Sunday, April 8, 2012

Theme 42 - Mad

From @HighHeelsWaali: He was the love of her life. She could not survive without him. But she had needs that he could not fulfill. That was the only reason she had ventured out. She thought it was all play. Later, when people asked him why he put his dog to sleep, he just said “She turned mad.”

From @spud_31: "She could not help it. She had felt the same her entire life. She knew they would not understand. And yet, it had to be done. She was old enough to face the repercussions. She went to them. It was awkward. And stuffy. She told them she had feelings for women. They pronounced her Mad."

From @sahilbulla: "Pagalpanti bhi zaroori hain yaar" she said as she jumped around him. She was getting on his nerves with the cackling and the constant quoting of that slogan. He hated Mirinda and he hated her ‘pagalpanti’. So he stabbed her, with a broken thums up bottle. “Pagalpanti chod” he muttered, “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain”.

From @rbd_sqrl: This was not how things were supposed to be. Every breeze brought more memories. His shadow followed her everywhere. The musky smell of his Old Spice aftershave lingered in her room long after the crash that she planned meticulously. She was doing a Macbeth. What ocean will wash her hands off of his blood?

From @woohoochild: He was a dangerous psychopath in the eyes of the public: ragged pants, a dusty unbuttoned shirt, an afro. Some say they saw a knife. He had once been a respected army official. But someone conveniently ripped off the pages of his glory days from the book of life. And so, they called him "mad".

From @LadyPinkFloyd: He played his favourite Jugband Blues for his audience that night. He was not quite in his mind that night. He seemed a deranged genius. Music and LSD had taken his mind to a place he was no longer happy with what he was doing. He vowed never to gig with them. He went mad.

From @RBtrary: Shopkeeper was shouting at the feriwala for setting up his stall outside his shop. A middle-aged-couple came out of the shop, fighting over the time the wife took to shop. Just then a rashly driven car bumped into their parked scooter. And then people call me mad for sitting here calmly and talking to myself.

From @sapanv: “I feel like Don Draper”, he says as he suits up. She doesn’t even look at him, “You’re not *that* handsome.” He looks angry, while she looks for her lip-gloss. “Okay, but I am like one of those Mad Men”, he claims. “I agree with the mad bit”, she retorts. He leaves home without her.

From @sumitrai100: He never liked it there. Something always felt missing. Tonight he was lying peacefully under a star-studded sky, listening to the radio. His father was mad at his decision of leaving London. He was a desibird, couldn't leave his country. In the stillness of night he felt happy, content. His madness was worth it.

From @thatbhandaguy: He was mad for Wordplay on twitter. Anagrams or instagrams, he was very punny at it. But the memes never impressed the ma'ams. Jingles always kept him Single. Trolls never let him Roll. He then decided to 'A Bo(r)t his life. He never Trended. No one saw his WIT in Twitpic..

From @DedhShaani: She put a spoonful into his mouth. 'Cooking & cleaning for you, doing your laundry gives me pleasure' she said. 'Okay enough with the eating now, you should get into your bed and have your beauty sleep, I don't like your dark circles'. She pushed his body inside the chest freezer and went on humming 'Mad about you'.

From @Gods_Evangelos: He was obsessed about his parents. Every time he used to be with them. He was always insecure without any reason. He used to appoint Body Guards for them. His parents were baffled with his behavior. They consulted a Psychiatrist. He knew that bullet can kill his parents in one shot. He was the inventor.

From @quencro: The alarm didn’t go off. He spilt tea on his formals. He was late. He missed his bus by 30 seconds, but reached office 30 minutes late. He was mad. His wife called anxiously. His bus was bombed, the one he missed. He had been saved, by his alarm and tea. He was a Mumbaikar.

From @IndianIdle: He came to the big city with dreams filled with thousands of emotions. He chased them like a dog chasing cars. He lost friends, got his heart broken, fought with family. He gulped tears,buried the pain and wore a mask of smile. Now he was familiar with only one feeling, madness.

From @TheShreyasNaik: He was born autistic. His IQ was below average. He quietly sat in his room and wondered, "These smart kids work so hard to earn a fortune. They don't even have the time to appreciate the true beauty of life. They have forgotten that the goal of life is happiness. And they call me mad"

From @gauravjagwani: I let it go. But, it came after me. I tried everything. It just kept coming back. People came. People went. But, it stayed. The state of mind, that crazy feeling remained. People outside ask me if I'm mental. 'People inside me are.' The little people in my head went away. I am alone. Psych-Ward.

From @anushreekejriwa: He wanted to be successful and was ready to face all adversities. As he progressed his wants grew and in the process he lost all that he had accumulated. Now he sits lost on the road looking at people walking and thinks that his Maruti at least gave him comfort and protection from sun.

From @KyaHaiBey: The last time I felt something like this was probably before I had Alzheimer’s. I planned to tell my feelings to you but I thought you won’t understand sign language. Friends say I am MAD for you & doctors say I am MAD because of you. But I know I am MAD just like you.

From @Ad_Coelum: I stepped out into the courtyard, of free spirits. Some were conversing with god, some lamenting his absence. How could I belong here? I have always been clear headed even practical. I don’t remember much but they told me, I was sent here after I ran after my grandchild with a pair of craft scissors.

From @wekneweachother: Mails in the post box. Letters notifying that applications have been rejected. All of them. Tears roll down her cheeks. She stops crying. Writes an angry opinion piece to the editor of a local paper. Gets hired by the paper. Does local reporting. Job pays bills. ‘Columbia School of Journalism’ dream will have to wait.

From @MinolAjekar: Every Halloween, every dress-up party, every-time she went as Mad- Hatter. She spoke to herself and had air tea-parties and secretly loved it when people referred to her as a mad-hatter. Of course once Pippa Middleton wore an original Mad-Hatter for her sister’s wedding and Johnny Deep endorsed it, everyone was mad for a Mad-Hatter.

From @JaaTeri: "I must tell her today," he followed her across the deserted streets, lanes & by-lanes. She kept walking faster. He kept following close behind. He tapped her shoulder saying, "I am MAD about you." She turned around showing her real self – bloody-red eyes & long sharp teeth. "MAD? Hahaha. Me too!" the vamp laughed.

From @Kantaap: He woke with a start. He’d had a long day sleeping, it was time to get some rest now. As he rested, he ran through mountains and buildings. The spaghetti was readying itself while world wars were fought over the perfect fold of a cake-soiled apron. He woke with a start again. Mad, he thought.

From @kunalbaidmehta: At the age of ten, it was evident that she possessed talent that even the 16 year old did not have. After few concerts, she knew this was her calling. Her first album itself was a platinum. She gave the nickname herself when she told her first interviewer "Don't call me Madonna. Call me MAD!".

From @Aarom_Ramsey: He’d plead insanity if caught and they’d believe him for he had been institutionalized before. So he disposed off the aerosol cans carefully, leaving no evidence that could be traced back to him. Another 7 miles down, he put the frozen body through the woodchipper, ensuring every piece was carried away with the river current.

From @sinpinklove:She lay naked in his arms as he stroked her hair. Pillowtalk - well not talk , just skin over skin . He slowly kissed her finger and slid in a big blue saphire . "It matched her big blue beautiful eyes. You're mad " she exclaimed . He smiled "Im mad for you ."

From @MissCrack: Blasting out the volume of my hi-fi system. Hopped onto my parents’ bed. Jumping up and down, getting into the groove. Singing my lungs out. Took off my shirt and I jiggled to the beat. Then, I climbed up the dining table. A strip show. No one is watching. I’m insane when I’m home alone.

From @sweetangel: She screamed and managed to escape him. All the villagers called her mad. How coukd their revered Guruji molest any woman let alone a widow they asked. She was sent to the mental hospital. She was proved right five years later when it happened again. But it had alredy taken the life of another woman.

From @OhTeri_: An unstable mind. Or, maybe not. Innocence, genius and fear flickering through the head. He sat on the footpath, in rugged clothes, asking for food and coins from the passers-by. On the opposite side of the road, was a famous IIT-Training Institute. He stared absent-mindedly at it. Not remembering, he once owned it.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: He looked down in disbelief one more time. Had he known this is how it’ll all turn out, he might’ve changed his mind back then. Rape. Molestation. Murder. This isn’t the direction he’d imagined the country would take. He looked again, sadder than ever. Another rape. “Mad!”, he thought to himself. Gandhi they’d called him.

From @tweettabulous: Greeting cards arrived daily, emails hourly and text-messages almost every five minutes; all starting with MAD... Really? So the Casanova thinks he can win my heart with acronyms? But his charming ways and beautiful eyes did work their magic and being called MAD (My Adorable Darling), seemed right then and now, 15 years later too.

From @StillRiotPlease: Whether it was 'Alt, Ctrl, Delete' or 'Command, Option, Escape'; she knew this combination like her life depended on it. That treacherous rainbow wheel would always awaken an inner demon she never knew existed and she'd click on these three keys in a mad fit of fury. Yes, this is what technology did to her.

From @salonitia: Oh my god ! Finally the season has begun,lets see who gets their hands on them first. Tiptoeing towards the door ,she quietly moved towards the room where she had seen them arrive at night. She didn't have to open the door ,she could hear them,the madness had begun. Mango season was here.

From @numbyaar: There is a Navjot Singh Siddhu and there is a Samir Kochchar. Poor fellow Harsha Bhogle, He was once sane.

From @bitchwanti: A burst of yellow. A pinch of green. That tinge of blue. A dash of green. A stroke of burnt sienna. A hint of mauve finished off with a dabble of ochre.He stands back and laughs. Clothes a mess. Hair haywire. He thinks he's mad. The world thinks he's an artist.

From @akshayabansal: It was a long wait. I was glad you were in the room. Hiding behind a glossy magazine I felt you're always around whenever I'm alone. They called me, taking my meds I said "Yes", wondering why the fuss, when I added "I can still see her sitting there in a red dress."

From @roshd: Hafiz is funded by the ISI against India. 26/11 mastermind. He’s anti-US too. US put a bounty on his head. India rejoiced. The backroom negotiations are on. Soon as the NATO supply-routes reopen, the US will forget about him. He is not mad. We are. For expecting US will help us fight our battle.

From @writingchalk: Holidays! A time to put the books away! Our class teacher entered the room for one final time. “I only see bright faces when vacation time comes around, children.” We laughed. “NOT FUNNY – I am giving you 50 pages of holiday homework!” She let out a hysterical laugh. “I’m not doing it,” I boldly declared.

From @ritukarthik: For someone who is just two, she can talk and talk for hours. Have conversations from days past and things she has overheard. Experiment with new words and talk gibberish. All impatient, I tell her 'B! Give me a break you're driving me mad.' Undeterred she turns innocently to me and asks what is mad?

From @madrasmad: How long am I supposed to wait for the electrician? He said he would here by noon. It’s 3 PM, and here I am, just... waiting! I haven’t even had my lunch. And he doesn’t pick up his damn phone! The switches have got to be replaced today! What is he, a Nobel laureate? Idiot!

From @realfartshady: The pirates went crazy as the beast lastly went down.

With the enemy down, all of its famous riches would be theirs. It's been a long fight.

Suddenly, with much blues the pirates discerned that the giant goldfish was, as a matter of fact, not made of gold.

From @trollgonegood: He tried to keep himself from trembling as he walked away from the door. Away from the mad screams and vile oaths that came from behind it. He knew she would never understand but he said it anyway. Again and again like an endless litany that only he knew the meaning to. “I’m sorry.”

From @randomwhiz:

"How about we go to the counsellor?" his wife said softly.

"Why? I'm not mad!"

"Does going to the doctor mean you have aids? A therapist will help by being an biased listener, that's all"

And thus, slowly, with the help of the therapist in the clinic and the one at home, his war scars healed.

From @BombayChor:

"I often challenge you to my obnoxious high standards. And every single time, I crack you up.

I can either make you very rich or declare you bankrupt. Your aim is to lose all your money by tracing the steps you had. Welcome, to the world of MAD. I am your friend, Alfred E Neuman."

From @drun007: She knew her parents would never approve of her love. Since they were visiting, she had to break the news. Her friends had already labeled her as 'mad'. She knew this was going to be worse. It was time to confess her love for the Lord. 'Dad, I've decided to become a nun'.

From @bhytu: He lives for every second.They live it for the day. He has no preparation for tomorrow. They plan it everyday. He smiles at his problems. They tend to shy away. He screams out his feelings. They adapt and find a way. They call him MAD and crazy. He smiles and alone, he walks away.

From @Oven_Tikka: They were convinced she’d lost her marbles. Yesterday she’d jumped over the wire fence without warning. Today she went for a walk through the pig pen, raising quite a stink. When they asked her best friend, she swished her tail and said that yesterday she’d heard the humans talking about something called Mad Cow Disease.

From @YearofRat: "More tea?" ~ asked the rabbit cheerily. While Alice was lost, she was sure that this is going to be a long downward spiral, a hole she might never be able to climb out of. She had been warned by the police, that she was mad, MAD to have wandered in Gurgaon without her dupatta.

From @vivekisms: “I don’t understand how you manage to keep so many details in your head?” he questioned. “There are so many of them in your head – the whores, the saints, the pack of cards, glasses, loves, betrayals, memories and questions” he said. I did not listen to him. I continued banging my head against the wall.

From @Freelosopher: “They must pay for their sins, neglect and exploitation. They don't deserve to live. None of them would've foreseen this. But they'll know soon enough. Their world must end", thought Proxima Centauri with a mad glint in her eye, as she shrugged off a chunk from herself and hurled it straight towards the Earth.

From @TheOtherBanana: One minute she was. The next minute she wasn’t. She had no one to turn to, none to whom she might expect a little sympathy from. She drifted from one world to the next, as hopeless as a waning moon. She didn’t know what to do. Because last time she checked, loneliness never equalled madness.

From @dinkypinkybrain: They knew as infants. It didn't matter if it was a sandpit, crayons or play-dough, but confused adults convinced of the search, trained little humans to pursue happiness in all ways they possibly could. Mad to think happiness is hiding in the rat race. First place. A big house. A soulmate. Or in changing who you are.

From @swaravali: The liftman, a mild, quaint old man told me to use the stairs because the elevator had been erratic that day. I ignored and took it, got stuck. I shouted screamed, banged for 45 mins, suffocated in there. When I stepped out of the elevator, I got mad at the technician, for you know what, my madness.

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