry!”

From @featheringhigh: That was it, he couldn’t take it anymore. Something had to be done; they couldn’t possibly love her more than him. That evening she was found in the well, Little Johnny Green was blamed. He laughed, being a cat person would never happen, and he would be man’s best friend. Ding Dong, the bell rang.

From @The_Buffmaster: Every evening Ali, dressed up in same old clothes, used to sit on a bench and observe what other children wore.  Jealousy flowed through him. Anger was his catalyst, which he diverted positively. Unlike others, envy was the only strength he had. Herculean struggle for owning his luxury clothing brand, Ali has faced till today.

From @eternalscrewup: He stepped out of his brand new 7 series, his Rolex hitting the door on the way out. Adjusting his Armani suit and removing his D&G shades he looked at the petty beggar with envy, softly uttering "It isn't as lonely at the top as they say. Would you mind selling me your solitude?"

From @MinolAjekar:

She saw the peace on his face. He turned left or turned right he was content. He looked straight ahead he was content.

He spoke few words and went back to his blissful state.

She resented his cavalier attitude towards it, and deeply coveted his sleep. Asleep, that too in a moving vehicle. Bastard! Sigh.

From @writingchalk:

“Abbe ball de!”

Aakash looked at the ball, then at the kids playing on the street. Torn clothes, no footwear... they seemed poor.

“Hey ameer-zaade, tera problem kya hai?”

He took the ball, got into his Mercedes and told the driver to take him home. How could they have all the fun, when he couldn’t?

From @vagabondinact: Envy, def:  (adverb):  That reaction that makes you greener than that grass on the other side, because it looks more greener and inaccessible from where you stand. 

From @TandooriCutlet: She was meeting him for the first time and as she got her hair blow-dried, she really hoped he would like her. Passing a large window on her way to lunch, she looked at her new haircut and smiled. Then she saw him. And turned around and walked away. Him and his glorious tresses. Hmph.

From @sagarsion: Let's see what's in there. Two mediocre friends entered 'Bejing'. They liked ambience, dim-lights, dragon-arts, tinted glass, flowerpots. They ordered pint of portwine and fried-rice. Table opposite was sitting a teen couple. Getting cozy n giggly. Trying to concentrate on their food, they admired taste. Like a task, they cleared plates , paid n left.

From @Jeevesobs: "Physicist found murdered in hotel room!", read the headlines. The man behind the recent discovery of the Higgs boson particle was found dead a few hours after he had spoken at the California Institute of Technology. Police also found a note beside the body which had just a single word written on it, "Bazinga!!".

From @kunalbaidmehta:

Radheshyam's car was getting scratches daily and he reported to the police, who caught Manekchand red-handed.
On interrogation, he revealed his jealousy on seeing the new 32-inch TV of Radheshyam and so he did this.
When police realised the brand of the TV, they had a hearty laugh. The brand was Onida - 'Owner's Pride. Neighbour's Envy'.

From @maruwahna: Why did you get only 94.6 % ,dad asks . Who is that girl you were talking to ? Girlfriend ? ,mum asks . You didn‘t get into IIT ? Want to progress in life or not ? , the neighbour asks .

Five year old brother . Want dairy milk or munch? , they all ask . Envy.

From @vivekisms: He kept denying. She kept suspecting. He didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to make of it. He denied. She relentlessly pursued. He didn't cave in. She hired a detective. He was too smart. Ultimately she invited her for dinner. She turned green and added extra chillies to the main course.

From @bitchwanti: She had felt blue with sadness. Green with hatred. Red with love. White with peace. She never felt envy till she saw him with her. It didn't have a colour, it was just a searing greed, of wanting to possess what was not meant to be hers. It painted her a shade she didn't want to be.

From @SaaliKhushi: There is this bed you rest on. This quilt you wrap your delicate sleep in. This pillow you rest your day’s worries on. That favorite blue shirt of yours, which you wear ever so often. The black and white mug you drink from each morning.

Envy has its own shades. This one is mine.

From @GrumbleBee_: She smiled for the millionth time as a casual compliment smoothly slipped off his tongue. Their late night conversation aquired a sensual undertone. For a brief instance, her thoughts ceased to preoccupy her. She forgot all else till a call from his girlfriend plunged her into conjecture. They were 'just friends'. She was 'The One'.

From @GulfamHassan: The Rainbow in the sky looked at the sea and blinked for a moment. It had never seen such a colourful and beautiful thing. And it started envying the sea, ignorant of the fact that it was nothing but its reflection.

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