Friday, April 27, 2012

Theme 59 - Boredom

From @Numbyaar: Raju got up from his chair. He took slow strides as he walked towards the kitchen. He opened the fridge and gulped down some chilled water. He then walked back to his chair and sat. In another five minutes or so, he would pay another visit to the loo.

From @aatifsumar: He just didn't know what to do. He had led Germany into the biggest economic boom of the century. He had launched a company called Mercedes. Then he remembered those kids who made his life hell at school. What were they, Jews? Oh, two can play this game!

From @Realfartshady:

"I swallowed a honey bee."

"Oh no, why would you do that?"

"Because I wanted to feel the fizz inside my stomach."

"Do you feel it?"


"That's not good."

"I think it’s bored in there."


"So now I’m gonna swallow one more to be its friend."

From @oyeujuoye: He stared at his smart phone. Browsed through his 300 plus contacts. Checked FB for notifications. Peeped on the TL and waited for mentions. Got tired after Temple Running. Flung the phone and switched on the TV. Juggled between channels. And then finally updated his status “I just died of boredom."

From @Oxymoronic_Me: Her dream had been fulfilled five years ago. Women aeronautical engineers were a rare sight after all. The problem started when she married Atul. Women in his family weren’t allowed to work. They were dolls. Mere puppets. Boredom has set in now. There is only one way out. A fling with his best friend Sachin.

From @SugarsNSpice: It was one such lazy afternoon.  The sun disallowed some play outside and cartoons cried repetition. Then she scrolled across her book shelf half-heartedly.  Her brother had gifted her couple of classics this birthday even though she despised reading. Curiously, she glanced through the first few words of one. Boredom never encountered her in future. 

From @n0rwegianw00d:

“You don’t understand. Her life is perfect…not boring like mine. She does all these fun things—rafting, rock-climbing, concerts, exotic holidays, dance class, cooking class. Where the hell does she find all the time?”

“Say something, will you?”

“Argh, forget it. I am bored now!! I’m going to sleep. Bye.”

Boredom and laziness go hand-in-hand.

From @Ladycardiidae: "I find you boring," she sang. Adam and the fish-eyed poets had written a song just for Anthony. She mailed him the song hoping to free her of that divine boredom which she felt being with him. He lived in his world of pompous glory. He shot back, "I'm going to fix you." Cold Play.

From @bhytu:

He lay awake. He had to break this boredom. The nine to six job was so monotonous. He was a artist. Risk was high, but it’s better to take it than die every-day of the routine work.

Suddenly he heard his baby cry. He closed his eyes.

He could not be late for office tomorrow.

From @MrNarci: Avia lived in a world where she never knew what it meant to be bored. She’d have a perfect day always in this tragicomic world. She repaired the roof, decorated the salad, went to work and filed documents; things considered banal otherwise, but she was never bored. Each task had an intimate joy about it.

From @writingchalk: Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. I observed the blood running down my wrist and dropping onto the floor.  I couldn’t think of anything else to do in a mental asylum.

From @madrasmad: I really didn’t expect my watermelon to have 74 seeds. You know what I mean? The first time I counted, I got 73. Why is that? The second time.. Just a sec, I’m getting an SMS. Hmm… this sounds interesting. Drinking water for 85 bucks. Comes with a free soap! Should I trust this guy?

From @gauravjagwani: Bored with his life, he walked up to the terrace. He looked down at the moonlight reflecting from the puddle. This was his leap of faith. He nearly jumped. He stepped down off the ledge. He decided to live. Yes, the act of attempting to commit suicide daily really bored him. Thankfully, not to death.

From @SarwarBaig: You get a call from someone who needs your services. You decide upon a price. You get a photo and an address. You observe the quarry, looking for the places and times of greatest vulnerability. There's no thrill in these things anymore. Nor in the money it brings. That's why i prefer knives.

From @wekneweachother: No updates on Facebook and all friends were busy with their spouses. Weekend was dreadful. Loneliness pierced the soul and the silence screamed in his ears. Raghav’s face perked up, “It’s time for my hobby!” He took out a carton box filled with Barbie dolls and drowned them in the bathtub one by one.

From @venkatsrikar: "Friday afternoons should be declared holidays! Nothing can get more painful than to think of a weekend spoiled by this boring work", he said nervously.  He looked up at her. There was no work to do. She looked at him. She felt the same, but couldn't help it. They continued the formatting work yet again.

From @teejavus: Hums. Looks right. Feels left out. They were flying faster. Loses his train of thought. Monotony sinks into his lucid dreams. The dreamer flying high; his dreams haywire. Imagination slumps down; the dreamer tumbles and falls. It was his way to escape the boring reality. Boredom trampled on his imagination, like his wheelchair tramples grass.

From @aaliznat: 'I can't write today.' He moaned. 'But you haven't even tried.' She questioned. 'I know I can't.' He stated. 'But why.' She quizzed. 'Because I am bored.' He sulked. 'That explains it.' She sighed. 'Explains what?' He countered. 'Nothing. Nothing at all.' She smiled triumphantly.

From @MokkFellow: I have to write a blog I thought. Long time since I got the ‘awesome blog’ message from that cute girl. But I am confused about what to write. It needs to be both meaningful and funny I thought. A funny thought. Boredom I told to myself and closed the MS word.

From @crazyandhow:

Musky; sweaty. The hot room was filled with passion and her sighs.

She loved it on the wilder side; crazy. She loved him more.

His eagerness; want; rise for conquest.  Her naughty grin; deep kiss;
love cries.

YES. Now.

Victory fingers; cocky laugh. He lit his cigarette.

Her sexy blue eyes; faked it. Her boredom.

From @AapChutiyeHain: He had added her randomly on facebook back in college. He caught a weekend away from his wife, who was in Singapore for work, She was in town for an event for B-school professors. They were holed in their hotel room throughout having all sorts of crazy sex.

Then, out of sheer boredom, they talked.

From @woohoochild: There was never a dull second when the contents of that beautiful pipe had been smoked. Pirates, dancing lionesses, dark chocolate and moaning Myrtle were just a thought away. Aware of every movement, he penned down the images rushing into that big head of us. The concept of boredom was left behind in the pot.

From @yashakothari: You are a dot. The person writing this is a dot. That person in front of you is a dot. The person behind you is a dot. The person driving a car is a dot. The person shitting is a dot. That shit is also a dot. Together we are just lots of insignificant dots.

From @TheOtherBanana: The tap was dripping and the room, absolutely still. The only other sound was the monotonous screech of the fan slowly running its last, arduous lap. Sweat beaded his forehead as he turned a page. He’d barely read fifty words in the last hour as his eyes glazed over the same words again and again.

From @DedhShaani: Streams of blood gushed out of his body as he fell on the ground. She put the revolver inside her gunny bag, hiding it in between the vegetables.

'Who are you?' The feeble, dying voice asked.

'A bored housewife turned assassin.' She walked out of the dungy room and got lost in the vegetable-market crowd.

From @akshayabansal: Clear skies, cool breeze, the Sun was mild, everyone felt at ease. A perfect Summer's day, for most of them anyway. The elders reveled outdoors as the kids complained of boredom indoors. The swings gathered dust, their baseball mittens lay untouched, as they anxiously awaited for the electricity to return and power up their xbox.

From @madhavisud: Boredom was one word and feeling Minu was bored of associating herself with. Sanju gave her ways and means to get rid of that, but she just turned out to be more boring herself. He cajoled her for a good year suggesting her various things to keep herself busy. But she was just a bore!!

From @miffalicious: Everyone thought that she loved what she did. She was always the first to be in at work, coffee and sandwich in hand, energetic, efficient.

They called her an eager beaver, a workaholic. Then one day, they heard the news.

She’d killed herself, with these last words: I couldn’t make a living out of boredom.

From @sinpinklove: Routine had made their life monotonous, dull and boring. She couldn’t carry on like that. She wanted that magic back in their life. When he came home from work she opened the door with pink stockings, only. He, on the other hand had bought over their friends from college!

From @donbratman: Dom Cobb returned to America after the "inception" project. He was accepted to teach at a university. He told them about sleeping, dreaming, snoring and dreaming inside that dream. He then said that it was all a dream and he was fucking around with them. The pissed off students left. He's now called Prof. bore-Dom!!

From @shekhartripathi: Having served India for 20 years Capt. Batra spent his last days in an old home in Varanasi on the banks of River Ganges. Despite being unmarried he was busy with his golf, but loneliness and boredom were something that gnawed him from within. His sole companion every night- Smooth 25 year old Chivas Regal.

From @vivekisms:

He: I think this is it.

She: Me too.

He: You feel it as well?

She: Yes I do. I have since a while now.

He: Me too. Let’s make the call. Shall we?

She nodded with a “Yes”. And thus the threesome began.

From @anjana_murali: The President thanked her in front of hundreds of shutterbugs. She was hounded by the media for days.  It all felt like a dream to Susan. How she had ventured to the forest, feeling bored and had ended up finding the President’s infant daughter who had strayed away from her family during a picnic.

From @whimsytales: She flips another page. She checks her refrigerator-for the umpteenth time. She stares at the clock. She looks in the mirror. Her face had not changed as much as she had. She notices a scar under her chin. How, when did she get it? A night that started off with boredom ended with curiosity.

From @eklavyagupte: I thought my experience as a soldier would be full of drama, violence and tension but I discovered there was a void. A void, that couldn't cure boredom or dullness, making me susceptible to self destruction. A silence, so white, so exact that it could create peace in the land on the brink of war.

From @vagabondinact: The council deliberated. They claimed he polluted their haven, the Heaven. They banished him, to Hell. Light years passed-by. Gradually he got bored, created a companion for Hell. Thus came about mankind on Earth, out of sheer boredom. The High priests got bored and thus was born religion. Ages down, it keeps us entertained.

From @bitchwanti: The air sat thick as butter. Suffocating. Claustrophobic. The leaves refused to move. The sun blazed hellishly. The lovers lay, twisted in bed, staring up at me. I, twirled lazily, boredom striking at every turn. "Switch off the damn fan", she said. "Let's frolic in the stillness."

From @lady_shweta: Little Alice always wondered what kind of creature boredom must be. Perhaps she thought, boredom was a fat devil who loved to trouble people.  And what should one do to drive away boredom? She looked around the tiny attic filled up with books of all shapes & sizes &  boredom flew out of the window.

From @nimue_:

"My cab is late."

"Oh no. I was going to sleep"

"I called you just like that"

"Oh you sure are madly in love with me!”

"I got that sracasm. but no, I was not bored."

Saying that , she cut the call.

He smiled. He now would sleep in peace. Tonight atleast.

From @SausageTangdi: They met at the bar. He was almost stoned with his 9th glass of whiskey, she wanted to strike a conversation out of desperation. Thanks to the kind of music they both were fond of, numbers were exchanged, inbox count increased and more money was spent. Today they are bored of this same old story.

From @Crucifire:

They met at Mulund station.

Had a coffee date at Ghatkopar.

First movie was at Dadar.

Prayed together at Mahim.

Made out at Bandra Bandstand.

Went bowling at Anderi.

“You guys look so cute together, we will call you BoreDom.”  

She was from Borivali, he from Dombivli.

From @kaloladeep: Novel nerd, Guitar-strumming, Cricket, little bit work during jobs hours, these were making it all happening. But she still said that you are living in the kingdom of Jadedness, Why? May be giving less time to her would be the reason. But still I'm okay with these kind of boredom, Where everything seems perfect!

From @randomWhiz: "I'm bored", she said. She glanced at him playfully. He took the hint. "Wonder what we could do about that". He smiled in that famously mysterious way and walked towards her. The fresh smell of her skin added to the fervour. He took out the deer stalk hat. Today, he will be her Sherlock.

From @jeevesobs: Boredom, that led him to her. Boredom, that brought them together. Boredom, that led to their first kiss. Boredom, that made him slit her throat. Boredom, that led him to another one. Boredom, that causes his psychotic mind to kill.

From @My_Summer_Eyes: Everybody was in shock. At an age when suicide is just another alien word for kids, 6 year old Tom had killed himself. Little Tom wasn’t like other kids, you see. He’d been born knowing everything- every scientific formula, every language, every philosophy. He had nothing new to learn. He was bored. Boredom killed him.

From @abjt: She said, “Boredom is a luxury that most people can’t afford. Embrace it. Like a friend. Inaction should be the motivation. Rushing trains, rushing people – let them rush past. Take another hit if you feel yourself drift. Sit back. Relax. Think about anything. Better still, nothing. That’s why we invented television. Take advantage of modernisation.“

From @hilonee: The mountains tried to intimidate her. She took a deep breathe and looked at them. She started to climb this gigantic body. One, unsure yet determined step at a time. She had vowed to not allow physical inability to be the cause of mental boredom. Paraplegia had restricted her body; she lived with her mind.

From @Gods_Evangelos: He was going to be an Engineer. He wasn’t aware what he had inside. He never knew he could write well. He always wanted to kill time. He had written poems in Love. He tried something new. He had a friend who encouraged him to blog. He is a writer now. A good one. Probably.

From @BongBuffoon: He had fought disease, radiation, and the apocalypse. It was kill or be killed. Everything that moved was food, and anything that spoke was danger. But he had survived. Amid these ruins of humanity, sitting in a cave, the last man left alive on Earth suddenly realised that he was going to die of boredom.

From @Sychlops:

Live-Tweeting his bus journey from home to office and back.

Cracking a pun on his canteen menu.

Posting jokes on current Trending Topics.

Replying to Mentions & DMs.

Sharing things about his non existent life with strangers.

And watching them do the same.

That's how it was with him.


His refuge in boredom.

From @IndianIdle: Those two best friends were inseparable. They always sticked together. They were different from the herd. They played to compete each other. Their boredom was beyond the minds of normal people. But the game of shadows turned too serious. World still suffers from Sherlock and Jim.

From @anushreekejriwa: He worked throughout his life and never gave time to his family. After retirement he tried being a doting father but got empty responses, his children called him jobless. He went to the old age home, he was asked "why are you here?", he said "I would get bored so I came here for company".

From @ChhotaRecharge: I started from an idle mind and slowly plagued throughout schools. Schools to home's was a crooked journey. From home to office, from work to leisure, I've carved my way well. I own all relationships today and will soon contest for the national sport. Hi, I'm boredom and I'm writing 'cuz I'm bored.

From @AmanjotKSandhu: He slept with other girls. She had other boyfriends.

They had their own reasons for infidelity.”She thinks only about herself.” “He never gives me enough attention or care.”

But most of all they were just bored of each other and the mind games.

Love , which once flourished, was a feeling alien to them now.

From @aaroo4: She played with the little ones toes singing “This little piggy went to market… this little piggy went to the park…. “


Jolted awake, she suddenly came alive, looking around to see where the howling was coming from.

 The baby was half lying on the bed, with her head dangling..

Damn, I hate babysitting

From @swordfish19: Once upon a time in the kingdom of Bore there ruled a king. He always needed to be entertained. Flame-throwers, Jugglers, Hunger-artistes, Dancers, and suchlike graced his court throughout the day and kept him and the courtiers captivated. When the neighboring king attacked Bore, the court was enjoying a particularly interesting show of magic.

From @roshd: Chintu was bored with his toys cars which needed to be wound up with a ‘key’ and raced. He decided to do something different. He received the hiding of his life. Apparently winding up the car and placing it on his baby sister’s head and getting her hair all entangled was not a good idea.

From @hauntedhero: 7th Jan 10. The day after the competition, all worn down and lazy.

Laying on the couch, with the lost thoughts, with the world's time. A random thought ran across, of how to pass next 6 months. 

The boredom on that couch, and those few haywire thoughts lead me to form this Albedo Informatics.

From @YearofRat: His old hands trembled while holding the sharp knife, remembering his pals, many, partners in crime. Most were gone now. He had to do this slowly, to savour every moment. The last of his handmade wooden chess pieces whittled into shape for his board as he waited for his NRI’s son weekly call on Skype.

From @veturisarma: He could not name it nor he could bear it. He wanted desperately to get out of it but there did not seem to be any way out. Acknowledging a crazy brainwave, he reached his abandoned desktop.  As he started typing his way to ecstasy, he left a thought for his boredom which ignited him.

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