Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Theme 38 - Suitcase

From @AbhiandNow: The college kid was strumming the guitar, and the 40-yr old was smoking a cigar. As the train crossed another station, as the hands exchanged few more papers carrying father of the nation. His eyes opened with a jolt, he ran like Usain bolt. In search for his suitcase, of which there was no trace.

From @gauravjagwani: I saw him carrying that little suitcase around. It was time the world would see what was inside. Many spoke about it. Rumours surfaced that it would change the world. He went up on stage, the anxiety was evident. Finally, the moment arrived. ‘This is called a laptop. A computer in a suitcase,’ he said.

From @wekneweachother:

“Kaaka-ji, hum aa gaye hain. Train station pe hain.”
“Babua, rickshaw pakad ke aajao! Tumhari Kaaki paresaan hai!”
“Theek hai. Ek ghanta lagega. Chattarpur mein bahut garmi hai lekin, Kaaka!”
“Aaajao jaldi fir asnaan karlena!”
“Waise Kaaki mere liye Rasgulla banayi hai ya nahi?”

Isi baat-cheet ke dauran Raman ka baksa chori ho gaya.

From @Indianidle: He was a collector of a different type. Many who had seen his collection were amazed and horrified. His collection was the most talked legend in the underground world. But no one had been able to tell. In his green designer suitcase he kept the tongues of people who spoke foul words.

From @dimaagi_keeda: Painstakingly Subbu pulled the suitcase down from the Attic. Not easy, when you are 80 odd and living alone. Subbu had seen the numbers of his family shrink helplessly over the years. He then opened the suitcase; a rush of memories, the familiar old scent, Known faces ; and tears is all it contained.

From @saiyona: She looked at it again before shutting it. Filled with clothes, jewelry, shoes and a hundred other stuffs, she was ready to leave for her husband’s home. The suitcase contained everything she needed to set herself up at the new place. One thing it couldn’t hold - memories of the home she grew up in.

From @quratzafar: She took a deep breath and began by folding her ma’s dream of her becoming a doctor and placing it in the suitcase. Then, she reverently folded all wishes and rules of other people she had lived her life by. Shutting the suitcase, she walked out of the house in search of her own dream.

From @roshd: Superstar SK was showering and his suitcase was on the bed. His wife G unpacked it and carefully went through it. No telltale signs. He was too clever. She had tolerated the guys but would not let him sleep with that pig-tailed actress P. She sniffed his nightshirt. Ladies perfume. She readied for a battle.

From @sumitrai100: Ramu was a shoe-polisher but had good knowledge of suitcases.His eyes and suitcases were at same horizon while polishing the shoes.He can identify the babus by their suitcases.That day he felt weird.He looked at the face but couldn't make anything out.Two hours later Ramu was lying flat-dead and silent.

From @rinashah: I was her favourite pocket clock, her lucky charm, always with her all the time wherever she went. She always thought I will bring her good luck if I am with her but that one rafting accident made her forget me completely and I am now lying in the suitcase her maid threw me in.

From @oxymoronic_me: The suitcase travelled with her everywhere. She never let go of it. She packed diamonds in it and passed through the Green Channel. He stole the diamonds and killed her. He packed her body in it and threw it in the English Channel. It never let go of her. She travelled everywhere with the suitcase.

From @realfartshady: She stood at the doorstep as the servant dumped the suitcases into the trunk. She heard a clang sound. "Did you hear that? Fucker broke it. Throw him out. I'm packing from next time." She complained to her husband. He faked timidness. He hated packing and stupid gift from mother-in-law broke. This was win.

From @theaceofspade_:

06:00 PM. Borivali Local station. Trains bustling. Thousand hurried souls rushing through. Perspiring, tired, headed to home. The Suitcase was there. In a corner. Hidden. Ticking.

06:10 PM: Borivali local station. Trains burning. Thousand dead bodies lying still. Bleeding, torn apart. The scene, Unforgettable, indescribable.

05:45 PM: He boarded local from Bandra with a Suitcase.

From @madhavisud: I, your suitcase help you carry your belongings. I’m a safe place to store your personal anything! Why am I still treated badly sometimes? Why am I tugged under your sweaty underarms like a slave, obeying you meekly? Oh! I wish I could just vanish, make you realize my worth. How I wish I could!!

From @_Nehu: She had packed all her bags and suitcase; He was on his way home. It’s been 7 months of marriage they were so busy with office work, meeting relatives that they didn't get chance to go for honeymoon. Phone rings, it’s his number, she picks. He died on the spot in accident said the caller.

From @swaravali: Theirs was an arranged marriage and a quick wedding. The family helped pack separate suitcases for temple visits, honeymoon, visiting relatives etc. Everyone who saw her honeymoon pics was wondering why she was wrapped in six yards of heavy silk every single day. Fortunately the temple visits was to happen after their return from Mauritius.

From @pearly_swhites: The constant paperwork. The customary ranting of fellow colleagues. That familiar feeling of being invisible. The consequential bottling up of his emotions. Sid couldn't recollect the last time when laughter had blessed his apathetic soul. He was indeed like a weary piece of clothing trapped in the monotony of an enclosed suitcase he called, "Life".

From @hamxamansoor: "The suitcase wasnt just a gift from her mother, it was her esacpe... A road that goes back home. Empty yet filled with the smell of the time spent with her. It was full of her laughter, warmth and her love. Her suitcase was the only thing in this world that will exhale just good and nothing else.

From @GoldiPatel: Lucio never traveled without his black suitcase. Today, when the rain drops made a soothing sound in the background, there was a gun shot!! The suitcase was left open, Tony was in blood and recognized the gun with an embossed 'T', hearing a faint voice loosing consciousness.. "that was my brother whom you had killed... !!"

From @sahilbulla: He put the heavy black case on the table. Men in tuxedos surrounded him and murmured. “Open” said the man in black. ‘Click’. He lifted the lid. They all saw the huge bunch of colorful underwear in front of them. It was not a ‘Suit case’. It was a ‘Brief case’.

From @RBtrary: A week since their wedding and his leave was canceled because of war. She turned her weeping eyes away as he approached the vehicle across the road with the suitcase in which she secretly slipped her love-letter. Screeching brakes, a large cry; she ran towards it. Arm holding the suitcase was all left of him…

From @SugarsNSpice: He looked at my luggage with suspicion. I wondered why our divine communion was bereft of attention, of love. He was a programmed machine with flesh compromising of pure money. He investigated my suitcase to ascertain if I carried his flimsy belongings. It contained void compromising of only memories and writings he inspired, in hurt.

From @madrasmad: Andre perched himself on a turret, nine stories above, unpacked his favourite green suitcase, and took aim. He had his target locked, finger on the trigger. In a quick, quiet motion, Andre collapsed, blood gushing from his left temple. Seconds later, on another rooftop a few buildings away, a man hurriedly packed his grey suitcase.

From @narinderkapur: ‘These years are not for finding yourself’, they said, as he continued packing. ‘These years are meant for fun’. ‘Fun? What fun?’ he replied, as he finished packing. ‘Alcohol? Weed? Clubbing? They’ll all lead to the same thing in the end: A huge mid-life crisis. So I might as well get it over with now’

From @shekhartripathi: Arun (25) is an IT consultant loves to travel, communicates well and also assimilates easily to changing surroundings. He always works overtime with little notice. *Arun serves, but doesn’t question*; In spite of his hard working traits people around him are unhappy and just load him! Isn’t this life similar to that of a suitcase?

From @mitigatedlying: He carried it with him. The suitcase. He knew she'd love it. She'd been longing for it. She had given up on life. He couldn't see her in pain. He had spent everything. They met. She opened it and was satisfied. He sat beside her, waiting for it to blow.

From @randomwhiz: The Suitcase was the key to the case. The killer had stuffed the hand of the woman in it, the only part that had touched him, and therefore could be evidence for murder. He threw it into the water, but unfortunately for him, it didn't sink and he was caught. American Tourister. Yep.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: They kissed for the zillionth time, each more passionate than the last. A desperate effort to hold on to all those moments that had made their lives so complete. As Aman packed his belongings, Kartik frantically attempted to do the same with all those beautiful memories now reliving themselves. Only if it were that easy.

From @2emkay: Clothes piled up. Foot wear strewn across the floor. Books stacked at the corner, and in between this glorious mess, was his suitcase. Half open, half full, but overflowing with memories. A wedding card that didn’t have his name, a friendship band that gave him pain and a ticket to a long gone train.

From @TheFookFace: Every first Saturday of the month, she got up early to adorn herself in one of the finest dresses she owned. This followed by a few hymns to the Gods she believed in. She asked for nothing but peace & safety. Then she packed her suitcase & relocated. Police carried out monthly raids that day.

From @NumbYaar: The silence was loud and eerie. Three years of togetherness came to an abrupt end. He kept thinking what went wrong, as he walked out that building. She sat on the balcony dumbstruck. He looked up and said “I’ve left a part of me behind”. Before he knew it, a suitcase fell on his head.

From @kaloladeep: The gifts were kept safely in the suitcase, Thinking the day she'll get married to him will be the day she will open the case to decorate their new home, Unfortunately dreams were wrack up, He left her in middle of desert where chance of survival was a day by burning suitcase into the ashes.

From @akshayabansal: Observing people as they went about their tasks, he wondered about their life, family and better halves. Kids crying for ice cream, octogenarians smiling away, young couples lost in each other; a joy he could only envisage as he waited to board the train. You see, a travelling salesman carries his home in a suitcase.

From @Sychlops: He glanced at it again. Having spent a small fortune on this VIP, he took care. He was travelling. To fulfill his dreams.To make things better for his family back home. He got down from the train. Kept it on the platform. Looked around. Within moments, the crowd separated him and his suitcase.

From @radhikamohandas: He looked at his three-year old tucked safely in her mother’s arms. He dreaded having to break the news to his wife. They had only just begun. There were fees to be paid, trips to be made. On the bright side, living out of a suitcase wouldn’t last very long. Airlines- they’re always unpredictable.

From @Hope_vs_Destiny: It was a trip he took to see her college and city. They knew each other for years; he had unexpressed love for her. He travelled miles and when they met, she showed him how good she and a certain he look together. Shattered, he made an excuse to leave; didn’t even unpack his suitcase

From @bitchwanti: A compartment for the toothpaste and the brush. Somewhere to tuck away the jewellery. A nook for the socks. A little rack for the ties. Clothes for him, and her. Partitioned. Her undergarments making love to his. "Oh dear lord! Will I ever come-up with such a perfect suitcase design? ", thought a distraught Shaina.

From @cluelessforam: Tonight,we depart.Once, I was her chosen one. It was love at first sight.For years we held each other tight. I contained her wishes, her secrets,her life. We saw the world together.Love everlasting! But Alas! Time is a warrior undefeated and I now belong to the attic.Yes, tonight we depart.

From @ghaatidancer: Tomorrow will be one year since I came back to Bombay. This day, in 2011, I was sitting at a cafe by the Thames with my best friend, talking, laughing, clicking pictures of people. I'd lived out of suitcases for 2 years. I don't miss the country, I miss the people. I miss my suitcase.

From @Gods_Evangelos: One hand on this side and the other leg that side of the road. There were blood stains all over the road and people screaming helplessly. Police Jeeps and Ambulances resulted in to chaos. Somebody lost a mother, somebody a wife and for some a son. It was the outcome of that “Death Carrying Box”

From @sinpinklove: "Enough" she thought. Her suitcase was packed. She was tired of the everyday fight. It was her last goodbye kiss but he never let go. He touched her in those sensitive spots. How could she resist? He helped her unpack her suitcase. The next day she packed her suitcase again.

From @ritukarthik: The turn of things had left her in a very indecisive place and no matter how much thought she put into it, packing her bags and taking off was the only thing she wanted to do. It's been months of carrying her baggage from place to place but solace eludes her. Home is far away.

From Payal Parmar: She carried her world with her. Wherever she shifted to. Her thoughts, her fears, her doubts, her confusions, her anger, her desires, her secrets... everything written down neatly in a pile of diaries. Year after year. And all of them locked up in her suitcase. That was the only thing she cared for – her suitcase.

From @BombayChor: "That's because I love her; because I couldn't break her heart, couldn't tell her the truth; because I wasn't meant to be. I had to pack my suitcase and leave her behind; because I wished she'd marry someone else; because doctor has given me 3 months, because I love her, so I cheated on her."

From @mydirtylinen:

"Enjoyed that?", she asked, as she wiped her chin clean.
"I've never cum like that."
"I love fucking you. You taste exquisite."
Anne nodded as she put her corset and heels in her suitcase, and changed into jeans and a loose T-shirt.
She looked back at Laila, naked, inviting.
"Shall we go again?"

From @salonitia:

She saw the little fingers grasping the suitcase , entering her room.
" Do you know what is in it ?"
" No" she, answered.
" See"
She looked inside the suitcase.
" it's ,empty"
"No mama! My dreams are there and in my dream you and me live a happy life,not a life filled with a disease like cancer"

From @lady_shweta: "babyji an attaychi has arrived." servant said "i don't want anything, throw it away" the girl said. "ek baar dekhlo" servant said again. The little girl opened the brown leather suitcase and found in it books, fountain pens, journals, water colors.She smiled and her heart was filled with happy memories.

From @MinolAjekar: Karaoke meant Keith crooned her favorite Sinatra songs while the other girls melted. Well bitches you can see but you cannot touch! She’s cold, she’s going commando, her panties are in his pocket. They just did it in the bar loo. Then he sang, All my bags are packed........................Her solider has been called back.

From @MystiquePai: I’ve been stuffed in a suitcase in the balcony for two years. Well, not me, but most of my stuff. Crammed into shelves, in plastic bags and boxes. I feel like a nomad sometimes. There is no space for me here. The first thing I’m doing when I move into my own place? Buying cupboards.

From @kunalbaidmehta: He saw his parents slog for 25 years and letting go off all their joys to pick up a rat-hole in the suburbs of the city that was bursting at the seams. He knew his path since then. When asked, ‘What do you do?’, ‘I'm a vagabond’. ‘Where do you stay?’. 'Always in a suitcase'.

From @writingchalk: Mumbai to London to New York, back to Mumbai and then off to Delhi. The Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein suits were all neatly packed away, along with Jockey inners and plush socks. Being the top advertising man in the world ensured that he stayed out of a box most of the time.

From @saalikhushi: A faded linen shirt, his favorite. A dark blue striped one, hers. Her powder blue bra, he loved so much. His orange boxers, she adamantly claimed to be hers. His playground like back, her dough like breasts. They unpacked a suitcase full of sensations and memories in their respective homes, far away from each other.

From @dinkypinkybrain: Day fifteen and no a sign of her. Not a trace but her lingering sense of triumph. She had left everything intact in her room. Her bondage disowned. No clothes packed, no shoes, no hats in her suitcase. Just her pride. Her hope. Determination and dreams. Clarity and courage. All packed with her to take.

From @AnOddYellow: He was a short, bearded man who walked around with a tiny little bag. As he walked through the neighbourhood you could hear his bag sing, laugh, talk and sometimes scream. His tiny bag was full of voices. Once someone asked him what do you have in there? He sneered and said – your souls.

From @Sanch_N: She found the suitcase. It contained all the memories of the years gone by - the laughs, the tears, the love, the hate. She kept revisiting it time and again. But, today, was the last time she would visit it. Her suitcase of memories would be locked forever and will go to her grave. She smiled.

From @OhTeri_: After so many affairs and heart-breaks, Suhana agreed to an Arranged Marriage. She tried to understand him, but he remained a mystery. He was rich; obsessed with uncommon and weird suitcases. One night, she was gagged, thrashed, sold and gang-raped throughout the night. All she could remember; a pink suitcase and a familiar voice !

From @Oven_Tikka: She’d first spotted it at her favourite market. Weathered looking and plastered with labels from around the world, it was perfect. She took it home for 100 bucks and dusted it. 5 days, a couple of coats of matte varnish and a gleaming glass top later, the brown leather suitcase table sold for INR 8000.

From @tweettabulous: Grandma passed away in her sleep. After the funeral, the family rushed to search through the antiques, certain they’d have to fight each other over the loot. Instead, they found a leather suitcase, filled with cards, letters, gift wraps gently folded and preserved; every little thing she’d received from her family and had considered priceless.

From @Kantaap: It was his faithful travelling companion. Wherever he went, it was right beside him. With promotions, it carried what he wanted. During the job changes, it carried what he needed. Now, at home, it was locked away, substituted by his family. It would wait for him to return. Like his family had, all those years.

From @sahilk: At the airport, it’s a rather funny scene when we’re collecting our checked-in baggage. I know it’s rather rude but I can’t help it. It’s a pitiful scene and I’m sure the low salaries are to blame. I’m walking out with a Samsonite, and the labourers with cartons held together by ropes tied around them.

From @zainity: She was going home after 6 months, to her Mum Dad and little big-brother. Gifts for everyone were picked and packed nicely. The Bloody Boos had held her in office too late. Standing amidst scattered surprise-gifts on floor, she hears the announcement of train departing the platform with open suitcase in hand.

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