Friday, April 13, 2012

Theme 46 - Games

From @Sneak_Speak:

She clapped with glee.
“I win.”
He frowned.
“Uh-uh. The guy’s arm came in the way.”
“You’re a really bad loser, you know that?”
“Circumstances COUNT.”
“Why? His didn’t.”
He looked at their 8 kids. He looked at her and sighed. Then he rolled the dice in the hollow of the dead man’s back.

From @thwanderingsoul: It started out as a game. He initiated it. She had him handcuffed. Streaks of blood oozed out from where the hunter had lashed his back. She held the knife firmly as she blindfolded him. A minute later she walked out of the room leaving a trail of blood behind. She knew about the affair.

From @zushk: On a balmy evening in a nondescript colony in Bombay, 15 kids were playing ‘I spy’. The ‘denner’ was indignant, “You’re Anu! I KNOW you are! It’s your den now!!” I shouted back, “NO! I’m PRIYU! Can’t you tell the difference between us even after 5 years?!” How wicked we twins were when playing games.

From @swordfish19: A homo-sapien settlement somewhere in Africa. A man and a woman are conversing in one of the huts. The man is saying - "...we work all day, we have enough to eat, we have clothes, a roof on our heads to protect us..but something seems to be gets boring at"

From @gauravjagwani: The young boy would recall his dreams the following day and they were all from yesteryear. Much before he was born. His reason for not dreaming in colour was to save him from himself. He was afraid of himself. Also, when your mind revolves around chess, it is apt to dream in black and white.

From @SarwarBaig: Let's play a game. You'll walk into class with your freshly washed long, black hair sticking to your shirt collar. You'll smile at me in a way that instantly robs me of my sanity. Now I’ll waste five years of my life thinking I have a chance with you. You never lose.

From @MrNarci: She placed the rusty muzzle against her temple, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Snap! It did not fire. She sighed, relieved that she was alive, yet scared for Aaron. He rubbed his palms in delight; hysterical, knowing that he was to die. She handed the gun to him. The sixth round never lied.

From @_Nehu: Emergency call at 1:00 am - production issue, client-call and critical functionality was breaking. The manager called. Everyone was in office at 1:30am. Girls without makeup, guys in night panamas, half-awake, working on the issue. Things were in place at 3am. Manager: Why did this happen? The Blame Game Started. Welcome to the IT Industry!

From @riddhiaswani: The tender mind silently screams. Mother is sad. Father can't look at her. 'Beta tell the police inspector what the bad man did to you.' Mother's voice breaks, a sob of distress. The child looks around confused. 'He said we just were playing a game.' Tears cloud baby blue eyes, confused eyes. 'Just a game.'

From @RealFartShady:

My girlfriend and I worked at a convenience store.

After a long greasy day, we both often felt dirty when we reached home.

So we raced to the shower to play a game.

"Who gets better cleaned up?"

She regularly insisted she had won, and I made her prove it to me everytime.

From @Marwaari: She was crying incessantly. Adding to that, the heat of mid May. She was searching for her mom between the men surrounding her. Suddenly, a red veil covered her face making her temporarily blind. "Beta, Khelo iske saath" Someone said. The girl was just three and getting married on the auspicious Hindu day, Akshay Trithiya.

From @LadyCardiidae: “I’m a victim of the games people play,” said Lola. She wasn’t a practical mess like others. But Joshua brought out the worst in her. “You will never be able to finish this game without me!” he said. That was the day he saw her last. That day she played her final game and lost.

From @rinashah: She was suddenly asked to leave the job. Shocked and shattered she was as she had never expected this day to come ever. She was frank and open to saying truth on face which was a big problem for this new HR who loved manipulations.'I hate corporate games' is all she said to him.

From @melittlepixie: Brows knit; Cindy was contemplating her next move. Confidently, she took down his Queen. He winced momentarily and then tactfully positioned his camel. ‘Checkmate’, he said lighting up a victory cigarette. ‘Not so soon, Patrick. You haven’t seen my moves yet’, she said teasingly. She was in love with him. He smiled because he knew.

From @anjana_murali: Simi loved visiting the village where her grandmother lived. She had spent a huge part of her childhood playing games and running around with Anu and talking her heart out. Today she was pained by the sight of her best friend whom she could never catch then- her legs amputated after a road accident.

From @dipakmah: Games Are A Vital Part For A Child Growth. There Are 3 Types Of Game- 1 Indoor, 2. Outdoor, And 3. Studies. Just To Make The Older Generation Happy, We Only Play & Try To Win On This Game. If We Choose The First Two, They Will Reward You Lifetime Banned.

From @missshwe: She was naive. She had that glimmer of innocence in her eyes. Her laughter rose melodiously over the din of the bar. She flipped her hair and turned her head, her eyes locking onto his. She smiled. He froze, hesitated for a moment. He stood up and thought to himself, "Let the games begin."

From @RBtrary: As kids, role-playing a married couple was their favorite pass-time. Both families made up their mind to tie the knot as soon as the two reach the right age. Now as grown-ups, they are making their parents understand the difference between childhood games and the game-called-life. He likes Micheal and she’s in love with Janet…

From @lazylass: "Hide and seek. And hide she did. He found her anyway. Her hands were caught in his. He was breathing hard. His urgent questions were answered by tears. She tried one last time. And then, she screamed. Outside, the gardener’s weary hands dropped the pot. The sapling he had tended for ten days would wilt."

From @hilonee: She ran to her husband's room and knocked on his door. My daughter is missing, she yelled. He didn't let her in but asked her to stay calm. Troubled, she barged in. Sonia lay naked in his bed, smoking a cigarette. 'This is a thank you for the games you've played with my life, mother.'

From @IndianIdle: He was doing it for India. He had dreamt this from a long time. Making India world champions in soccer. And it was because of his skills that India smelled the victory, but then suddenly all went blank. He cursed loudly and looked at the monitor in agony. He hated power cuts.

From @oxymoronic_me:

The war had started. The game had begun. The pilot maneuvered the aircraft towards the enemy line. Adrenaline rushed through his system. This is all he lived for. He knew the ‘Yudh Seva Medal’ was his. He moved to fire the rocket.


The MiG-21 exploded.

The game didn’t even begin. He lived for nothing.

From @rohini_sekhar: Sitting on the dusty floor in the darkened attic, he ruffled through the yellowed brittle carton …An album: A 3 year old posing with a football
A bronze medal: Best scorer – Junior school football match. A trophy: Champion – University league football series. A newspaper-clipping: Football star’s car crashes. The games God plays …

From @monaliundhad: The water looked deep and inviting. I don’t know to swim. But I jumped off. A giant Shark came on my way. Got all my arms loaded and attacked. I move on. Now couple of attacking whales came to me. No arms left. So they get their dinner. I get out of the Gaming zone.

From @drac_69: He was driving at 120, cursing himself for trying that new drug. His girlfriend was getting married tomorrow and all he wanted was to soothe the pain. A thud and scream. He stopped the car, ran back. He turned the man’s head and it was her fiancé. Games that destiny plays with you..

From @dinkypinkybrain: I'm a mortal on a privileged walk. Where I am going matters less than how I am making my way there. I promise, I'll cherish the search for grand love, the discovery of myself. “For when the great scorer writers against your name, he writes not whether you've won or lost, but how you played the game.”

From @Violet_Droplet: She walked up to him in a cleavage flaunting black suede dress & five inch red stilettos & discreetly placed the key in his pocket. He sipped single malt as he watched her sensually walk away. Ten minutes later, he shot & robbed her husband, while she scouted for a new player for the game.

From @woohoochild: Every time she'd hear the word "Games" said anywhere, her ears would go up like an alert dog's. Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, Ludo, Mastermind, Candyland, Musical Chairs, Chuppa-Chuppi...They all caught her fancy. And understandably so! Then one day, she grew up. But only she knew that she hadn't. Or couldn't. Or wouldn't'.

From @dascapital_: The theme for 55 word story was “Games”. Struggling to think, he imagined what many people might come up with, “Games she played with me…” “Life is a big game..” “I lost the game & she left me. “The kid could only play with pebbles. He was from streets..” And then he fell asleep.

From @bhytu: He closed his eyes. The empty stadium roared with enthusiasm as he heard the crowd cheering and singing his name. The drama, madness of fans. There he was, running, dribbling and then that senseless volley kick. He gripped his crutch tightly. Eyes glittered. He smiled. He was still a player in the game of life.

From @dimaagi_keeda: He kept running as fast as he could. For he had to reach “home”. There were three of them chasing him. The were relentless, He was breathless. They kept pace, he kept cranking it up. He moved 6 paces, they moved 5. And then he was bit, The chase was over. That snake on 99.

From @alienatedwind: Amidst the sounds and the stares, their eyes met. The noise outside could not disturb the calm inside them. For them, it was not just one of the games, it was their entire life. The whistle blew, one kicked, the other jumped. The end result? Well, that's just another game and you have to guess.

From @laalquimista:




“Play dead!”

Rex would obey every command unerringly. They said that we were inseparable. But nothing lasts forever. I can now see those memories dissolving before my eyes, as the vet plunges the syringe deep down. Rex’s chest heaves one last time as the morphine kicks in. And then he is gone.

From @sinpinklove: They played a different game every night.Today she was the blood sucking vampire and he, her prey.She had stuck fake nails and painted them red.He was bursting with anticipation at what they would do tonight.She played her part well- tore his throat and drank his blood. A gift for his infidelity.

From @SugarsNSpice: It seemed like a simple game of chess. But it wasn’t one today. Gamble of love and hate was at stake. If he lost, she conquers love, or else loses her royal savings. But today he played real. He lost knowingly to let her gain love as he amassed wealth. Killing games they were indeed.

From @OhTeri_: Tanya met Rohan at a night-club. Dashing. Mouth-watering. She knew, he was 'it'. She would be 'herself' soon. A bit of seduction worked. Savoured her last catch. Bam ! The spell broke. She wasn't a CANNIBAL anymore.Trrriiiiiiiinnnnngg ! The alarm went off.

"But, he was delicious !", she grinned.
Virtual games had ruined her, she thought.

From @wekneweachother: We all grow up playing all sorts of games. They include pebbles, leaves, chalks, paper, water and sand. When we become adults, we still play games but they consist of mind politics. Here’s a request to everyone: ‘Please stop the mind games. Why politicize everything? Why the double meaning? Why? Life is not a competition.’

From @Crucifire:

Screen -


Shiva – 8 million devotees

Parvathi – 8 thousand devotees

Parvathi nervously kept fiddling with his joystick as he calmly laid down to rest.

“I've been playing games with you”

“I can see”

“With Vishnu”

“Did you touch His joystick?”


Screen –


Game Over.

From @Rheality_Bites: His favorite game was stealing her hair clips. In kindergarten she’d cry - he’d laugh at her. In school she’d tell on him - he’d stick his tongue out. In college, now equipped with a psychology degree, she’d rationalize – he’d do it again. Now their daughter comes home with her hair clips missing.

From @kunalbaidmehta: It was raining heavily and Sonu was getting bored. His father made a paper boat in front of Sonu and put it in the puddle. Sonu saw this as an exciting game. When it rained next, Sonu made many boats while his father was asleep. He thought the money in his father's wallet was paper.

From @sahilk: I’m told it used to be camel races followed by a sword dance around a bonfire followed by the community around massive plates of khabsah. Now it’s just a bunch of kids with cars and bikes showing off followed by Jay-Z on the speakers followed by ordering pizza for delivery. Oh,
and football. Of course.

From @The_Buffmaster: Life those days was just waiting for the clock to tick 5 PM. School books would be deserted, opening the horizons to the playground. Amigos used to wait in the garden carrying the stumps and the ball, waiting for him to bring the bat. That painful nostalgia is the drug on which he survives today.

From @drun007: Talk about mind games. Anika loved every one of them. Sometimes Monopoly, sometimes Scrabble. Fun with Hide & Seek, even more with Poker, thrilled with Chess, chilled with Ludo. Pac-man, Draw Something, Call of duty and a few dozens more, it was all good.

She resented it only when her mind decided to play Statue.

From @anushreekejriwa: He was the eldest of the hundred siblings and was known for his haughty nature. A simple game of Chausar with his rival cousins turned the tables around. The aim to get their wife, kingdom and power blinded him and it turned into a war. He became a story itself, never to be told.

From @minolajekar: No Mamma, it is our secret game. Many times. In the bath, he is the fisherman and I am the fish. Sometimes, doctor-doctor. All the boo-boos go away when he brings out his magic wand, and the white jelly makes it all better. Oh Mamma, now you know, Papa will never play with me again.

From @captain_speakin: The barman watched as they sat by the pool, two pretty girls, sipping margaritas. “Stop going all ‘it’s not right’ on me will you” said one. She stopped awkwardly as an older man walked towards them. She hugged him, kissed his cheek and winked at the other girl. “Games girls play” the observer sighed.

From @mydirtylinen: It all began with a game. A game of glances, smiles and whispered flirtations. They'd progressed from the dancefloor to the bedroom. More games--cheeky maids and attentive nurses--sashes and whipped cream. As she lay next to her, she felt her heart sink. She couldn't do this if she wasn't winning. This competition. These games.

From @tunnvi: Red-eyed, drunk he came on in and sat on the chair. Same faces every day, same song playing on the broken radio it never bothered him. He was a regular there. He waited for them to deal. He picked the cards up and smiled to himself. Poker was his game. Tonight was his lucky night.

From @SpinandSwirl: She came to work, only for him. Clean fingernails, a day-old stubble, his earlobe. He didn't know she existed. He glanced at her, carelessly beautiful. Messy hair, smudged kohl, her lips soft. He wanted to be the chain caressing her neck. They met in the elevator everyday. A polite smile, a nod. Their daily games.

From @madrasmad: I was at the start of the 100 m final at the ‘Olympic Games for the Totally Sloshed or Stoned, but not Both.’ An official dude near the lineup pulled a gun out of nowhere, and shot at an alien above. Some athletes laughed. Some ran away. But, I played safe and ducked. I think.

From @tuhinaneogi: 'Games!', the children shouted and rushed out of the classroom. Minnie was running towards the playground, when she suddenly stopped to thank God. Minnie's brother participated in school's badminton tournament. Minnie was his lucky charm. He strongly wanted her to be there and Minnie knew this. God granted both their wishes through the games period.

From @designerfoo: His palms were sweaty. A sword in one hand and a shield in the other. He saw the stones, rhythmically, breaking his path. He knew they were up there. Lowering his visor, he started running towards the stones. And then he heard his wife yell, "Stop playing already!"
He paused the game, grunting...

From @theghostwriterr: A game of love & Lust was played when I met Priya, A teacher in Delhi. Only to know after marriage that it was rather a game of Deception & lies. She was a trained assassin; I was a secret service agent. All ended with gun in my hand & a bullet in her head.

From @vagabondinact: A seasoned and star footballer, he had never been so nervous about any of his games before, but this one was the hardest game he had ever played. She played hard to get and he no longer knew if he wanted her. Games he thought should be played only on grounds and not with minds.

From @kaloladeep: His Family always pushed him to study more and work hard for a descent lifestyle, but his interest were sports. He was good at it and always aimed towards the choice of his interest. Today known to be Game Changer and successful person,only because he aimed to his passion,interest and not his needs!

From @ritukarthik: For the first couple of nights she was scared out of her wits. She would tuck herself inside the blanket and giggle from under the covers. So the niece was introduced to boogeyman. But scaring her was wrong, and he soon became a friend. Now they play games all day. She and her imaginary friend.

From @theaceofspade_:

Another full house and both Girls took off their Bra and put it on the table. Two beautiful girls, topless, drunk. Strip Poker, I love this game.


HE woke up with a start.


Everyone started laughing as he stood up. He looked down. SHIT.

From @ghaatidancer: Every night, he sat at the same table, watching her. For years, they'd played a game of titillation. She would glide effortlessly around the metal surface. He would watch her from a distance. Their eyes would meet, for the briefest of seconds, and there'd be a flicker of recognition in her eyes. He'd feel alive.

From @chhotarecharge: To follow or not? *Follows* To mention or wait for him to strike one? *Mentions* To DM or is it too early? *DM's* To FF or will he think I'm desperate? *FF's* He loves me? He loves me not! He loves her? Nah, just friends! He loves him?__________???? Twitter or reality, love games never change!

From @mizarcle: “I dare you to eat that bug.” That’s how it started. The game. Not hopscotch or hide and go seek, just dares. We were 6, soon we were 16. The games never stopped. We were 26 when she said, “I dare you to love me.” I did. Today, I say, “I dare you to live.”

From @salonitia: He donned the crisp white shirt ,then the black trousers. One glance at the mirror satisfied him. So who will it be today ? That thought excited him so much. He saw the gang waiting eagerly for him,it was the first day of the new session at school. Which girl would be his game today ?

From @tweettabulous: The fun started in Rio with the beautiful colors and the enticing location. Then the passion of seasons took over – beautiful spring, brilliant winter and raw autumn. In the midst of the crazy heat of summer, the mysterious space took over. Oh you evil mind and thy love for angry birds.

From @bongbuffoon: He had been crying for 6 hours straight and his eyes were swollen. He mustered some courage and peeked into her room. She was busy watching TV. He went inside and sat beside her. “Will you play a game with me,” he asked. She nodded. “Okay. We’ll pretend that mummy has gone somewhere really far…”

From @boozesexsundry: There was no euphemism needed. It was harsh but it was reality. 'Since it's a struggle we both can't stand, spitting black tar on our asthmatic hearts..' sliding a gun ahead she let it complete her sentence. 'Either way, one of us will be at peace eventually. If that's all it takes to fetch sanity.'

From @numbyaar: He had failed miserably and faced loss. Yet Salim couldn’t take it this time. He had never felt such helplessness before. He wished he could go three hours back in time and undo his greatest mistake. He hated himself for the first time. But even more, he hated Abhishek and everyone behind ‘The Game’.

From @jestchill: Why do you bitch so much? Popular you are, but is that because you are worth it? Or is it for the games you play? A small matter for you, no? To ruin a reputation, to slyly suggest ill? Without really knowing her? Are you so frustrated with your life that you MUST be nasty? Envious?

From @pearly_swhites: Her breath shortens. Nina knows she doesn't have long.
Grasping his teddy firmly, Charlie eyes the tubes around her. ''What's going on, Mommy?'' Hesitant, Nina says, ''We're playing a game, sweetie. Hide and seek! Now, go! Let Mommy hide!'' Grinning, he chirps, ''Okay!'' and runs out. Nina knows he won't find her. Not this time.

From @eklavyagupte: They make you run around in circles and ask you to give up the simple pleasures. They say it is all for the greater good and for a better life. They try to convince you that this is the only way to play the game. It is their game, not mine. I am out.

From @quratzafar: "You're playing games with me, aren't you?" Her huge almond eyes were wide. The doubt grew by the second and so did the screams within her mind refusing to believe the ghost like faces around her. But it was true. The industry's top notch actress had a huge butterfly tumor.

From @roshd: Mommy you must be as excited as can be, To know inside you there’s me. The cutest little baby in the world. Your own little baby girl. Heard you mention a new game. I wonder what it can be. I heard you say, “You wished to abort me.” Help! Mommy this pincer’s hurting me....

From @chocoholic_213: We first met when her family moved here, 17 years back. We usually played hide-n-seek. Today, when I'm 24, we are still playing hide-n-seek. Only difference is, I know where she's hiding, but I can't get to her. A lone tear escaped my eye as I stepped forward to place the rose on her grave.

From @munchin_jughead: When he saved the first goal, his confidence went shooting through the roof. When he fumbled the next, resulting in an against-goal, his confidence went plummeting into the earth. When he was handed a big fat paycheck after the game, his confidence wasn’t affected in either direction.

From @sahilbulla: He hated his job. The daily struggle of planting flags at assumed danger spots was getting to him. He was seeing numbers all around him, which was driving him crazy. He took a wrong step, there was an explosion and he was dead. The yellow smiley face with sunglasses grimaced. It’s tough being a Minesweeper.

From @bitchwanti: He set her hair. The pins glittered in the auburn curls. Her painted her lips pink. Zipped up her dress. Bent at her feet and buckled up her heels. Looked up. A tear rolled down her freshly painted face. He had always loved playing with barbie. He hugged his dolled up wife.

From @shivaanie: Tick tock,tick tock went the clock. He stared at his girl and she stared back. Was it a new haircut? A new dress? If he asked, it’d be Game Over. He wanted to level up. His phone buzzed,he picked it up. She was his wallpaper. He noticed the hair. He compared. He smiled. Level up.

From @incompletewaste: They drove a rickshaw around the entire city; spent a night at Marine Drive; ate insects at a chinese restaurant; camouflaged into girls roaming the city in skirts; remained unbathed for a month. Friends claimed it as some stupid games. They checked half the 'to-do before separation' list. Their dead friend would have been proud.

From @deceitful_angel: He love games involving a deck of card, especially one-player games. Being a loner, he had the patience. His obsession for the queen of hearts drove him crazy. The knave went clubbing. Shuffling through the crowd, he saw her. Disappointed, he cut open her heart. Oh, she was only the queen of club.

From @ladyclonidine: He tightened the noose and watched her body flail, she thrashed around desperate to cut loose. The other one, had shrunk into a corner, covering her eyes, echoing squeaky sounds. He loosened the rope ,limp but still breathing. It was now time for the other one, delicious. What fun games they would play all night.

From @amanjotksandhu:

From being close to hell, life changed into a fairytale for her. With all the bitter experiences, she found it too hard to believe anyone could be that sweet!But, he made her believe. She let down her guard. And then, one day, he left her alone. He was bored. Alas! The games they play.

From @writingchalk: “Don’t come close! I WILL KILL THEM ALL!” I’ve always wondered about these psychopaths – very conveniently they get hold of hostages to scupper any moves we think of making. I kept my gun down, my hands up and walked towards him. His hands shook with every step I took. The moment I got to him…

From @bombaychor: An evil thought crossed my mind. A wicked smile spread across my timid face. He knew I was up to something. He was a wise man, but the food chain never ends at one person. My cannibalistic thoughts played enough games within. It was time to test them on him. It was time for payback.

From @rohanindori: The game that they always used to play. One of them hiding somewhere in the bushes, the other trying to find him. Here they were, playing the same game again, from the cubicles of their multistory offices. It had never been this difficult, the bushes were not there anymore, only the essence of the game.

From @jaateri:

"Tick-tock-1, Tick-tock-2, Tick-tock-3. Here I jump!" a cute kid was playing with her friends.

"Riddhi, it's your turn."

"Hey look I found a teddy here. Yay!" Riddhi shouted from a distance.

"Boom" - the noise was defeaning.

"BOMB BLAST AT CHILDREN'S PARK - 27 DEAD" - read the newspaper.

A week later, "Tick-tock-1, Tick-tock-2.....," innocence was back!

From @freelosopher:

"Anjali didi, let's play carrom, please? Best of three”, pleaded Chintu.

"I’m tired, Chintu. Had a long day”, said Anjali wearily.

“PLEASE!” wailed Chintu.

“Okay, fine! But if I win the first two games, it’s done”, said Anjali.

After twenty minutes, Chintu could be heard begging his sister to extend it to best of five.

From @nil_soul:

“Need to do some shopping!” Nisha ordered.
“But I…” Dinesh couldn’t finish.
“Don’t come crying for me next time!” She interrupted furiously.
“Sorry. Let’s go. Don’t be mad.” He Crumbled.

“Hi Rajiv. Tonight, my place.” Nisha hung up the call.
“Who was it?” asked Mamta. “Nothing, come on, give me a kiss.” Rajiv answered casually.

From @vivekisms: He gave them words. The step to spin tales. Weave stories again and again. Some recycled and some real. They gathered around the fire every night. He knew the end. There would be only one man standing.

From @_PWN:

Tired of being strong,
Tired of the games.
Tired of hiding,
That it’s driving me insane.
For once, maybe just once,
Let me not fake a smile.
Let me break down and cry.
Let me see you go that extra mile,
To make me smile again,
From the heart,
And for you.

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