Monday, July 30, 2012

Theme 108 - Drama

From @krishna_marathe

They made Vanilla after studying his life. He liked plateaus. Successful marriage meant no ups or downs. But as a doctor, a plateau on the heart monitor meant the patient was dead and that drama would soon ensue. His marriage had plateaued long back. His wife hadn’t resorted to drama. It was too late.

From @TheScotchGirl

Alfred: Did you figure what you wana do?Mason: No man I've no fucking clue what to do (exasperated)
Alfred: I think you should come clean man
Mason: Am not sure how that’s going to go down
Alfred: Please ?

Late evening:

Mason: Mum/Dad – am Gay
(Mum faints)
Mason: What drama (eyes rolling)

From @NumbYaar

Vases and glasses lay broken on the floor as they cuddled on their bed. They had finally kissed and made up after 2 long hours of screaming and throwing things at each other. It was the calm after a storm. Unfortunately, also the calm before yet another storm.

From @slokabs

Meira was busy clicking photographs and didn’t notice the feline eyeing her, getting closer every moment. As she turned to board her jeep a gain, it started the chase. Meira ran for her life. Suddenly, she collapsed. It came uncomfortably close. She didn’t dare breathe. She kept still and the tiger walked back into the jungle.

From @ushfajk

He rolled his eyes.

“Stop crying. Why does everything have to be a drama?”
“It’s like you’re dead inside when we’re making love.”

She grabbed her bra from the floor.

“It’s sex. And I thought this was supposed to be no strings attached…remember?”
“All you men are the same, you just … want … sex!”

From @MixelRandy

The portal opens, and out stream the minions. They pour out, weapons clashing against their armour, faces twisted into snarls of pure hatred. Transfixed, the citizens can only stare.


Nita looks up, momentarily disoriented, and hears the couple fighting, hurling objects and abuses for the third time this week. She goes back to reading.

From @swordfish19
He was out of work for months. The rent was long overdue. He was working odd jobs to make both ends meet. They say the “stage” sometimes reflects life or is it the other way round?  Anyway, when he did finally land work, it was to play the role of a struggling actor.

From @karthikisthin:

“Where’s the last Maggi Nimish?”

A snot-covered finger pointed to his protruding belly.

Ashish flared up and launched into his brother.

“I was saving that for ME!”

“But I was hungry Ash.”

“You don’t even live here anymore, you pathetic FREAK!” He spat at him and took a wild swing.

Day 53 of solitary confinement.

From @TheFookFace

Asking her to get out of his house, he tried to burn her degrees and all their photographs. He looked for a sharp object & got his hands on a pair of scissors to threaten her with. When their son was back from school, they sat down together for dinner. Just another day at home.

From @MinolAjekar

So he was doing the unmentionable, going through her stuff while she made breakfast. Everyone does it, nobody talks about it.

Underwear drawer first, purple cottons with lace trims. Sensible yet girly, the back of which read Drama Queen.

That explains the theatrics last night, in the club and in bed, well nobody is complaining.

From @roshd

She stood there tossing her thick mane of hair stylishly. The exaggerated gestures and motions of her hands made her steel bangles and bracelets tinkle. Her lips were covered with a glossy red lipstick. Words like Ossum and Eww were mouthed with expressions to match. All of thirteen, my niece Steffi is a drama queen.

From @vchatting

The neighbor, a recluse, kept to himself, within the confines of his flat.  Till the day he died, which the watchman alerted the rest ,about.  Endless stream of neighbors trooped in, to look at his body.  Then, considering it their prime duty, they sat and wailed, celebrating  his death, whom they knew nothing about!

From @vagabondinact;

Did I give birth to you to see this day? Haven’t I gone through so much trouble to rear you already? I wish I had died before having to hear this from your mouth, she shrieked, yet again! 

I conceded, yet again.

I could already see the crocodile tears leading way to a triumphant smile.

From @absoluteme:

She is different. She never needed a guy to feel special. When she found someone, she knew she could never behave like typical girlfriends – keep tabs, fight, expect... But here she is, listening to all this in her head, while she lashes out at him for not calling even once in the last 30 minutes!

From @CruciFire:

“I want to eat pani puri RIGHT NOW!”
“We just had pav bhaji..”

“OMG, I want that green saree right now..”
“You just got one last week..”

“We will have a garden/swing inside our bungalow. Puppies too.”
“What on earth!”

Only boyfriends know the true meaning of 'Drama.'

From @EternallyLate

The phoned buzzed, again, and in spite of dissecting her own thoughts a million times she couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted it to be his text. Just when she had managed to make herself believe he had left for good, he turned around and barged into her life like nothing had ever happened.

From @writingchalk

He circled his deadliest enemy carefully. How should the attack be? Quick finish, or a slow, painful death? Decisions, decisions...

Suddenly, he said out loud: "...And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you! Ezekiel 25:17"

He threw his fork away and stuffed the revolting spinach down his throat.

From @bitchwanti

"Shy, why did you do this to yourself. Why did you cut your hair like that?" he asked the moment she opened her drugged eyes.
Shayonee just smiled.
"What is life without a little drama, love? Pass me the mirror will you?" she said.
"Aaah, now I look dramatic. Bald is beautiful!" she sighed happily.

From @PeaceOVent

It was dimly lit when she entered. The air smelt like  cigarettes and disillusionment. There were a couple of other curious souls like her but otherwise was hopelessly empty. She sighed at the sad state of it all and took a seat at the back. The play began.

From @sagarsion

She lay taught on bed. ER doctor was called in. "wats her age ? 22, newly married, oh well ". Now he was half as panicked. From distance, he observed the head turned one side dramatically. Torch of light confused her eyeballs. Relatives were asked out, rest was upto ether swab, she sprang to senses.

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