Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Theme 56 - Catalyst

From @veturisarma: The warring twins looked at the fading king for a truce vexed with their inability to cope within themselves. But they realized that the might of The Raj could only be a catalyst in dooming them to be archrivals for life. The bard would have been pleased if it were his drama but Alas…

From @dasCapital_: She had won Scripps National Spelling-Bee. And of course, she was “Indian”. This school level word contest was going to be a cakewalk. 
Q. Complete the word.  CATA____ (*Some description*)
In a huff she wrote CATACLYSM.
She failed. Answer was CATALYST.
Spelling bee doesn’t need you to know “easier” words. And her parents knew that.

From @srdpsrknth: She confided all her deepest secrets in me. He didn’t deserve her yet she chose him. Perhaps my tear was lost in her beautiful dreams. Dreams that came true with my help. Dreams, I could never be a part of. I was to remain the friend. I was just, a magnanimous catalyst.

From @BongBuffoon: It was a single bullet, delivered by a Draganov sniper rifle that entered his forehead and exited the back. But it was the sound of the shot that reverberated across the country, galvanizing citizens to brush away the lethargy of indifference and use their anger to crush the corrupt. It was the sound of freedom.

From @IndianIdle: He had a very depressive dating life. Today he won't go on date; he decided and told his friend. His friend smiled and passed him a pill and told him to go.
She looked down and said, “Somebody is happy to see me.”  Next day he asked his friend. “Catalyst effects of Sidenafil” friend told.

From @gauravjagwani: People believed that his index finger held the magic. The key to what was seen as destruction. Yes, his index finger was the catalyst, alright. That laugh at the end summarised it. What took so long to build was destroyed by him in seconds. Then, he did it again. The baby pushed the first domino.

From @SarwarBaig:
"Fifty five words aren't enough."

"When I was nine, a child in my town disappeared one night. His remains were found later. People said it must've been a tiger. Armed guards were put on patrol. Then, news emerged of a hyena having being run over on the highway. Your laziness is MY catalyst."

From @oxymoronic_me: She was shocked. But the tears wouldn’t flow. Anger didn’t allow them to. “Divorce”, he said. He did not love her anymore. She lay on the bed, urging the tears to drown her grief. When nothing happened, she went to the kitchen and cut a nerve. Tears started flowing. The knife was the perfect catalyst.

From @chuck_gopal:

She sat alone, face white-powdered, innocence tarnished by those who didn't give a second glance.
"My job", she sighs. "I’m used by impatient people for what they want... Then they forget all about me. Used to depress me… But I lived with it.”
Her name?

“Lithium Aluminium Hydride”, before she was off for another reaction.

From @madrasmad: We had an extraordinary Chemistry teacher at our all-boys school. Every time she walked into class, she stirred things up. We had no idea what she taught, but we owe her our drive, our ability to rise to the occasion and all that. Just a sec... Our class topper thinks she taught History. Hmmm...

From @quratzafar: A fly sat on 'jalebi' plate at a stall. It attracted the lizard forward, the vendor moved to shush it away: the plate fell. The neighbour's dog leapt at it, and the vendor threw something at the dog. Eventually the vendor and neighbour had a huge fight. The fly flew away. Catalyst always escapes unharmed.

From @wekneweachother: She’d had her first kiss on the set of an adult-movie. She fell in love with her job. She thought being in love was everything she needed to thrive in the industry. Money was good. Years later, she had cosmetic surgery unaware that her first kiss was the catalyst. Distorted ambitions of a distorted life.

From @Saiyona: They both had it in their hearts. Their minds forbade them to speak. One night a couple of Absolut 'Apple' shots did the trick. 

From @purplebrains: Come morning, Sharma ji would have to find a new life in a new city. His kith and kin would not have it any other way. Gossip, lies and disapproving glances would follow him forever in this mohalla. He cared no more. His daughter's happiness was the only catalyst he needed to live in peace.

From @ShoesNSnooze: What is the catalyst of happiness? True love? Be honest! Love with humans can be an arduous task. It can be months of tear-soaked pillows and dilated pupils. So what is it that'll give you a high always and stand by you forever? Love is not the catalyst of happiness; shoes are!

From @NeatBee: Vivid memories of that formidable day at the hospital come back to her- when she sleeps in a deluxe suite in Vienna, when she makes those long overdue apologies, when she reads every book she wanted to, when she checks her negligible bank balance. Was the cancer a catalyst to her life or her death?

From @VishalShriyan: She wouldn’t have looked at me otherwise.  And I’d never have spoken to her. Never known her name even, though in my mind I’d asked a million times in a year’s worth of bus rides home. Thank you Lord for sending that angel bathed in Old Monk to our stop; mysterious are Your ways indeed!

From @DedhShaani: 

'Call her now! Make her feel like a slut.' Jack shouted at his friend.
'This is not right.'

'If you won’t, someone else will.'

'Fine. Tonight it is then.'
When he asked his friend to insult his girl, Jack never knew he was going to play a catalyst to a great love story.

From @teejavus: Chemistry. Sparks fly. A beautiful smile.  When their eyes meet. Both shy, self proclaimed introverts. If it wasn't for the drinks. She leads him beyond her bedroom doors. He holds her close and kisses her lips. The drinks acts like a catalyst, weaves a magic. And magic as we know always comes with a price.

From @nameetshetty: She was a smart one. And quite the actor too. With moist eyes and trembling hands, she lied to the richer and stronger one. "I don't even know him.", she said. Her simple lie had sparked a raging fire of confusion between the two boys. She was a social anarchist. Her words, catalysts.

From @mizarcle: It is a funny story of how my parents met. There was drama and confusion. The story from my point of view is completely different from what they will tell you. They say they met, they fell in love. It was chemistry.  I say my dad snatched away my girl friend.  I was the catalyst. 

From @RealFartShady: 

Eluding prison, driven by the hunger, driven by constant urge to kill, I found my victim. I biffed. Blood gushed. The hunger was gorged.
But then, panic.
The corpse was clasped on my tusks, and my trunk was not flexible enough.
The zookeeper captured me, ending the supremacy of Vampire mammoth.

From @punvati: 

People are born ordinary, meant for ordinary things. Everyone needs a push towards greatness. They need inspiration, love, faith. He aimed to be the catalyst that made them aspire to greater things.
He leaned back, looked at the thousands of devotees prostrating before him and grinned at the cameras.
People are just born stupid.

From @hilonee: Routine made way for daily discomfort. Tears, shards from vases flung across the room, sad eyes and belligerent behaviour. He looked down on her. She accused him of not 'seeing' her.  The noise made by the breaking of vows echoed of forgotten promises. Infidelity was but a catalyst; their love gave in to her lust.

From @ShwetaAnil: He had seen this view a number of times, yet never so clearly. Memories flooded his mind. "You will do great things" they had said. But failure had been the unwelcome visitor instead. He could not face the humiliation. Suicide was his reaction. Fear, its catalyst. 

From @sinpinklove: She feared water, she was hydrophobic. He worked as a coastguard. Every day, she would come to the beach with a novel in hand and view him silently. She was unaware that he liked her too. She finally decided to learn swimming. Love was the catalyst that made her overcome her fears.

From @vagabondinact: She would sense him staring at her every-day in the bus. She knew he liked her.  She had grown to like him. Next day she smiled at him. He looked shocked. She didnt' sense his eyes on her thereafter. A smile that she had hoped would be a catalyst was perceived as her being promiscuous.

From @mydirtylinen: I'm proud of the fact that I'm honest about what I want, how I want it. So forgive me if it's not your smile or your personality, but because of your body and the way you press up against me that makes me lean down and whisper in your ear, "Can I fuck you now?"

From @donbratman: Let’s just look at this simple equation. A loves B. B loves C. B doesn't know how to break up with A. B makes this master-plan. He leaves the toilet seat up. A gets furious. This leads to big fights. A leaves B. The toilet seat doesn't give a fuck. This's what you call "catalyst".

From @Radhikamohandas: They wouldn’t have met. Had she not walked over to help him up? Had she not stopped weeping and looked. Had he not skid off his bicycle with a crash. Had he braked not suddenly. Had her dog not run on to the road. Had it not decided to take matters in its own paws.

From @roshd: He caressed her cheeks. She buried her head deeper into his hairy chest. He loved the feel of her soft body against his as he recalled their sensual love-making from last night. Her scent drove him wild. He believed it was love that made him such a passionate lover. Lust was at best, a catalyst.

From @quencro: He told me I had 55 words & a theme. Meh. He told me irrespective of what you spout, it will be published. Meh. He told me I might get some follows. Meh. He told me the best story gets a prize from Flipkart. 5 minutes later I mailed my first 55 word story.

From @kingoFlames: It'd been eighteen months since I'd met her. She asked me to meet on her birthday. I'd known her from three years. She was different today. Physically, she was beautiful as ever. Mentally, she wasn't the Tina I'd known. The freedom-loving, vivacious, full of life Tina. "Happy Birthday" I hugged her, silently thanking Time.

From @writingchalk: 

The red brick adorned his skull.
How could you do this to me?
As he was taken away on a stretcher, I realised the futility of my actions.
I thought you were my friend, God damn it!
If only we’d spoken about this earlier.

Don’t EVER kiss my girlfriend again!

How did the fight begin?

From @GleeBee_: As she placed her head on his shoulders, he embraced her firmly. Smiling, she knew what would follow. His touch was the catalyst to her heartbeat. Each time their fingers intertwined, she would sense the escalating rush within. But the warmth of those supple hands remained ever unaltered. She knew, this was where she belonged.

From @YashaKothari: They lived in a cave. They bore the rain, sun, snow, everything. They were cold, hungry and filthy. They hadn't slept in days. They were obviously bored out of their wits. The concept of a 'good life' was particularly alien to them. Out of boredom, one guy struck 2 stones and that changed it all.

From @RandomWhiz: Zulfikar was to get married. He was to choose one of Muftisaab's five daughters. They would each display their arts but not reveal themselves due to purdaah. Anticipations abound in the next room as he saw them. Clay pot. Painting. Crochet work. Flower-arrangement. Sweet dish. He chose Zoya, the youngest. The aroma was the catalyst.

From @oyeujuoye: After endless talks and fights, he had agreed. He was getting ready; suddenly he stopped and stared at her in the mirror.  She glanced at the reports and slowly hugged him from behind.  She knew she had to do this for him, for her children.  Softly she whispered, “Best of luck for the date."

From @RBTrary:
Traffic-hawaldar stopped his car at the check-post. Only passenger inside, the Minister’s drunk son, slipped a thousand-rupee-note in hawaldar’s pocket, whispered his Dad’s name.
Hari-patti-lal-batti-catalyst sped-up things and procedures were omitted.
After half-an-hour, 5 homeless-people sleeping on the footpath were crushed by his car. Now his driver's serving a 5-year-jail-term, the Catalyst worked yet again...

From @Crucifire:
“HANDS UP! Give me all your cash or I'll kill you”
A muscular, caped silhouette glides down beside the robber.
“Who the fuck are you? Leave now!”
“Seriously? A knife? You need this”
*Hands over a couple of AK-47s to the robber*

From @anushreekejriwa: His business was in shambles and he had nowhere to go. He had a family to look after and went through a fleet of negative thoughts. His wife knew about his problem, she constantly gave him courage and strength. The words acted as an abstract force, he resurrected himself and stood again to fight.

From @Freelosopher: Like every child, she was curious by nature, but her fascination for colors eclipsed everything else. She would stare in bewilderment at the pristine white walls. One day, she spotted her older sister's poster-color box lying on the table. She ran to the bathroom and got her toothbrush. Those white walls became her first canvas.

From @bitchwanti: The innocent blue looked uncertainly into the confident brown ones. He faltered. He looked up again. The smile did it. The waiting, open arms did it. Gleefully the baby took its first steps towards the expectant mother.

Sometimes encouragement is the only catalyst one needs.

From @RimshaB: Life is like a glass of water and its problems like mud settled at the bottom. You always have a spoon that acts like a catalyst and shakes your life up. Courage is to not get swayed away rather fight to find solutions to those problems.

From @tweettabulous:
It had reached its saturation level; the monotonous and mundane routine was suffocating. She needed to break free from its clutches. Her life was entwined in this nonexistent space.

Just when she decided to move on... He "mentioned" her name... And she happily fell back into the clasp of twitterworld, in hope of more.

From @DRNiravParmar:
She should've left me years ago. But, despite a million reasons to leave, despite thousands of arguments a day, despite my increasing repulsion to her, she's still with me. Fuelling the fire in my life, acting as a catalyst in alchemy of converting my lead some soul into Gold:
My Conscience.
From @My_Summer_Eyes: 

The ozone sisters liked staying in closely bound triads. Noble guarding angels, they were. The happy Earthlings were safe for the bad UV-monster couldn’t reach them. That is until the chlorofluorocarbon brothers were born. They provided a catalyst and the UV monster succeeded in separating the ozone sisters.
Hence began the reverse countdown for humans.

From @kaloladeep: An artist, whose family never cared for her much, which transpired her love for nature, art. Father-Mother were about to split, she felt helpless. Started selling her art into the Community which gave her recognition in society, which kept her family into limelight. A move that changed everything, her family was her strength now.

From @SpinAndSwirl: Monsoon. Her favourite season. She craved hot milky tea. Across, he stood, revelling in the raindrops, sipping chai. He looked as she danced merrily; he saw her fall. People rushed to help, she told them her address. Right behind his. He offered a lift, but she was gone. Water, ever-changing, was never a good catalyst.

From @featherhigh: Things always seemed to change, not always for the better though, but change they did. He wondered about fate, whether it ever thought about him, about how its whims and fancies affected him. Maybe it didn’t but then again neither did he. Not anymore anyways, poison does that to people. Maybe that too was fate.

From @sahilk: The Bahrain riots are unnerving. Provocative. Seen some of the stuff that it’s brewing up in Riyadh and Jeddah. The women are fighting for their rights. The men are demanding better health and sanitation standards. A generation of requests that have aggravated. I for obvious reasons wouldn’t want not being able to take a dump.

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