Friday, April 20, 2012

Theme 52: Crime

From @GauravJagwani:
And then, the argument began.
‘Dad, is it considered bad if I tell a white lie?’
‘If it is doing harm, then it is a crime.’
‘You’re my dad, but I still hate you.’
‘I suggest you leave this instant, young lady.’
The mother was the only witness to their crossed fingers behind their backs.
From @zaiuranjit: “Good morning, Your Honour. We will show that the Defendant is guilty of fraud.” “Call your first witness.” “We call the Defendant’s lawyer, your honour.” “ His lawyer? But he is representing himself!” “Exactly, your honour, he is charged with cheating his client.” “How does the defense plead?” “Completely insanse, Your Honour.”
From @MonkAvantGarde: He could see the sun rising, his hairs were blowing with the gush of wind; he could feel himself breathe and hear his heartbeat. He was on terrace of a 39 floor building. What could have been a beautiful sight any other day was inconsequential today, for he was a sniper waiting for his prey.

From @Dooffuus: They fell in love. It was meant to be forever. Then, things went wrong. She had changed. He wasn't the same anymore. Paradise was lost. They fought. They drifted apart. She broke his heart. He never returned hers. He left but never did let go. His broken heart killed his reluctant mind everyday. Love, forever. 
From @TropicalAnda: Sitting alone on the ridge of building she watched her friends play with colours. It’s been a year now..a bottle of acid it was. Retreating to leave she saw a familiar figure. Him. Communicating has been painful these days with the veil. With hands full of colour he touched her; she smiled that day...with pain!

From @swordfish19: The man stepped out of the prison gate. His mind was calm, even though he had lost a huge chunk of his life – 14 years. And for what? A murder.  What was he to do now? Return to society?  A murder…he thought.  Which, only he knew, he had not committed.  He started walking, slowly.  

From @kaloladeep: Question, what is the most absurd thing you'll do in few minutes and had done in past few minutes? The guy replied, Breaking your nose if you dint select me, broke your throne for not providing napkin there, The panel replied that was the crime you shouldn't have done, and this crime wouldn't be done!

From @MrNarci: Father Remi remembered the boy’s confession, “Forgive me for I have sinned. I have murdered a woman.” Seated in the court of law, looking at the boy on the stand getting away with murder, he couldn’t reveal this to anyone. The Seal of the Confessional must not be broken. But justice could not be denied.

From @aatifsumar: Shows like Dexter make us comfortable with evil: Evil is something that can be channelled for good. Nothing could be more misleading. When you hear of a beast that sneaks into homes, snatches babies, to defile and dump their bodies a few hours later, you know 'some people just want to watch the world burn.'

From @bhytu:

She shivered at the thought of what she had done. How could she? Will she be forgiven ever? Her eyes filled up. She did not intend to. Such big crime. The guilt.

The shame. No way out. She had to confess. She wiped her tears and said,

"Am so solly mamma, I bloke your vase."
From @wekneweachother: Crime and grime go hand in hand. They served him bread and lemon shrimps along with a glass of wine at his father’s funeral. Long-term schizophrenia got the worst of him when he slaughtered his father on Christmas. Lemon shrimps were his favourite. He went inside and shot himself with the filthy revolver he had.
From @SarwarBaig:
He rode his bicycle around town in the early morning chill, taking in the sights, stopping in places. His eyes never missed anything.

At night he stood before an isolated house with three rolled up newspapers and a carpet of fallen leaves in the driveway. He reached into his bag for the bolt cutter.

From @Sneak_Speak:
“Ooooh stop! I can’t breathe!” 
He smiled and kept tickling her feet. 
“You naughty girl!” 
“But what did I.... ooooohh hehehe... do?” 
“You slept with my brother.” 
Her eyes grew wide with terror.
That’s when her asthma kicked in.
As she stopped moving, he whispered, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

From @IndianIdle: It was forbidden to talk about it everywhere. They were trashed when they asked about it. But when the age come curiosity always takes over. They told teachers they need to work for the project for science fair. And they watched their first porn in the school computer lab when others were praying to god.

From @vrraghy: He was drenched in his sweat. The sweet voice from the kitchen was soothing and it made him feel guilty. He could not digest that he had just betrayed her, and was being haunted. He lacked the courage to confess. Just when he was to pick the knife behind her, she turned, “What’s wrong, dear?”
From @HighHeelsWaali: She finally died due to a heart attack. Everyone was surprised, because they expected the reason to be 'blunt trauma to the head' or 'loss of blood'. They all expected her to die from the beatings. But they did not expect her to complain. After all, it isn't a crime until there's a witness.

From @RealFartShady:

The word ditches me and I try to think back.

"Done?" she disturbs.

I frown. "The book?"

"Yepper!" My annoying agent loves unveiling parties.

I lost it. I gored with my pencil frequently.

Gush of blood, she dies infront of my eyes.

"Agreement ceased."

I grinned.

"Hey, there's that word…..Ceased."

From @ScribblingOn:

She was in love with him. Soul deep. To him, she was just a friend. "I love you", she confessed. "Prove it", he insensitively reprimanded.

"We can't continue", he coldly bellowed into the phone, "I need to move on."

Sobbing, she hung up, popping some pills, embracing darkness forever. He knew he was a criminal.
From @drac_69:
Shaddy motel in that dark alley was famous as a lair of cheating husbands. In room 9, his secretary opened the briefcase and found a loaded gun with silencer attached. 
“You are going to kill your wife for me?”
“I have to.”
“Should I do it?”
“You can’t kill anyone, sugar.”
“Your wife thinks otherwise.”  

From @quratzafar: “It’s a crime to marry them so young!” She wails outside ceremonies. “You are worse than murderers!” They ignore her shrieks and marry their teenage girls to monsters; sometimes to end family feuds, sometimes for discounted land rent…Nobody listens to horrific details of her fourteen year old self’s marriage to seventy year old man. 

From @dipakmah: We Dump Class For A Match, If We Win Its A Achievement, If We Lost Its A Enjoyment, If We Caught Its A Crime. And As The Opponent Is Also Present And Our Umpire Is A Pity Teacher, Then It Is A Case Of Outside Court Or Ground.
From @DedhShaani:
The verdict is out. She has been sentenced 'to-be-hanged-till-death'. 

Apparently, stabbing your brother to save your bathed in kerosene, sister-in-law from getting burnt down is a crime.

From Rashmi Menon: It was four in the morning. She woke up and sleep-walked her way stealthily past her sleeping husband into the kitchen.  Her hand shook as she grasped the knife. However, her grip was firm as she made the first gash on the cake she had promised not to touch until he had had his share.
From @BrettLeeHolic: I am getting redundant.  With thoughts, with words and everything within. I detest this stagnancy I’ve reached. This inertia that has set in..the crime of non-thinking I’ve committed. The resurrection will happen. The spirit shall not die. The life in life shall not meet its end. Not yet. Not so soon. Guilty but not submitting.
From @Rati7: His pajamas were torn and his head shaved. Mucous mixed with blood was oozing out of his nose. Oblivious to all his scratches and pain, he was smiling, chasing a butterfly around. A soldier picked him up and added him to the line headed to the gas chamber. He took the butterfly with him. 
From @AkshayaBansal: "Face masks." It was the final item to be checked off the list. They rolled the cart towards the cashier full of oddest bargains. The 4 shoppers drew some suspicious glares; trench coats and heavy accents. Settling the bill over peels of laughter they joked amongst themselves, "who says crime doesn't pay!".
From @tunnvi: Some called him a pedophile some called him the most sensitive person. Some called him ingenious, some called weird. He did the moonwalk; he even visited the slums of Brazil. He was rich and gifted and bizarre, yes. “But he will always be my smooth criminal!” she said and danced all night to the thriller.
From @whimsytales: Her eyes gave up. There was too much to hide. Countless secrets flowed- one teardrop at a time. Another heartbreak was just round the corner. Her heart hoped she lives, her mind declared she's a goner. A crime, a sin, but not a regretted mistake. A reckless night, a careless kiss, her wild side untamed.
From @divya_moorjani: "Sitting sadly at a bar with 2 of her friends. Thinking how couldn’t she notice the signs? Putting her brave face on, she smiled at her 3rd friend, suddenly, She slapped him & stormed out of the bar. Friends said “It’s a crime to order a gay drink like pina colada in front of her.”
From @teejavus:  
He sat at the edge of the cliff looking at the setting sun, recollecting previous night's events. It all happened in a frenzy. They were drunk and she came and sat next to him. The boss got jealous and pointed the gun at him. 

Big mistake. 

Now the city has a new Kingpin of Crime. 

From @Marwaari: She wanted five minutes in loneliness. The last five minutes with her daughter. "I am sorry Sweetheart, I couldn't save you and I would never forgive myself for this. I will miss you " She shed a tear and entered the operation theatre for abortion.

From @RandomWhiz: A celebrated jawan, Veer Singh, was returning home for his leave when he saw the Man. He was molesting a woman, in an effort to rescue her, he ended up killing him. The court sentenced him to rigorous imprisonment. What was patriotism, duty one day, became crime on another. The only difference was the border.

From @YashaKothari:
That's it. They couldn't take it. They had to go to the other side. Too much fun had been made. Once they got to the other side they would be safe from this humiliation. Suddenly, a car crashed into them...and their dreams.

Next day headlines: 3 chickens die while getting to the other side.
From @2emkay:
“Aankh maro beta, Ankh maro” He winked.
The small gathering erupted with laughter, every one taking their turn to get him to do the same. He obliged.
“Alelelele Bada sona baccha he, ek dum hero banega”
25 years. He stood at the gate and got ready - the fresher’s were coming around. “Aayegi kya Anarkali…”
From @moonsez: It was her last evening in Heidelberg before returning to India after seven long months. A curious kind of melancholy came over her. This hotel room had almost become home. She sat by the dresser & started drinking from the mini-bar. Yes, it would be a crime to leave behind all the complimentary liquor untouched.
From @BongBuffoon:   
"Crimes stories sell son", the obese editor told the cub reporter. "It's a cut-throat world. You have to go for the jugular." 
The reporter absorbed every word. And for six long months he didn't get a byline. 
One night, he used a scalpel on the editor's jugular. And he got his name in the paper.
From @dasCapital_:  
17 years after he was pronounced guilty, he was declared innocent today.
His soul which became expectant when the case was reopened, did not feel any happiness though. He looked at his wife and children in the courtroom and cried silently.
17 years back , he was pronounced guilty, given death sentence and executed. 

From @abjt: “I’m going to be a superhero,” he’d said thirty years back to his classmates. And now five minutes back to his AA group. He didn’t have the money. He didn’t have the power. All he had was a lighter. And some flour. They laughed. He laughed. All that’s left now are burn marks.

From @RBTrary:   
Dear Unfaithful Soulmate,

That wasn’t easy. Finding a poison that won’t fail, getting the note signed by slipping it in between the official documents, made it all look like a suicide-beyond-doubt. Unfortunately, after all the hassle, I ultimately committed a crime –organized a funeral for you, when your body should have been left to rot…

From @Freelosopher:

"We're hardened criminals. You didn't kill anybody. You don't belong here!"

"Who told you that?"

"People have read your file. Word gets around, y'know."

"Even if someone signs my release papers, they'll put me back here in three weeks flat. Someone should steal me", muttered Papillon, nestled in the Crime Fiction section of the library.
From @minolajekar:
I was always told to love - freely, boldly, purely, fiercely, love will set me free.  So I love her with every inch of my being.  
Her eyes still, encompassing, opens to a new dimension where love is not a by product but a prerequisite.  
 But then I am told similar anatomy makes my love criminal?
From @sinpinklove: She had a weakness for criminals. They turned her on. She met him outside the jail where he had just finished his term for rape. She smiled her sultry smile. They went behind the bush, both full of unfulfilled desires. He was arrested again , this time for rape and murder.
From @vagabondinact: Finally, she was on crime-beat. Her first tip off- a drug deal gone haywire. She was there before the Narcotics Officer. That morning, she read how a brave officer killed two dealers in cross-fire. Rolling up her incentive for the tweaked reporting in the very newspaper, she lit it. She was hooked to crime reporting.
From @rumna: Anxiety. Fear. Terror. Justin feared the cane, but for once, he had dared disobey his father. He had met his mother after school, spent some time sitting on her lap, breathing in the familiar smell of her, telling her everything. His father and step mother walked in. He wouldn’t cry, he had just turned 10.
From @My_Summer_Eyes: She was arrested. They pressed charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ against her. People called her a witch, a sorceress. If only her so called ‘victims’ could speak for her, but they just couldn’t, could they? All that escaped their mouth now was cute, gibberish laughter. Little immortal kids, they had been turned into, you see.
From @ShekharTripathi: Surprisingly I became expectant when the case was reopened, though did not feel any happiness. My wife and kids, surely loved me despite the crime I committed, sat in the courtroom corner cried silently, maybe even mourned. 17 years back, I was pronounced guilty, given the death sentence and executed - today I am innocent.
From @GleeBee_: The phone rang. It was his boss. He dreaded to return to the same spot of the accident. He shouldn't have fled. But watching the girl bleed, he had no choice. He couldn't go to jail. Now, he was back, writing a report on his own felony. He had the perfect alibi. His job.
From @donbratman: People were stamping him, kicking him, hurling abuses at him. He had no clue why. After all he had stopped a guy from stealing a young girl's phone. He held the phone out to her. She screamed and rest was a blur. He looked at the sky and asked- "Is being poor a crime?"
From @LazyLass: He woke up to a sea of pain.  Maggots on wounds and a blue jugular vein. An hour of sleep but after two joints of mary jane. She left too, his heart's now bruised. He wanted to quit in his prime. He begged to be excused. But alas! If only it wasn't a crime.
From @MadhaviSud: She was dressed in a shiny red sari, shiny red lip gloss and wore a red bindi  to match it. She sat soulless awaiting the MAN. There was a knock on the door. Little did she know she would be arrested minutes later. She was just another woman dragged into this brothel only hours before!
From @DayaDarwazaTodo: This was the final straw. The battle had been lost. Her battle had been lost. She had tried her best. But all in vain. It wasn’t working anymore. There was no hope left. No scope left. She had to shed her skin, once and for all. Loving a woman was a crime in this world.
From @LadyCardiidae: Thirteen."One can't get rid of the cliche," she said. Her voice echoed in the minimalistically designed house. That's the way she liked it! The white marble now red. He was her last prey. Her handsome, expressive now still. " Sorry, Alan, l loved you!" She said just before poking herself with the same knife.
From @melittlepixie:
Jeffery hated being disturbed while solving crosswords. While he was struggling with a word, his 6 year old son Luke walked in.
‘Let’s play’, Luke squealed.
‘Daddy’s busy now’, Jeffery quipped, irritated.
‘I only asked for your time. Is that a crime?’, Luke asked innocently.
‘Crime! That’s the word I was looking for’, Jeffery laughed.

From @Munchin_Jughead:
With a bang, the door swung abruptly open.

She stood in the open doorway and said, ”I’m home.”

He leaned against the wall. “I missed you.”

“I know,” she said. “But I didn’t miss you.”

“I know,” he said, clutching his heart as his handgun fell from his blood-soaked fingers.
From @madrasmad:  I know that it happened long ago. I know that he was targeted for personal reasons. I know that it was late night then. I know that they’ve installed surveillance cameras after that incident. But, it’s still the same parking lot, and the walls know it.
From @hilonee: With sadness in their eyes and respect in their gait, they looked at her for the last time. Sorrow was yet in the clutches of shock; tears stifled by the pain. They sought HIS blessings for the dead. You see, HE repeatedly commits this crime; the crime of taking life. Yet, HE isn't tried. Why?

From @IncompleteWaste:
''I told you a million times, I AM INNOCENT.''

The moonlit sky, their audible laughs, the roof, the booze, their future-plans. He kept replaying that night's scene in his head. Again. And again...

''Why would I ever kill my best-friend?''

''Then why did you leave him on the ground and let him bleed to death?''
From @tweettabulous:
Devika a.k.a. Aphrodite. Her hazel doe shaped eyes, perfect pout, creamy complexion, stunningly curvaceous body, never ending long legs and tiny waist made all the boys go weak kneed. Her well read and witty personality, an object of desire. 

Lust of all… Love of none.

Is it a crime to be so intimidating?

From @sumanthAB: Every muscle of his body ached with pain. Scrambled thoughts passed through in his stream of consciousness. Memories of bliss bestowed upon him as his eyelids closed a last few times. Blink. Gasp. Blink. He had sacrificed this for his crime of love and his eyes fixed upon the starless sky one last time.

From @anushreekejriwa: He would wander around on the streets in the hope of getting some food, all that he got was leftovers. He saw his counterparts being loved by everyone; they were clean, well trained and attracted peoples attention. Whenever he used to go beside them,they would bark at him. He never understood his crime.

From @Crucifire:
“You need to take care of yourself”
“You are there to..”
“And after I die?”
“Stop saying that!”
“I want you to meet someone. He said he will take care of everything.”
“I don't want to meet anyone Deb”
Doorbell rings.
“Dexter Morgan? Nomoshkar... Ek minute.”

From @bitchwanti:

Vikas: What's up beautiful?

Karan: When are we meeting for coffee gorgeous?

Shaunak: Wazza sweetheart!

"Don't you know it's a crime to read someone's private messages in this day and age, Maa!" She screeched as she snatched away her cell phone from the wise hands.

From @eklavyagupte:   It was a crime insufficiently imagined, a crime that he was not keen on committing. The planning was awry and the victim was a case of mistaken identity. The alibis did not know there were alibis. The medical examiners were not bribed. The fingerprints easily matched and the CCTV was working for once.

From @AmanjotKSandhu:
“Mommy, I want a new frock for my birthday!”
“Will you get me the new Barbie doll?”
“I want a hairstyle like Deepika.”
The conversations she’ll never get to hear reverberated in her head. She glanced tearfully at her husband who was walking with a spring in his foot after getting rid of their daughter.
From @_Kautilya: She was lying on the hospital bed half conscious, watching her husband with doctor, she knew what he is talking, she always knew since news broke out. She knew what is being done is crime, still she kept quite and watched her unborn daughter's death with teary eyes, sealed lips and heart full of pain.
From @anjana_murali: As they buried his body, she watched in silence, remembering the days he came home late and beat her up for not giving him money. She could not bear it after he killed her unborn baby in a fit of violence. Yesterday, when he came, she was prepared for her revenge- murder for a murder.
From @AlreenaPinto:  
Her eyes turn to him, he looks down. Anguish. Gratification. Triumph. Defeat. Emotional Paradoxes.

“So its true”, her voice broke the silence.

He nodded.

Her lips curled to reveal the smirk. As she pressed her lips against his, victory had never tasted sweeter. It was proven, temptation overpowers. He cheated.

Lust, the perfect crime. Always.

From @oxymoronic_me: He forced her to sign the document. Teary eyed, she did as asked. She did not want to go through this pain. But Karthik did not support her. The nurse entered, carrying the operation equipment. Dr. Karthik picked up the scalpel. He would abort his own girl child. A crime executed by his own sperm.

From @roshd: I hold her in my arms and look into those wonder-struck eyes. I kiss her soft cheeks and embrace her tightly. My chest swells with pride. Daddy’s little girl. She gives me a long sticky kiss. It’s not fair. It’s a crime. Daughters should never leave their fathers. Angel don’t grow up.Ever.

From @dumbsterr:
"Where's the necklace?" asked the inspector as he slapped the street kid.
The kid coughed out blood.

"Leave it saheb" a passerby said, "Someone else must've stolen it."

Minutes later, the crowd dispersed. The kid got up and handed over a necklace.

"Good work" the inspector said pocketing it, "You'll get your share by tomorrow."
From @thebongbabe: Trapped in an abusive relationship, she grew and more withdrawn. Unsure of herself. No one came up to help her, afraid of her influential husband. Then she met Nikhil - gentle, loving. He gave her all the warmth her marriage couldn't. The court pronounced her an adulturer and granted her husband divorce - without alimony.
From @OhTeri_: They walked hand in hand post dinner towards home, every night, like a routine. One such night they were cornered and beaten up. She was assaulted; he was helplessly screaming and fighting. "Couple, mercilessly slayed.", the newspaper read the next day. In India, crime has many faces. Honor killings, being one of them.
From @DevilKanan: He’s city’s & his destiny’s king. He’d left emotions & relations to reach here. It’s not for money or fame, but for thirst of crime. He feels satisfaction. He’s now in jail. Arrested yet worriless. “Why you got into crime??”, Inspector asked. He smiled,” Please don’t disrespect  by calling it crime, it’s art of murder…”




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