Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Theme 50 - Relationships

From @GauravJagwani: They stayed together through the ups and downs. They agreed on very few things. When they did agree though, it was magical. Their relationship was an understanding one. Finding the middle ground was the outcome on most occasions. Yes, her head and heart had signed a treaty inside. Unfortunately, her partner didn't sign it outside.

From @wekneweachother: Dad visited after almost a year. Mom had missed him obviously. She hadn’t done elaborate cooking in ages. It was always noodles, bread omelette, baked fishcake and such. So during his stay, she made traditional Indian dishes. He loved them all. The truth is some relationships don’t need bouquets and drama to keep them strong.

From @BongBuffoon:
He met her on Twitter. Drawn by the language, the humour, the vulnerability. Her tweets made him smile. He told himself, "I am not a creep. This isn't stalking. I am in love." After days, he summoned the courage to send her a tweet, an innocent joke. "FUCK OFF", she replied. And he logged out.

From @perniciously: She wouldn't go anywhere without it. The thread-bound notebook followed her to every coffee shop, train ride or city she found herself in. Her world would change, break loose & come together; and she'd always have the mustard pages to pour it in. Relationships aren't just for people, you see? Especially the ones that last.

From @highheelswaali: He had loved her for so long but couldn’t say it, until now. Now that she was friendless and needed help, he could let her know. He was finally able to vent all those years of passion and longing. To him it was a relationship. To Stacy, it was what Uncle Alex did to her.

From @ScribblingOn: He loved her. He did. She was his family, friend, everything. His fallen angel. The day she surrendered her heart to him, he couldn't ask for more; only to discover he invited his own doom as he gropes for the missing pieces of his heart, puffing smoke from a hubble-bubble, drowning her image in it.

From @RBTrary: Filmfare award for the best director for the 3rd consecutive year- another movie on a romantic theme and appreciations and accolades for him all around. Reaches home happily and finds another note: “Partying tonight, will dine out”. Sitting alone on the dinner-table all he thought was- “If only I could direct my own relationships too…”

From @clockroots:

With a seeming sense of abandonment he held his father's fragile, dying body in his hands. "You always deserved better" he said as he glanced at pictures of family.

"A relationship is like life. It dies." were the man's last words.

From @LadyClonidine:

She lay in bed, smoking a cigarette, watching him dress. Her apartment still smelt of sex and alcohol. Last night was a blur of limbs, passionate kisses and repressed desires. It had finally happened after years of being a locked up fantasy.

Lowering his eyes "Let’s never talk about this", her step-father said before departing.

From @swordfish19:
“..oh yeah, now that I look back, those were the best relationships I ever had….Not with your mother, not with you, nor with my brother or my parents….no…nothing can compare to the pleasure I derived out of Rand, Chekhov, Orwell, Dahl and …uh..…” The old man then breathed his last. His son looked on.

From @ladycardiidae: A small red-ribboned brown box. A green Burberry silk scarf. A pair of smiling gray eyes. A man in waiting. She walked in wearing a stunning summer dress. “Why didn’t I meet her before?” he thought. He wouldn’t mess it up this time. And there she was showing off her million-dollar wedding ring. Déjà vu.

From @bhytu:

“You are looking gorgeous Mom. Where's Dad?"

"In office beta. How is work?"

"Absolutely fine. Am loving it here."

"When are you returning?"

"Don't know yet. May be next year. Anyways need to go. Take care. Love you."

"Love you beta"

She closed the laptop.

"Am done."

She was wheeled in the Operation Theatre.

From @dipakmah: A Person Is Son, Brother, Friend, Husband, Father, Grandfather. Those Who Are lucky, They Have All Of The Above. Its A Relationship Cycle. Those Who Don't Have This Cycle, They Are Not In A Right Track.

From @hilonee: He gently kissed the intricately designed china cup. Laying it carefully down on the table, he adoringly looked at all his precious collectables. A dainty vase there, an old watch here. In an agate encrusted hand mirror he saw his sunken face, and smiled. He was in a committed relationship with figurines. They didn’t disappoint.

From @roshd: His relationship of 5years with Shweta was over.He felt low. Engaged a hooker. She was mechanical and fake. He couldn’t even get it up. He now felt even worse. Emptier.It is better to have loved and lost than to have paid for it and not liked it, he thought as he got dressed.

From @moonsez: She sorted them all – removing some that weren’t too flattering, caressing others that brought happy memories with them. She spent hours arranging and rearranging them – making neat little piles. Maybe, I should have invested the same time on each one of these relationships… she thought wistfully.

From @anushreekejriwa: They complement each other but never appear together. One withers while the other nourishes the planet. The cherry blossoms make use of both and blooms to spread beauty. A relationship beyond ones understanding. The duality of nature amazes her and she is left in a quandary when she sees him cutting the cherry tree.

From @2emkay: Jack and Jill went to Kurla to catch the early local. Station caught fire, the train didn’t come, “Let’s take a taxi, Paagal” Traffic was bad, it was late so they got down and walked to the temple. They got married, but it was bloody hot, so they climbed a hill to get some water.

From @RealFartShady:

"What about my eyes?"

"They seem interested."

"And not interesting?!"

"That too."

I kissed her eyes. We looked into each other's eyes until she kissed my nose.

"You love me!" Neither a question nor a belief.

"I love you." Without a doubt.

That was spring. By winter we hoped to see each other dead.

From @shirina83: That's his bike. He's home. But Sunny couldn't get up..The pain of a paralysed leg and the joy of him coming home culminated into tears from Sunny's eyes..It reached his eyes too...He sat next to Sunny and held him close...My dad and his pet of 15 years...

From @SermonsInStone: They took him away before she regained consciousness. Still dizzy from the frantic howling, she woke up and again begged to see him. “Just once”, she pleaded teary-eyed. They said he was gone. She looked at the unused crib beside her and wept again. The 9-month old relationship with her son had ended in vain.

From @Gods_Evangelos:

“Hey Dad” he said. Son I will get back to you in a while, busy in some work.

“Hey Mom” he sighed. Honey, I am busy in chores.

“Hey Sis” he cried. Dude, don’t disturb me. Let me Work.

“Hey There” a sound heard. I am with you when no one else is. “The Almighty”

From @wannabesanyasin: They met under weird circumstances. There was an unseen spark. A vibe. A connection. There was an unsaid silence. Something that they knew but could never figure out. The world had a lot of names for what they shared. They didn’t seem to care. It was very special though but the relationship had no name.

From @laalfirangi:
Their eyes met and both of them felt something. Waiting for the other one to start the conversation, neither of them spoke and just fueled the apprehensions. They settled for exchanging 'good to see you' smiles, raised their drinks and went back to their current lovers. Once a passionate love affair, now a mere smile.

From @punkster101: These evenings on the seashore are about my lonely strolls, accompanied by the gush of waves, and even though these hands are cold, with no one to hold. A numb smile makes its way on my face, reminiscing someone’s presence. That’s how a relationship still goes on and I’m not lonely despite being alone.

From @Saureign:

“Class, who can define the relationship between a husband & a wife?”

Arun raised his hand.

“Yes, Arun?”

“Sir, yesterday only my Dad said that a husband is like a god for his wife, she realises he exists only when she needs something.”

“And what did your Mom say to him?”

“Sir, nothing as yet.”

From @MrNarci: He held her tightly. She liked it. He kissed her on the cheeks. She smiled. He tugged at her yellow dress, asking her to follow him. She didn’t. He pushed her. She fell and cried. Her mother came and lifted her away, not allowing her to play with him again; his love story cut short.

From @SarwarBaig:

"Two co-workers fall pretty hard for Kajal, the new intern, a foxy uber-babe. She starts to date one of them. The other pulls off increasingly daring stunts to grab her attention. He..."

The producer interrupted and said, "Make her the busty type so we can squeeze an item song out of her."

From @riddhiaswani:
The rose is too long to be considered romantic, but he hopes its freshness will forgive flaws. The chocolates are cheap, afforded by his meager savings. But he hopes their sweetness will mask cost. His tiny legs run to where his 'girlfriend' sits. A chaste kiss ,two 5 year olds in throes of first love.

From @madrasmad:

We’d been watching TV for minutes now, without speaking a word. But I knew something was on her mind.

“I was at the Greek place for lunch today,” she finally said. “You were with an older woman. Business meeting?”

“No. We were just catching up.”




“Kind of.”

“Does your wife know her?”

From @oxymoronic_me: Amrita shared a special relationship with him. Feeling his naked body slither over her, she moaned in pleasure. His hungry lips caressed her bare body as they made wild love. Perspiration mingled with heat. Lust peaked. Teary eyed, she climaxed. Looking at his picture on the almost bare wall, she pushed the dildo away. Condemned.

From @GleeBee_:
Shaira's existence was a veritable mess. A deceased mother, an alcoholic father, no friends. Afraid of disappointment, she couldn't trust anyone. But there was one relationship bereft of the burden of expectations. She shared it with the one who truly understood her need to be loved. A brown, sloppy, adorable labrador. Lassie. Her life.

From @eklavyagupte: She looked at him in disbelief, as he placed her elbow on his right eye, and he moved it gently. Before she could me ask him what that was all about, he kissed her and let out a sigh. "I hope it didn't freak you out, I just like doing that," he said.

From @IndianIdle: They stood with me in tough times, they understood my sorrows and happiness. I was never stabbed in the back. They obliged to my mood. I missed them more than my family where they were away. I live in the world where I trust and love my gadgets and guitar more than the human relationships.

From @bitchwanti: "Why Kabir, why?" She cried. "Why did you break my heart? Didn't you say I was everything you ever needed?"

"Maya is what I need. Money. It makes the world spin. It was the only thing I wanted from you. The only true relationship in my life was,is and will be with money", he replied, with poison in his eyes.

From @shekhartripathi: “I feel sick about what he has put me through; Feel like dying because it hurts so much. I love him loads and didn't expect this. Cried for days, barely ate, tried hating him for being so cruel, but I still love him! I can’t turn back! I’ll have to move on! But IT HURTS!!”

From @rinashah:
A kid, playing, laughing, giggling, making faces in his own world, suddenly started staring at this girl and smiling. The girl noticed and couldn’t resist smiling back to this adorable kid. Kid was happy to be noticed and gestured her. She picked him up and they started playing. Some relationships are so innocent, she thought.

From @__l_____l__: Its not the same without the childhood, cricket, Disney hour, evenings of hide and seek in the colony, long bicycle rides to school and coaching classes in chilly morning and the fog. We grew up way too fast. Just distant array of memories remain. Our brain cells still in relationship with them, unspoken but tangible.

From @phool_kumari: It was July 2004 when we first met, slowly you became a habit for me. I had to see you every day. You’ve been with me when I fought, or my heart beat fast for a crush, I shed tears on you and laughed as well, you helped me compete and win – my black bike.

From @AnOddYellow:
She sat at the bus stop on 20th road every day from 5pm to 7pm. The sounds of buses and the look on the driver’s faces as they slowed down had a calming effect on her. Also, driver of bus no 220 smiled and waved to her each day when he passed by.

From @drac_69: I adopted that 8-yr old after his parents’ accidental death. Her mother was my second cousin and childhood crush. Being afraid of the labels of society, I never said anything to her. Now she’s gone, I think keeping a piece of her soul will help me make some sense out of this chaos called life.

From @vagabondinact: I was comfortable in my shoes, they fit me well, sheltered my feet. He came along and said it would be fun to let my feet touch the grass, the tar, the cobbled stone. He promised to hold my hand. Instead, he ran away with my shoes! Blisters on my feet have been smarting since.

From @numbyaar: They were in love once. But on that day, they ended it for once and for all. His mind was flooded with memories and thoughts as he drove to work after signing divorce papers. Dazed and lost, he stood outside his office staring aimlessly at his name board. It read “Bilal Mushtaq - Marriage Counsellor”

From @madhavisud: Barbie and Ross share a bond that transcends all relationships. They never feel deeply about each other, but they sure are inseparable. Ross would be the first one to know anything happening in Barbie's life and vice versa. But everybody can't translate this special love as pure friendship! Can't relationships be platonic? Strange it is!!

From @dasCapital_:

Two best friends rephrased a popular joke thus,

“You cry . I cry.

You laugh . I laugh.

You fall out of the window

I too fall out of the window.”

They were Siamese twins joined at hip since birth.

From @minolajekar: Commitment phobic, to add to all the other phobias he had. Take a pill for some of them, ignore some of them, but running from love, how far and for how long? His therapist says, get out there. Many women came and many went but only when he came is when all the phobias went.

From @MonkAvantGarde: Brought up in a scarcely populated area, he never had friends. The only kid whom he knew was a moongfaliwala, who used to come weekly to sell moongfali. They chatted casually, he spend 2 Rs every time. This was 20 years ago and still his only memory of a friend when he thinks about childhood.

From @Aarom_Ramsey: They never said how much they loved each other. But love had not much use for words. He taught him everything. And for a while, they ran side by side until the ‘baton’ was handed over from father to son. From here on, the son would have to run ahead on his own.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:

“Will you pass me the sugar?”

“Yeah, yeah! Why not? I’m your servant.”

“Actually, you need it more than me. Maybe you’ll become a bit sweet.”

“Oh! So now I’m never sweet, huh?”

“You’re being really sweet NOW!”

She was replaying the morning argument in her head as he hugged her from back. She smiled.

From @dinkypinkybrain:
She held her tummy and groaned, but only her favorite fruit could make up for the scathing heat. Her summers were ruled by pulped, sliced, squeezed, toasted, or creamed mangoes. Entrees, brunches, luncheons, suppers and every nibble in between, crafted for years to suit this ingredient. And every summer, mangoes continued their scuffle with her tummy.

From @sumitrai100:
Two commuters in a Bandra local always felt each other's presence but never exchanged a word. That day she didn't come. His eyes were restless, searched everywhere. Following day he didn't come. Her eyes were restless, searched everywhere. Next day they were together wedged between a group of people pretending not to know each other.

From @_Nehu: He lingers for me, cares for me, and understands me. We share a close bonding; if I am sad he would play games, make cute faces or just sit beside me. He is my shadow. His selfless love is above all happiness. Our relationship does not have name, he is my dog, my faithful partner.

From @teejavus: He looks into her eyes, smiles as he gently kisses her lips. She breaks the kiss and holds his hand and wonders for how long she had been waiting for this moment. For the longest time she had run away from relationships because of her bad choices in the past but he was just perfect.

From @LadyRavisher: He was strolling with Anu, his best friend, explaining to her how he and Neha broke up, when Anu’s sandal ruptured.

“Here, tie your foot to the sandal with this handkerchief.”, he said.

“Didn’t Neha give you this?”

“Yeah. But that’s OK. You can step on it… just like she stepped on my heart.”

From @zainity:
She reached for iPod, untangled earphones and plugged in music. She wondered, no one touches earphones still they get tangled on their own, yet every-time she fixes them. If only she had patiently tried to detangle the relation with him, life would be easier. With a smile on face she determined, it’s never too late.

From @satyaagraha:

He: My heart is racing: I fear I’ll collapse before your eyes.

She: Does your heart miss beats these days?

He: Worse; I feel breathless every moment. Only you can save me!

She: Don’t worry. We can work this out!

He: I’m desperately in need.

She: You’ll be fine. Here you are!

He: thanks doctor

From @donbratman: They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. She introduced him to her parents, and learnt, that her mom was his mom too! They jumped off the bridge that evening. They weren't ashamed of THEIR mom. They ended their lives together as they had no idea what they could call their relationship.

From @sinkpinklove: We hated each other but we met every night. No smile no tease. We tore each others clothes.We gazed in silence. We ravaged each others body until our needs were satisfied and then we went our own way.There was no pillowtalk, no emotion - that was our relationship 'purely physical' .....

From @CruciFire:
He had been her anchor for long. She couldn't see him any longer. He was miles away from her, nautically. Their compasses pointed towards completely opposite directions now. Their once smooth sailing affair was in troubled waters now. The RelationShip was a wreck. Long distance love works. Knot.

From @Rheality_Bites: They always knew they were perfect together. The day they started sharing a cubicle they felt they had more of a connection with each other than with anyone they'd met before.

Now they are married - to women handpicked by their families. There are some relationships that just cannot be defined.

From @textuallyhorny:
He grew up wondering about his mother. Amidst gaudy women, naked, sex. Next door, lived she, the one he desired, little older. Love, was unknown, lust - uncontrolled, usual. She denied. He paid. She pleased, customary.
He’s another illegitimate orphan of the shady lanes, now 14. She, sold at 12, mother by 16, now 30.

From @OhTeri_:
It attaches itself to us when we are born. A loving child, an irritating sibling, a naughty friend, a possessive partner. Some guardian angels. Some critics. Doubting husband. Restrictive parents. Noisy neighbour. The CRUSH. The Ex. Some have pets. RELATIONSHIPS we share. Some are forever; some aren't meant to be.

From @saiyona: They found a dead swallow under the bush with a ruby red rose. It has some blood stains on its chest. Last night when it snowed so hard, the rose refused to bloom for the next morning. The swallow stuck his chest on his love’s thorn and lent her the colour to flaunt.

From BiniVijan: For every 60 steps that she takes; I take only 1. Although we always work in unison, I am considered way more prominent in order to move ahead. I cannot help but wonder how uncanny the relationship between 2 hands of a clock resembles with that of a man and a woman in real life.

From @yashakothari:
He drove me mad. He had touched her. He created me, my dark passenger. She betrayed me, with him. She crumpled my trust and flung it in his trash can. He was driving. And I was in the back seat about to end his life, the way I did hers. The way he did mine.

From @My_Summer_Eyes: She roamed city after city. Slum children, they were her target. Whenever she’d see a rag-picker or a child beggar, a smile would spread across her face. She always kept a supply of eatables with her. Devoid of the purest of all relationships, satiating their hunger would satiate the thirst of a barren womb.

From @HelenofAhoy: We see each other everyday in the same train. Only talk we ever had,"kahan utarna hai aapko?" And now, I share a bond with that fish lady, that rude female who elbows others at kurla station to get inside, aunty who works in cottongreen and many others. All I do is smile. And they smile back.

From @ynotsoserious: I kept pouring cream in his coffee cup as I stared at it pessimistically or rather blindly not knowing, not caring if it’s empty or overflowing. Eventually, I messed things up. He smiled and walked away politely as I smoked another cigarette staring at the leaky table trying hard not to cry over spilt milk.

From @kaloladeep: Broke with his girl, because of something that was not acceptable, then broken relationship led family dramas, both were into hard fight, Boys Father held nerve and solved the matter for instance, Took him alone, there came sister fortifying her beloved brother, and now no one is discussing relation that could have led family disputes!

From @Sneak_Speak:
She kicked him to the ground. Sweat mingled with the tears rolling down her cheek. She didn’t want to do this. But his eyes begged her to go on. She took a deep breath and struck. His back arched in ecstasy as the whip cut into him over and over again. He loved their relationship.

From @nom_nominator: Her eyes were heavy with dreams. They tumbled off her cheeks onto her lips.His gait was the onset of a storm. But they hadn’t met yet.He was far, just like her fingertips yearned. The telephone was inebriate of their conversations. His voice was the depths of the ocean. She had drowned long ago.

From @tweettabulous: We met, and suddenly all my relationships both before and after have been weighed, evaluated, scrutinized, analyzed and worst of all – labeled. Close friend? Acquaintance? School friend? Colleague? Worth sharing all my deepest thoughts? Privy to only superficial parts of my life? Ah Facebook! How you’ve complicated my life!

From @anjana_murali: They walked around, looking at the place in surprise. It was the same place where he had rescued her from a stray dog, where she had shamelessly flirted with him in front of her friends, where they had their first kiss. It was the same park where their relationship had begun fifty years ago.

From @lady_shweta: Rasatullah wrote a book of love poems for his wife. His wife gifted the book to her lover, Ahmed. Ahmed sold the book to a raddiwala. The raddiwala gave the book to his daughter,Shabbo. Shabbo tore out pages from the book & made paper planes out of them. Relationship is a complex bastard.

From @TheRealSoup: The night just got darker. All the presumptions I had seem to lead me nowhere. My dreams are in cahoots with reality. He once told me it would happen for sure. We would be free. Men with men will no longer be a closed secret. Happy and gay relationship will be okay, right?

From @sanoop_s: As I stood before him disappointed at the turn of events, he was his usual silent self. Despite my attempts at making this relationship work, I was uncertain about its future and wondered if I ever held any significance to him. I went home, logged on to Facebook and changed my religion to atheism.

From @sahilk: Relationships? Let’s not talk about them. Go on. Laugh about it. I know you study in an all-American school. And of course, live in Aramco, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. You can go to her place any time. Having dinner with her parents tonight? Oh lovely. Why was I born a Saudi again?

From @Munchin_Jughead: Their emotions raged like wildfires. Their passions rumbled like earthquakes. Their fears echoed like windblown whispers through the valleys. They whirled in their orbits, teasing each other, admiring one another’s moons, coming close and then dancing away. Earth and Mars surely share a loving relationship.

From @neurondoctrine: He could never take his eyes off her. She gleamed in excitement whenever she had news for him. Meticulously, she planned his life. She exhibited his quirks, with pride. Effortlessly, she gelled with his friends. She made him feel busy and important. The world knew him, through her. She completed him. She was his blackberry.

From @aaroo4:

“Hello, that you?” she whispered.

"Who else could it be, what do you want now? He snorted.

“Nothing, I just wanted to hear you.. Actually see you..but"

"Aww hon, really? You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear that..You want nothing" he laughed..

The line went dead. Phone rings- "she passed away"

From @IncompleteWaste:
Met through mutual friends, they seemed like a perfect couple. With all that cuddling, after-college-adventures exploring the city together, even kissing sometimes, who wouldn't think they were dating? But no, they weren't, atleast the girl thought so. A semester later, she decided it was wrong. He, however, was hoping to take the 'relationship' forward.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: 2007: She was promised a computer if she did well in her boards. She did, and was given a hand-me-down while her father used the new one. Two years on, her brother asked for one, in addition to a PSP. He got both the same day. Welcome to India, where it still feels like 1947.

From @adastravobis: "Let me sing you a song, and you can draw me a picture... Of deep woods where nymphs belong-- a world of magic, full of adventure. For the unbroken quiet of the dawn, or perhaps the hunt for food, an early morn; you and I, will be enough", said the blind man to the deaf.

From @hersoapbox:

It takes exactly 4.5 minutes for the door to open.

“My son! Oh, my son!”

While it took me 12 years to get away.

“Gather everyone! Kill the fatted lamb! Rejoice!”

Hands reach out and pull me in. Oh, blessed darkness.

“My son has returned from the dead!”

I wonder when I can escape again.

From @BoozeSexSundry:
'You hurt her and I break your neck.' He felt the loss of something he never had. He posed for a photograph and wished them a happy marriage. He loved her. Not like a brother, not like a lover.

She saw her sweet pain reflected in his eyes. The burning pain of an undefined relationship.

From @alienatedwind: There were a hundred reasons why they shouldn't be together. They liked different music. They liked different food. They believed in different gods. But then why were they together? It was because they both saw perfection in the imperfections of each other. Together, they were strong. Apart, survival was not possible. Together, there was love.

From @drun007: Mala was tired hearing that long distance relationships don't work.

"I may not win, but I will continue trying", she told Meera. "It is difficult. Arjun being away, choosing to come in my dream on his will. Its tough. But he is my only one."

They stood at Arjun's grave - A Kargil Martyr.

From @priyankadharmsi: I had brought her home as compensation to my dream of having a real cat as a pet. I used to sit and play with “Minnie” and tell her stories. Strange, but I myself don’t know when I developed such a connection with that li’l toy that she became a friend to talk to!

From @mystiquepai: He had a girlfriend, and sometimes, so did she. They met a few times a month, sometimes at her place, sometimes at his, almost always inebriated. "You know we'll never be in a relationship, you and me?" she said picking her bra off the floor. "Fine by me," he replied. That's how love works here.

From @shitgodamn:
Easygoing. Tough | Long. Short | Forever. Never again | Someone we meet. Someone we're related to. Someone we are introduced to | Coincidence. Destined | Happy. Tragic | I want out. I want in | Predatory. Heartfelt | Pack of cards. House of bricks | Transparent. Not what meets the eye | Simple. Complex | Use and throw. Keep and cherish | Adventurous. Monotonous | Relationships. Period.

From @theslumdawg: A Kid, Who was in love. Sometimes, With someone who studied with him. Sometimes, with someone who worked with him. Even with the one who puts her body on line in search of food. He has done few thing which were unacceptable by them. Ignoring all that He's in a relationship now, with a Bottle.

From @anushalalwani: She lay in his arms, her half-lidded eyes still heavy with sleep. Nestled up against his chest, being lulled back into unconsciousness by the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, she felt an overwhelming, almost vulgar happiness. Settling back into him, smiling, she closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of finally being home.

From @jestchill: She married him, she loved him. He was selected by her parents. His parents were nice to her. Before marriage. Then she discovered...He was averse to women. To save face they duped her. To save face they wanted a child from her. His father did the needful. His mother approved. She's confused about relationships.

From @vivekisms: The hotel had a library. We were returning from dinner. We were drunk. The library was open. You sneaked in and stole books for me. I laughed and you kissed me. We went to our rooms and were in the pool by one am. We broke rules that night. We did it for each other.

From Rashmi Menon: We are into one another. We never tire of the other/s. When such is the state of affairs (pun very much intended), it’s natural that we multiply, with great gusto, precision and permanency and our offspring populate all spaces imaginable; yes, we are invading your place too, maybe, already have. Beware of us, Hindu-Arabic numbers.

From @_PWN: As he read old letters, he wondered where he lost her. Perhaps on that road where he left her walking all alone. Perhaps on that staircase where she received that call from the girl he was cheating on her with. Perhaps on the floor of her bathroom, where lay the pregnancy test showing a negative.

From @alreenapinto:
Leaning over the bar seductively, she makes eye contact with a stranger who eventually offers to buy her a drink. She obliges and indulges in the small talk that accompanies free alcohol. She’s got this figured out; the initial contact will make way for intimacy in the bar bathroom. Who knows maybe even a relationship?

From @_wbrodrigues: She was packing her bags to leave, he stood by the door. Their eyes met, probably for the last time, for a long time. The silence for eerie at best, they knew this was going to come. They walked to the car, he handed her the keys, “Go my daughter. The world’s yours to conquer”.

From @konfusedkhopadi: Pointing the revolver at the heart , I said "let's end this, once and for all " to my reflection . I stared into my eyes , anger ,guilt ,regrets .
I woke up , this was a regular dream (I don't consider it a nightmare) . This love(less) -hate(mostly) relationship with myself is never going to end .

From @Freelosopher: He first laid him eyes on them when he was four. As he grew up, he realized how their presence in his life changed the way he looked at the world. He’s thirty now and when people advise him to get rid of them, he says his glasses feel like a part of his body.

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  1. @ BiniVijan : Comparing relationships to clock is truly thought-provoking. Makes a good analogy indeed. Good One....