Sunday, July 15, 2012

Theme 93 - Damage

From @RiddhiAswani:

 “I don’t understand women.”


“You wish for man capable of ‘pure love’ and yet you read this, pine after THIS guy?"

She studied the 'Grey' novel in his hands, smiling bitterly. "Men have a savior complex.”


"What makes you think women don’t? A damaged man capable of change is the ultimate female fantasy."

From @roshd: DK was a superstar of the 60s and 70s but his son kept him completely away from the spotlight now. Alzheimer’s and dementia had reduced him to a pitiful shadow of his former glorious self. Rakesh was determined to help his father fade away with dignity and not be part of the media’s circus.

From @tazeenzafar: She heard his scream and rushed towards the door. That was when everything started making sense to her. Her child had begged her to not leave him another day with the babysitter, but she hadn’t taken him seriously. Her mind led to disastrous conclusions and when she finally got there, the damage had been done.

From @HighHeelsWaali:

The men came, like always. Every few months, she would get sick of it and run, and they would run behind her. She always crossed the boundary and came to his farm. She liked the cows, she had told him.

The men asked him if there was any damage done.

“No sir, no damage done.”

From @karthikisthin:

Tensions were running high. One ball to go. A juicy low full toss; the mighty swing was justified. Ramesh's six won the game and shattered his neighbour's Audi's windscreen.

Livid, the neighbour stormed out and slapped the 11 year old. He wasn't done. With bottled rage, he spat at him. "Did you know you're adopted?"

From @anushreekejriwa: He damaged a part of her and she thought no one could repair it. She got introduced to the world of books to find some solace. Needless to say she can now surmount all problems without the fear of being hurt.

From @jumidas1:

Priya: How dare you! I needed the job badly; otherwise I would have never slept with you. I have a good character.
Boss: Baby, there is this thing about character. Once sold, always on sale. Tonight. 9 p.m.
Priya mentally calculated that she would still have some time to go shopping with her boyfriend.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Being teenagers, their emotions were fragile. A trip to the amusement park got her heart in her mouth. The roller -coaster ride made her scream and he laughed at her. The relationship was damaged there and it was a closed case. She was just trying to understand love and all he had was lust for her.

From @vivekisms: It was an arranged marriage. She was looking forward to the first night. She was horny and happy. He touched her. He kissed. Her hands slid down. She shrieked. She said scornfully, "Your goods are damaged. What can you do?"

From @anjana_murali: It had all started with a single person who had given some extra money to someone to get his work done with the thought that his harmless bribe would not cause much damage. If that person had then avoided that “little damage”, today the nation could have avoided one of its greatest problems - corruption.

From @AskThePankazzzz: For long, she bluffed her heart into believing that this wasnt the end of it. When on the inside, she wished she never had pinned all those hopes on him. Being emotionally damaged, he had no idea that he damaged her too. Irreparably so. HE LEFT. Undoing love wasnt possible. So, she un-did her life.

From @vchatting:

The promise,remember? "Till death do us part."
When did it become overbearing that you yearned to break away? Did you lose your self worth, in my embrace? My presence blurred your 'identity', did you say?
But, I depended on your promise...
Now, see how am left, done, undone, damaged... Don't  you ever feel for me?

From @vagabondinact: She bore the pain when he chose him over her, the pain when he made love to her, the pain when she gave birth to him, the pain when he stripped her of her dignity; she bore all, not for she was brave, but that he never could touch her soul, never could damage her.

From @MinolAjekar: I have no interest in perfection and completeness, he said, Give me ruins and shattered walls, the Taj Mahal is not for me he said.  She says knowingly, now it makes sense why you choose to be with me,  Broken, incomplete, shattered, in ruins, but this is what you seek?

From @Sneak_Speak: It was no use trying to explain. The damage was done. She was stripped and flogged and paraded through the streets. The women spat, the men roared and the children threw stones. They tied her to the stake. As the flames danced around her, she whispered, “Never quote Harry Potter in 16th century Salem.”

From @MixelRandy:

She carefully applied the final touches. A swish of black eyeliner, and she was ready to go. She stepped back and examined her handiwork. “Not bad”, she thought. Her new concealer had worked perfectly.

He called her name. She rushed quickly to the door. She didn’t want to be late and risk angering him again.

From @The_Lie_Lama:

She feared the 'killer road' & wouldn't let him ride. Her fear couldn't equal his passion & love for his old rusty bike.

That morning she couldn't see him off and later found the car still in the garage and the bike missing. A horrid thought crossed her mind. Just then, the phone rang.....

From @The_BuffMaster: The playground was full of innocent toddlers making merry. Alexis, on the seventh heaven, sat on a see-saw. Just when her friend, sitting on the other end jumped off, making Alexis hit the ground and damaging her collar bone forever. A tear still rolls from her eye, when she looks at her precious right hand.

From @AnOddYellow: You left, how could you? You just walked out on me when I needed you. I knew boys are insensitive but this was not expected. How could you? *crash* what is wrong with you woman, why are throwing stuff around? *crash again*. Stop just stop, it is expensive. Yes, this is tit for tat.

From @aaroo4:

We’ll take a dozen of these, about 4 of those and 2 of these lovely pink ones.
Oh and wait, how about matching table place mats?
We shall need 1...2...3..4 , yes 4 of them. Pack them all please.
Can I have your card?
So, what is the damage?
Hmfph.. Damage? These are all collectibles!

From @nefritri: We had a potential good love story. Why did you lie to me & why did I kill you. The damage being done now & the story is over.

From @maruwahna:

Cheytac M200 fixed-on-target . Crosshairs trimmed. Shell loaded. Prepped. Mathematical error in wind speed data . Splutter . Bullet on the way .
Playing Kalmah‘s They will return , bag full of books and eyes full of unreadable emotions. On the way home. Another sleepless night .
Blood . Death . Silence .

From @bitchwanti: The plate crashed against the wall. The feathers from the torn pillow flew around the room like forgotten dreams. They lay exhausted. The fight was over. "I'll pay for the damage", he said. "For my damaged soul too?" she enquired coldly.

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