Saturday, July 7, 2012

Theme 85 - Mouth

From @ShubHASHISH: I say what I want to say. It's an effort, though. The mind thinks something sane and what I utter is blasphemy. There is a disconnect. Some nerves are missing. What the mind says and what comes out of the mouth isn't the same. Typical foot in mouth. That's me.

From @JaaTeri:

It was a prized possession. Her husband had gifted it when he had proposed to her.

One day, she found the toy destroyed. She fumed with anger.

But, when she found that her dog had mouthed the soft toy, she smiled and patted the culprit.

The love for dogs scored over all. Even the husband!

From @vivekisms: He hesitated. He did not know what to do. Should he back off now?, he wondered. He would not feel anything then. Maybe shame. But that’s about it. He knew he had to. After all it was his first kiss. How bad could it be? His tongue darted in her mouth. She pushed him away.

From @roshd: She was mad at me as she cooked in the kitchen. Inspired by the song, I tiptoed up to her, grabbed her from behind and kissed her slow and deep. Just the way she liked it.“You took the words right outta my mouth. Must’ve been when you were kissing me”-- Meatloaf was singing.

From @ThePheno_Menon: Three tattoos on the lips and the chin. All stripes. And six piercings. It hurt when she ate food. But she had to do it. Her cult demanded it. That was the way of the old. That was the way to the new. That is how it is and that is how it should be. Serve the cult. Be servile. Be enslaved.

From @jumidas1:

She opened her mouth.

And shut it again and put down the chapati she was about to eat. If this rain continues, this chapati will be the only food for her one year-oldchild tomorrow.

She wished she had not kept her mouth shut when people were asking her the name of her child's father.

From @PunPro:

So, today I am going to tell you guys the importance of communication skills and speech in our lives without which a person is considered as lame and inexpressive.

Hey! Yes you! The girl in the red top, why are you not paying attention to me? Does my presence matter?

"She is dumb, sir!"


From @karthikisthin: “Red wala!” “Mujhe blue wala!”

For the last decade, these were the most common requests Naresh received. Kids clamouring outside the local garden for their favourite balloons.

After 10 years, today felt different. As he blew life into the balloon, he took his own away. He collapsed as the balloon floated away towards the skies.

From @ChaaluChapaati: She examined her flawless skin in the mirror. Her eyes sparkled through impossibly long lashes, her nose was perfect and her long, thick hair framed her swan-like neck. 'Tomorrow it would be the mouth', she decided. The thought of crimson, bee-stung lips almost allowed her smile to reach her eyes, as she dialed the surgeon.

From @madrasmad:

Her mouth closed in on his. She stopped millimeters away, and asked “should I keep it open or closed?”
He: “It turns me on, either way.”
She: “Have them while they’re still hot.”
He: “Mmm..."
She: “I was talking about the casserole. I’ve left 4 rotis for you. Have them while they’re still hot.”

From @anushreekejriwa: Mouth is a womb for the tongue. They meet and words are produced. I uttered what not to her when I was upset, now when I am away my mouth yearns to say the words 'mum I love you'.

From @kunalbaidmehta:

"Mom what is a chatter-box?" asked 6 year old Malini after returning from school.
"Someone who talks a lot. Someone like you" said her mother Priya.
"Mom. Then Tina is very mean. She told Jiah that she can never be a chatter-box"
"Because Mom she cannot speak." spoke Malini with tears in her eyes.

From @bitchwanti: The baby pink, to make her mouth look like delicate petals?Red, an angry snarl would look good in that! Why wasn't there blue to show how cold she felt inside? Would the burnt sienna make my mouth look like a warm fire? She stubbed all her lipsticks. She like her mouth clean.

From @NeelSheth:

A man who fought silently; Gandhi

1947: His “tryst with destiny” speech made millions feel the freedom; Nehru.

1919: He shouted “Fire” and 1526 were dead in minutes; Colonel Dyer.

1857: And it all started when he refused to bite the bullet with his mouth, lit the first fire of the freedom; Mangal Pandey.

From @writingchalk:

“All passengers, get off this ship. Everyone to the Airbus NOW!”  The captain was tense. The whirlpool was getting stronger.

A little boy and his mother were the last to leave. The little boy turned around and looked at the captain.


Their eyes met for one last time before the whirlpool swallowed the ship. 

From @TandooriCutlet: He was driving her crazy. She’d told him more than once to mind his language. He didn’t know what he was doing wrong. He was only imitating his father, his hero, after all. The coroner stated cause of death as ingestion of industrial strength soap. All she’d wanted to do was wash his mouth clean.

From @gowthamragav: Standing shadowed under the oak, she tries in vain to capture the perfect shot of his face. She mouths silent swears at her subject. This was a man who had to go through such ignominy every time anyone offered to take his photo. I present to you the man who couldn’t smile.

From @mizarcle: “Shuush. Don’t talk. I want to remember the way your mouth moves when it says my name, the way you smile when I look at you. I want to memorise this before I leave. Pout those lips. Make those funny faces. Be happy for I might never come back,” said my soldier before he left.

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