Thursday, April 26, 2012

Theme 58 - Blood

From @aatifsumar: His gripping of the sponge ball as the nurse pierced his vein. The red snake sneaking up to the bottle. Here people thought he was doing something noble, but man he was giving this to was his mortal enemy. Having AIDs can help sometimes.

From @swordfish19: The entire house is infested with bedbugs. They’re on the bed, the sofa, the armchairs … and on the clothes too. They come out mostly at night, when it’s dark and start feasting on us. Most of us have red marks on our bodies in the morning. And the bedbugs are becoming plumper every day.

From @zushk: I was five years old when I decided to conquer the stationery drawer. Out came pencils, sharpeners, erasers, a cute red compass box, protractors, and a stapler. That last thing intrigued me the most - something that pins things together magically! So I held on carefully, put my finger between the two joints, and stapled.

From @hankypanty: She went to donate blood but, the vampires were on strike. She asked Vicky Donor to help but, alas, his donations ruined her.

From @TheOtherBanana: Steam swirls over your head, mixing with the scents of soap, shampoo and the rusty iron stench of blood. You stare unseeing, hoping that you will not be subjected to the baseness of your body today. But you double over. And you wonder, if your identity as a woman is nothing but blood and pain.

From @aaliznat: They oohed and aahed at her wedding finery. She strutted her stuff like a peacock. The decor was pristine, so was her bridal dress. When asked why, she smiled and said, 'all the color is reserved for the blood diamonds that I wear.' A nice contrast to the whiteness of the decor. They agreed.

From @Saiyona: She loved crimson and he adored her more for that. Little did she know that he was a vampire and the patterns on his shirt was her colour.

From @bhytu: 

Her husband lay dead in the couch. The murderer had brutally butchered the face.  There was blood splattered here and there. Suddenly she heard footsteps. She saw her five year old child approaching her with a knife in his hand.

He sat on her lap and whispered, " Why so serious Mommy?"
From @sinpinklove: Face covered in a red ghunghat, thirteen year old Gungun sat on the edge of the bed, shivering. He entered with his paan-stained toothless wicked grin. He stripped her naked and forced himself on her delicate body. She screamed in agony as he left her alone on the bed now stained with her blood.

From @IndianIdle: His grandfather had planted it; his father has nourished it and had taken care of it seeing it grow amazingly.

But somehow that beloved tree of the family was dying.

The kid said with sadness in his voice,” Can't I give my blood to it and save it like we saved Grand Pa?”
From @Realfartshady: The savior stood firm in the middle of the dead bodies. Zombie earthworms. They dawdled closer, bruised, puffed up and hungry. The savior quietly placed a pot of scrambled eggs on the ground, seasoning it with his own blood. That should keep them busy. For now.

From @teejavus: Slash. Another Dead. Wicked smile appears. Madness drowns in blood. The game is still on. Only three more kills to victory. She quickly brings that number to one.

Covered in blood he continues his search too. He knows that she is the last one left. She appears in front, he hesitates, he dies for her.

From @OB_noxious: There was blood on the dance floor. And there was blood splashed across his face; his black or white shirt. The game was dangerous and he wanted to beat everyone to it. He wanted to heal the world with his trance but Billy Jean was murdered, brutally. There IS blood on the dance floor.

From @Madhavisud: The University bell rings. Shalini walks towards her hostel, as Aditya crosses her on bike. “Hey Shalini.” “Adiii, Tonight? Nine?" "Sure! love you." Shalini walks home “Wasn’t Aditya kissing Sanjana, Does he love me?” Later Aditya reaches Shalini’s room. Sees her in a pool of blood. In blood the wall says, "I REALLY LOVED YOU!!"

From @dumbsterr: 

“I could bring you stars, the moon, even die for you. Please say Yes, I love you too."

"Actually there's a secrete I wanna tell you"


"I have a disorder. I need blood transfusion every 3 weeks. So the max I would need is blood."

"Oh.. actually darling, I'm scared of needles."

From @saureign:  His nose broke and started to bleed. A hard punch, it left him unprepared to ward off the cut that followed. The knife pierced his shoulder-blade, and cut his neck open. Blood gushed out his wound, splattering all over her face, catching her unawares. She fell down, shocked with the realization of what she’d done.

From @akshayabansal: A blade dangled in her delicate hands as noises from her parents room reverberated in her ears. She tilted her head on one side and carved an elegant slash. Gently, the blood oozed out of the wound, it trickled down her leg leaving her in a pleasant daze. She had now grown immune.

From @wekneweachother: He donated his own blood every weekend which the laboratory sent him back in a sanitized bottle every Monday. He was a research scholar who was conducting his own experiment of inventing new type of mutant fungus in which his own blood was the key. 11 days into it, the fungi killed their own inventor.

From @gauravjagwani: My uncle, Garf, is a team player. But, I guess when you’re gullible, you become a team player. His business partner told him to jump in the well. He instantly did. Naturally, he landed up in the hospital, face all bloody. Yes, Simon said ‘Go jump in the well.’ And, Garf Uncle did just that.

From @inaniya: He was running blindly when he ran into her. She was tainted red by this man painted in red. A knife dripping in blood. She screamed "what happened in god's name?". "He wanted to marry you. I convinced him against it, my love."

From @Oxymoronic_Me: All she wanted was blood. It had been days since she had seen any. It scared her. If she did not get it, her life would end. If she didn’t bleed soon, she would have to abort her baby. A child born out of rape would die a hundred deaths before it leant to live.

From @writingchalk: Those innocent eyes stared at me. I took her in my arms and sang her a lullaby. She couldn’t sleep though. A million questions ran through her mind, but I knew the one that didn’t let her sleep. She must never know about her mother’s unfaithful nature or the fact that she isn’t my child.

From @roshd: Red was the colour of the day. Natasha had worn a red dress with lipstick to match. When Rishi reached home, his wife saw the lipstick mark on his collar and saw red. Incensed, he shot her. Now he had blood on his hands. Like I said red was the colour of the day...

From @MrNarci: Johnny licked the wound on his left arm. He loved the taste of his blood. He could clearly see the tissue and felt awed by it. He could not hear his mother running about, grumbling about the torn shirt and his dirty self. That is why he shrieked when she applied vinegar to the wound.

From @ShwetaAnil: She loved him." I don't care " he had said. Over and over again. Now she lay in her bathroom. Her warm blood gushing down her arm. "Maybe now you will" she thought and closed her eyes forever.  She had waited her whole life, but even that hadn't been enough.

From @punvati: It trickled wetly down her neck, staining the collar of her pristine white shirt. A single drop fell through the tepid air and splashed onto the beige carpet below. She closed her eyes, exhaled deeply and let the feeling wash over her.

Summer would be unbearable without watermelon juice.

From @shekhartripathi: Her brain bled profusely from the head injury. She was rushed to the hospital and had to be administered 4 bottles of blood. Doctor, “You would need to bring blood from the bank”. Driving back in panic, her husband crashed into a speeding truck. He lay in a pool of blood and shattered glass – Dead!

From @SarwarBaig:

A lady with smudged lipstick answered the door.

"What is it?”

Mark revealed a .22 pointing at her stomach.

"Who is it?" said a male voice from the bedroom.

Apparently, the man had been shot dead by his mistress, who followed him into the afterlife.

Mark called the deceased man's wife.

"The cockroach is dead."

From @LadyClonidine: His blood smeared the floor. Dripping from her luscious lips, staining her teeth.

The elixir, gripped, confused, excited his little brain. Struggling, his mind gave way. He sunk even deeper still. The knots tied tight, skinned his hands.

Siren, Circe, fiery- eyed. She watched him suck his last breath in and finally tasted his soul.

From @n0rwegianw00d:

Blood rushed to his face when she called him a murderer. Didn’t she know what he did was for her? Forgot the diamonds?

Thankless bitch!

She needed to be taught a lesson. His experienced, steady hands knew just where to strike.

And he struck. He had blood on his hands.

This time his own.

From @miffalicious:

We had been two halves of the same whole.

Even till today, his presence haunts me; I can remember the scent of his skin, the brown flecks of his eyes. The sound of his blood rushing through his veins after a vigorous bout of lovemaking.

Then, I’d stepped on a plane and left him behind.

From @melittlepixie: He groped her hard. And squeezed her harder. Slowly, he lowered her in the intoxicating poison. A pungent venom stung her body. Red pain oozed out. Sadistically, he rubbed salt on her wounds alternating with cold ice. She felt numb. Then, he carried her to the clients said, ‘Here’s your Bloody Mary, Sir’.

From @anjana_murali: Tulika looked at the photograph and promised, “Mom I could not save you but I will ensure that it won’t happen to anyone else again.” True to her word, the lawyer had the license cancelled of the hospital who had administered blood of the wrong group to her mother. 

From @Bedardi_baalam: She was very happy. She was topper of the class 12th. She wats to be a doctor so her father sent her to Delhi for medical entrance exam preparation. That smile on her father’s face went away when he heard the news that She cuts her wrist. Blood on the floor and postmortem report confirm that She was being Raped.

From Sahana Chandrika: His hands ran through her hair, down to neck Caressed her gently and she never felt more loved. Their lips met and she held him like her possession. She felt a prick on her back. Her eyes shut, lost in the moment. ‘Love you’, she whispered. Blood oozing from stab. He walked away with knife. 

From @Violet_Droplet: She looked into her son’s eyes. What would he do without her? He is only 4. Tears streamed down her face. He caught a teardrop and held it near his heart. He couldn't feel her hand holding his hand anymore. He heard the annoyingly loud beep. Her heart stopped pumping blood & she was gone.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: She remained in the shadows, following him quietly. She was resolute. He stopped walking.

She called out softly, “Son!”

He turned around. She pulled the trigger. His body slumped on the ground in a heap, a pool of blood formed.

She looked down at him and felt proud of herself. She had killed a rapist.

From @aaroo4: Like rubies they shone in the evening light.

I felt around my neck, making sure the necklace was still intact. Gasp.. Was it blood? A shrill escaped my throat when i felt a hand cover my mouth..

“Shhh.. its drop of ketchup… a psychology experiment we are running, come inside” they whispered!


One down….

From @_Nehu: He used to come home drunk every day.  She longed for him, famished although he does not care. He would hit her and would ask for more money. Neighbours were fed up of this daily chore; once asked: "why you tolerate him?" She replied:" He is my blood, how a mother can disown her child."

From @Crazyandhow: 

Blood. They were celebrating outside on the streets last night. Bastards.

Cried; stared at the television. His sacrosanct. Merciless pricks. “How dare they Demolish it.”

Stormed. Vowed. Revered path.

Chameleoned; calm-face entered the angry mob. Flashing the blade; stabbed his nervous sword deep. Guts of that stranger in saffron band poured; first blood.

7thDecember, 1992. Bombay.

From @shantusharma: Wham! A slap by my mom left my face burning. She jolted my hands and spilled the peanuts on grass. 

"You will never accept any eatable from him", She shouted, pointing finger at my friend Raju. Raju sprinted towards the servant quarter. Tears rolled in my eyes.

"Dirty blood!" And my mom spits on ground.

From @madrasmad:

8:30 pm, their first date.
She: “The sight of meat and blood nauseate me!”
He: “Haan. Now only I trust you.”

9:15 pm, outside the restaurant.
“OK, then...”
“May I use lavatory in your residence?”
“Er.. sure!”

2 am, her place.
She dumps his blood-drenched clothes and body parts into garbage bags.

From @RBTrary: He was lying down and his eyes were closed. The blood started flowing out of the vein and he was not feeling anything. After a while the doctor came and whispered “Done”.

With a puzzled expression on his face, he muttered “Why haven’t I done it before when it’s so damn easy to Donate Blood?”

From @My_Summer_Eyes: She’d killed ten of his friends. He was devastated and outrageously angry. His blood boiled at her mention. Each eye reflected a looming fear but he wasn’t to be intimidated. He was a warrior.

And thus set out the little ‘Jerry’ mouse to hunt down the ‘Billi’ cat who was the cause of the bloodshed.

From @oyeujuoye: She lay there motionless. Beside her rested a letter addressed to her mother.  “Sorry Mom, I did not think about you. For me Dad's pride was more important. He is a gold medalist from IIT, and I couldn't even pass my 12th." Said the blood soaked letter.

From @donbratman: She cried in pain. She knew she couldn't take it. It was the worst pain ever. She couldn't do this anymore. Suddenly it disappeared. There was blood all around. Amidst the blood, she saw a tiny creature moving about. She smiled at the bloody baby. Adam had gone hunting. She had to show him this!

From @The_Buffmaster: It was the first time he sat in a Porsche. A childhood dream had just come true. Excited and all energized, he paddled the accelerator and whroom, the speedometer read 200. Just then, in a split second there was a sound, a blowout and the car turned. The cheerful blue morning turned red, blood red.

From @BongBuffoon: He had heard him sneak out at night. He had followed him and his own conscience. He saw him slice open the woman’s neck and avoid the stream of blood pumping out at the rate of 120mm. And next day, he refused to point at his brother in the lineup. Blood is thicker than water.

From @Crucifire:
“Dude, I want to commit suicide.”

“You bet. I could have taken any other punishment but this! I've been through viruses, infections and worms but nothing made me puke like He does”

“Dane and family got out last night when he coughed”

“Lucky bastards!”

Red cells. White cells. 

Bieber's veins.

From @RodinsModel: She sat in her favourite spot; on the window sill overlooking the garden where children and puppies played. Her right palm was pressed against the glass in a gesture of peace to the world. She could see clouds gathering on the horizon. The darkness closing in as her dripping wrist stained the clear glass red.

From @bitchwanti: The "shehra" on his face. She in a red sari. The mangalsutra he clasped around her neck. The seven-circles taken around the fire. The tip-of-the-sword, cut his finger. The drop of blood he filled in the partition of her hair. "Cut", yelled the director. But the actors were lost in the reality of the fake-marriage.

From @rumna: He looked at his will. Gone were the innumerable houses, vintage cars, gold filled lockers. Five divorces. Frequent scrapes with the law that required quick hush money. Expensive hobbies his children had picked up.

Time for a change. He’d leave behind an old, famous name. And the illustrious blue blood. Let them earn the rest.

From @tweettabulous: From his earliest memory, his world had been the confined to the area of the castle. His only companions were his numerous nannies and teachers. He envied the “tv people” who had friends. He yearned for a day of fun outside.

And outside, the world revered and secretly, even envied their blue blooded future leader.

From @yashakothari: The hot sun tired him endlessly as he paved his way thought the desert. The enemy had captured his entire team, he alone managed to escape. He had been walking for days, leaving behind a bloody trail of footsteps. Exhausted, the soldier fell on his knees, face down.

Up above, vultures were circling their prey.

From @MinolAjekar: She woke up screaming, drenched in sweat, same nightmare three nights consecutively, she lying on white sheets soaked in blood. Scary!

As she tried to find a paper napkin to dab herself, in the dark she found another napkin, she recalled the date, touched her tummy and thoughts oops that explains the nightmares. She’s late!

From @lady_shweta: She looked into her husband's eyes, thinking here was the man everyone hated & she loved. What was the reason behind to keep the pure blood race alive & kill others? Now they are after your blood, she thought again.  He shot himself first.  "Shalom Fuhrer" she whispered & then she took a cyanide pill.  

From @neatbee: His red self contrasted sharply with the sterile white interiors. Overwhelmed, she marveled at him with an aching love, holding him nervously. She lay in a hospital bed, bleeding, but she felt like she could conquer the world. Her heart could explode, splattering unbound happiness everywhere. Stained by her own blood, a mother was born.

From @hilonee: Rajeev hid his temper under the mask of good upbringing. Maulik burned all that came in the path of his wrath.  At every step their egos collided. At every turn the wedge in the family grew deeper. The unwritten rule dictates, Blood unites when it is whole not when it is part of one half.

From @drun007: “Wonder what everyone is raving about.  I hear everyone is gaga about this Lady Gaga.  Her blood tastes no different than Angelina Jolie’s.”

“Guess what !  Mila Kunis' tastes bitter and its so difficult to get anything out of Rooney Mara.”

There is that bitching session of the 2 LA mosquitoes.

From @randomwhiz: The doctor telling that it would be a complicated delivery made her nervous. That's when her nani said 'We believe a woman has 3 births. When she attains menstruation, when she loses virginity, and when she gives birth, and each is characterized by a loss of blood, required to balance the energies'. She relaxed. Twins.

From @anushreekejriwa: They stay in an old-age home while their children are all well settled. They spend time talking to each other and ruminating about the past. A little girl visits them and calls them her grandparents. The couple loves her but while talking to each other they say "but she is not our blood".

From @scribblingon: For the world, she was strong, firm & independent. She shined, radiant as ever. Deep down, she was a pessimist. She'd always been. Self-destruction satisfied the cynic in her. Immensely. She sat in a corner, huddled up, soaked in deep crimson. Several pools of blood later, it dawned upon her that he didn't care.

From @hauntedhero: A sight stuck the eye; screeching, my tires halt. Deblurred I see, a bloodstream flowing through his head trickles down the asphalt.

 I see inhuman faces sticking their eyes, constrained arms. Couraged, I held the young by his smashed head.

That picture haunts, that blood, (doesn't leave my palms).

From @vagabondinact: A lineage, bleaking; a history of years, wasting away; a legacy, fading out. Time had thinned the blue blood and it was now just red. The swords are squeaky clean, but the ruinous palace is smeared. The future haunts the empty halls, echoing the past.

From @celeste_black:

Is it what runs through your veins? Or is it what colours mine?

I want to be the murmur that dwells beneath your skin.
I want to be the red that lines your lips, the blush that swells in your cheeks.

And when you're hurt, I want to be the claret that gushes out.


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