Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Theme 82 - Fairy Tales

From @ThePheno_Menon: When he looked into its face - eyes staring at him, drool from the lips, gearing up for the final lunge - he realized that his end was near. He thought of what his father told him years ago - Fairy tales too have monsters.

From @RuthSaldanha: Chacha, the molestor. Uncle, the creep. Groper on the bus. Sleaze-bag who stares. Boss, the abuser. Raj, the user. Jaan, her love. She is Snow-White and these, her seven dwarves.

From @drun007 : Long long ago so long ago, magic, enchantment, ghosts, goblins, giants, dwarves, witches, step-mothers, princes, princesses, truth triumphs and the evil surrenders.  Little Nancy had heard it all from grandma.

Now at 36, Nancy didn't care about any of that.  All she wanted was the fairy tale end - "and they lived happily ever after....."

From @pallavipinakin: Sure, I have the sparkly dresses, handsome husband and even a castle of sorts. But all children know that those are just the incidentals, the distractions in any fairy tale. Beyond, lies a world of darkness – rabid wolves in disguise, ruthless bargains, inescapable towers. My “fairy tale”…a curse that began the day I was born.

From @aatifsumar: Unconditional hate toward step siblings and mothers. Intimate acts of physical affection with amphibians. Kissing people in their sleep. Cannibalism. Edible housing complexes. Female- kind's inability to rescue themselves. Just some of the many 'learnings' from fairy tales.

From @BoozeSexSundry: I duck my head and part my lips. I feel your breath as I lean in to kiss you. Ragged and lusting. Not comforted and longing. The fuzziness plummets down as I stare into your eyes and see something amiss. That's when I realize it's not a fairy tale and walk out of the room.

From @vchatting:

“When I grow big I will make a house of chocolates and cookies just like Hansel and Gretel’s !  I think ,I can also rescue the princess from the witch ?!  I won’t ride a horse but,........ because, our car is more comfortable.  Maa, will Dad let me drive it?? “  

Maa just smiled indulgently….

From @abstractmadness: Once upon a time a little girl dreamed of finding her prince charming. He got stuck in traffic and she died of auto erotic asphyxiation while having sex with a troll.

From @bitchwanti: She took each blow, shutting her mind, skimming like a free bird across the surface of a powder blue sky, a beautiful bird, wanted and loved. A fairytale she lived in her mind. And then the fatal blow finally landed. "There isn't always a happily ever after" she thought, as she closed her bruised eyes.

From @NumbYaar: “He made his way past puddles and honking cars” the grandmother read out to little Diana. She continued “And finally, he reached the railway station where he would catch his train home.” Little Diana was bored of the Fairy Tale. She stepped out of her house and slid down a beanstalk.

From @rati7: Every night she fell in love with a new man, made love, gave him her all and every morning her heart broke, when he got up, popped up his trouser buttons,paid her and just left. Promises of tomorrow was not something a middle aged hooker like her would get. But she still believed in fairytales.

From @sinpinklove: She was selling flowers on the road .Jay was the CEO of an upcoming IT Company.His mother loved mogras and he purchased a bunchful.Their eyes met .It was love at first sight. Now standing with the wonderful kids of her orphanage she began believing in fairy tales.

From @CruciFire:

Knight in shining armour. Horse.
He stood below her window playing soulful tunes on his guitar.
She kept running her fingers through her long silky hair, shyly smiling at him from her balcony.
He entered the bedroom through the balcony and started taking his armour off.

Anil Kapoor.
A Hairy Fail.

From @karthikisthin: The sword cut through the veil, revealing the chest. With another stab, the chest gave way - and out fell the golden treasures in all their misshapen glory.Fresh with victory, he saw his mother mix the treasure in white nectar and ease them onto a vessel destined for him. Cornflakes were Aarav’s favourite breakfast.

From @maruwahna:

All started out as a feeling ,
then grew into a thought.
Then , metamorphosis into a quiet world ,
Grew louder till a crusader‘s cry .
The world gave her a voice , an identity.
Happiness, that world of her‘s promised .
Prince charming endings and all that.
Jane loved it ,
Then , Jane woke up .

From AskThePankazzzz: There were no chariots, or palaces. No elegant clothing even. But they were one. Under the moon lit sky. Embracing each other. Lips on Lips. Tears. Smiles. Till the bullets did them both. They died a posh death. Love prospered. The bullets gifted them 'togetherness', in another world. Forever. It was a fairytale. Well, almost.

From @TheOtherBanana: Glass slippers, a miniature pumpkin carriage and her favourite pink frock presented with a flourish by her fairy godmother. Even though she knew it was just a farce, the six year old tried to make it real. But the clock struck twelve and the earth shook. And her dreams disappeared under a mound of debris.

From @jumidas1: She knows he is cheating on her. But everyday she sends him to office with a warm kiss on his lips.Every night she puts her kid to sleep with the story of the frog who was turned to a prince by a warm kiss.

From @FlirtingKaapi: Just half an hour back, she was excited about her first night. She had imagined it to be an act of love, just as it happens in fairy tales. Prince charming, undying love and rosy future. Little did she know that her first night would be the beginning of endless nights of force and humiliation.

From @fukat: She lay on her bed all battered and bruised..this was not unusual to her..every night he came home reeking of alcohol, abused her, then beat her up and slept..tonight, she couldn't help but think of the day they got married..far from the fairy tale he promised her it would be..

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She opened wide her wings and took flight into the whole new world. The sky was hers to conquer. A few rejections, a break-up, a couple of job changes later, as she sat on her desk to write her diary, the words flowed: “The world is not a fairy tale we believe it would be…”

From @lucidillusions_:

Sadie read a few pages and shouted " hey Jude, Disney did a real shoddy job of animating these fairy tales.'

Jude raised an eyebrow, " Don't tell me you wanted them to show that Sleeping beauty didn't wake up to a kiss but slept through being raped by prince charming in sleep."

She winked, "why not ?".

From @oxymoronic_me: Tears rolled down her eyes as Ayesha felt him collapse on her. The darkness hid the salty drops and the silence in the field still reverberated with her screams as he had raped her. The stormy night had taken her virginity. As the lightning struck, she screamed again. Her brother had ended her fairy-tale story.

From @ChinmayiBali: Okay Mark Zuckerberg’s no Hans Christian Andersen but where else would you find fairy tales today if not in Facebook wedding/honeymoon albums? Forget real life, even art, literature, cinema isn’t sacred anymore. Agreed, a glassdoor invite isn’t the same as a glass slipper. But I’ll take what I get. Might just find the perfect fit.

From @LaressaGomez:

The lilac organza gown that accentuated her immaculate form—as she gracefully floated through the air, in the arms of Prince Charming.

That crystal tiara which adorned her sandy blonde hair.

Those glass slippers now off her delicate feet.

Jimmy Jib. Digital clapper. Lapels. Cold par cans lights. All ready for the next call time.

From @tunnvi: Every kid wants a fairy godmother. Every kid dreams of being in wonderland and fighting the evil. Every kid has heard of Cinderella and Snow White. Who knew I'd get all my wishes. Who knew it'd all come true. Who knew I'd be a part of 'Son Pari'. Who knew I'd have my fairy tale.

From @NeelSheth: He was 70. Parents would wait for him every day to setup his small stall under the FOB connecting platform no. 5 and 6. He didn’t show up even today; one week now. No one knew whether he is alive or not. He sold fairy tale books all his life; his life wasn’t one.

From @vivekisms: My fairy tale beginning was your ending. We tried. Didn't we?

From @Oven_Tikka: Puck was bored. He’d had enough of listening to the old one droning on and on about stealth techniques. As quiet as, well, as he’d been trained to be, he pinned a ribbon onto Elfie’s skirt and waited. Soon enough, Elfie was called to the front. The class roared with laughter at the fairy’s tail.

From @writingchalk:

Blindfolded and handcuffed to a bed. God knows what fate had in store for him. He was perspiring when his blindfold was opened.

There were two young, sexy, skimpily-clad women by his side.

“Hey, I’m Snow White and she’s Sleeping Beauty. Will you be our prince charming?”

Thus, his bachelor party ended happily ever after.

From @FateMarfatia: The Master smiled. He was infusing new life into a toy he had just crafted. He filled his pen with fresh strawberry ink, took a large leaf dipped in dew and wrote her name on it…Pariyah -‘fairy-like’ in Persian. Marveling at his creation, the Master murmured to himself, “Her’s will be a fairy tale”.

From @RiddhiAswani: The stepsisters read the unflattering descriptions and unfair comments and cringed in embarrassment. Humiliation flushed their cheeks, anger at their mother's inaccurate descriptions twisting their faces. Recollecting their ignored attempts at friendship, they frowned as reality was turned upside down on paper. That attention seeking Cinderella had been spreading stories. Wrong stories.

From @trollgonegood: He recalled the last time he’d seen her walking down an aisle. Another fairy tale, everyone had said that day. And they hadn’t really been wrong, he thought bitterly, watching her walk away through the courtroom door. After all, not all fairy tales ended with a ‘... and they lived happily ever after’, did they?

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