Sunday, April 15, 2012

Theme 48 - Zoo

From @DayaDarwazaTodo: From morning to evening, from evening to night, they buzzed around like bees. Thoughts about this and that. Thoughts about him and his hands. His soft hands. His hair, his voice, his smile. Thoughts about him wanting that other woman. She thought – endlessly. All the time. Consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously. Trapped in her own mind. Caged.

From @chhotarecharge: "Sit on that chair, Manmohan!" The lion obliged. "Keep my name out of this Barkha, I'll give you a banana" the greedy monkey agreed. "Do what you're doing Sharad, just ensure ticket sales!" The elephant nodded. At the "Indian Political Zoo", Sonia Gandhi plays the ring-master. We are the audience, laughing at ourselves!

From @indianidle: The old watchman looked around the jungle that surrounded him. A monkey swung from one branch to another. In the corner tiger roared. Snakes rattled in the cage. He sighed and killed the switch. And at once all the holographic animals disappeared. He missed the days when animals were a reality.

From @donbratman: I clearly remember my first visit. I saw many creatures. Some were eating, some, scratching their heads, while some, confused. Later, mom told me to get used to these funny beings, for they would be visiting daily. And that’s how I spent my first day at the zoo, my home for last 17 years.

From @aatifsumar: The drop in the level of conversation. The shifting in their places. A hundred eyes on me. The irritating clicking sound from those metal bricks. That one kid who throws a rock to get a reaction from me. And the zoo keeper wonders why the tigers would rather go hungry than come out to eat.

From @sahilbulla: “Look at these caged animals. Standing behind their bars, begging to be freed.” thought the man as he walked by. He ignored their loud taunts and continued walking. “Don’t feed the animals, that is an order I follow” he said. That night a prisoner starved to death. The jailor was nowhere to be found.

From @mitigatedlying:
She'd seen all sorts of complex zoos. She'd loved them all. They all were full of dangerous wondrous animals. But she knew the most dangerous zoo was in her head with all the deadly animals of anger, jealousy, lust, spite, fear, hate. She locked them away. For good.

From @bhytu:


Greed, lust, hunger and power. Selfish animals. Exploitation of the weak, rampage of the powerful. Feeding fellow humans for fun. Some roaring, boasting. Some lazing, suffering. Trapped in the circle of life. So many eyes, no hand to help.

I used to visit the zoo as a child.

Today, I see the society.

From @riddiaswani: The alien higher beings watched the specimen animal through rusting iron bars. Its cage between the mammals, the interior lined with late 22nd century technology. 'The homo sapien sapien,' read the elder, its six eyes focused on the information board near the cage, 'Stopped evolving after the straightened spine as society and technology crippled him.'

From @xmanishaa: She picked up the kids, worked full time, came home, cooked, fed her 2 kids, took them for swimming, spent time with the kids, asked how school went, her husband had two jobs so he wasn't home much, her life was basically nothing less than a zoo, but she never complained. Thank you, mom :)

From @ladyclonidine: They sat still. Observing, taking it all in. The funny faces, loud noises. Swarms of flies buzzed around them but they did nothing. It was too hot, they were too hungry. They hated this captivity but only at night in their dreams they ran, hunted and truly knew what it was like to be free.

From @drun007: Srikanth's school project on Wildlife was due in a week. To complete his research in the Hyderabad Zoo, he left his Old City home.

Communal riots in the Old city. He witnessed horror - vehicles ablaze, shops stoned, people killed.

The following day Srikanth submitted his project on 'Wild Life'.

From @2emkay: Why would anyone want to see animals in a Zoo? Every day and everywhere, he watched them - wild ones prey on the tame, the in consequent ones shoot to fame. But caged by the trappings of wealth and power, they eventually turned savage and defied the balance that kept them human.

From @TheRealSoup: I ignored his call. Maybe that was my only chance. What a lollapalooza! Everything around me was a certain certainty. The screeching noise of innocence now bears a subtle layer of conclusion. Mayans had guessed it correct. My freedom now lies locked up as a cognizable offence in the zoo. This, really is 2012.

From @laalquimista: She’d thought being a teacher was her calling. But as she watched one of the tots projectile vomit on the threshold, while another scribbled on the school walls with coloured chalk, and the youngest of the lot sat calmly tearing up pieces of marble paper, she re-evaluated her decision. She’d rather be in a zoo.

From @rbd_sqrl: He had no idea where he was being taken to. The mice had no intention of telling him either. He passed various cages. Vogon, Wookie, Magrathean and the like. Each cage housed a unique being. It was all making sense. His captors came to a sudden stop. He looked at his home. “Half-Vulcan Half-Human”.

From @RealFartShady:

Hundreds of platypus flooded the streets of Miami.

The city was in chaos.

"Platypus? How in hell?" howled the bewildered crowd. "Aren't they extinct?"

The crazy zoo owner came out in his balcony. "I told y'all but y'all won't believe me. The balance has shifted." he said. "Now this could be good for my business."

From @yashakothari:

She was in a dilemma. The deer's didn't have a home. All the other animals were set. The lions, tigers, elephants, all of them. Even the hippos were lazing in the water. But these deer's had nowhere to go.

1 hour later.

Her hands were sticky with glue. "Look mamma, I made a zoo."

From @abhiandnow: I don’t know how I met her, but somewhere inside me I always wanted to. I can’t remember how many times I slept while listening to her, how many secrets I shared with her or how many times I submerged in her words. Well that is my best friend, and she was also a zookeeper.

From @minolajekar: All the world’s a stage, said the Bard. I say all the world’s a zoo. People, thoughts, love, expression, books, movies, songs all besieged. People trapped in their self-imposed cages of morality, sanity, acceptability. Cages not made of iron but age-old doctrines, all waiting to break free, hoping for the zoo to be a sanctuary.

From @Deceitful_Angel: The teacher calmly, dragging every word announced "Here's a contest, each of you should make a collage based on the theme zoo." Suddenly the class was alive. Newspapers, books, magazines everything used. The winner a timid boy simply used the pictures of the parliament proceedings, capturing the exact behaviour of the animals at the zoo.

From @shivaanie:

“New show?” Calvin asked Sarina.

Sarina looked back. “What does it look like?” her mouth curled into a smile. “It’s fun time.”

She roared and he roared and they reared. The spectators outside scattered as the two looked away to avoid the blinding camera flashes.

This was the Zoo and the lions were the stars.

From @Crucifire:

The Hyenas are fun to watch. Desperate and hungry for a piece, always.

The Lions are prominent but underrated.

The Elephants are few but they rule the place.

The Deers look upto the Elephants.

The Birds are noisy and narcissistic, mostly.

Too many Snakes.

“#Welcome #to #the #zoo” – the little blue birdie said!

From @Supramario:

Aarav stared at the pensive orangutan and the sleepy lion silently. “You are at a ZOO,” said his father, hoping his one-year-old son would repeat the last word. He didn’t.

Back home, a news channel showed members of the UP assembly throwing chairs at each other. “ZOO,” said Aarav, pointing excitedly at the TV screen.

From @swordfish19:

“So zell me, vott eez ze plan for ze weekend?” asked the German.

“Oh, nothing much, we might go for a movie or something..I heard there’s a nice movie playing near Potsdamer Platz” replied the Englishman, who was settled in Berlin.

“Oh..zats gutt, I am zinking of going zere zoo!” exclaimed the German.

From @bornZer0: She looks at him with a spark of coquette in her dazzling eyes. He too reciprocates with a squeak of love. The two Macaws, shared a splendid chemistry between them. On a tragic day, she found him breathless. She anxiously tried to feed him until the zoo keeper dumped him in a black box.

From @tunnvi:
Mary loved animals. Every day she woke up and went about meeting all the animals in the city. The Cuff Parade peacocks, the Matunga dogs, the Dharavi pigs, the Bandra march hares, the Vashi frogs. But at the end of the day, all she needed was her little lamb. Yes, her city was a zoo.

From @drac_69: The teacher was on her phone laughing weirdly on some joke. He glanced at students of class 5, enjoying the ignorance from her. Planting pranks, having fun. ‘They have the chance I didn’t; still they would grow up blaming the education system of country. My last job at zoo was much better’, thought the peon.

From @dipakmah: How strange the world is. If we see any dog we ignore or throw stone at him. But we never give any. And In zoo We paid to see animals. We are monkey and we behave like donkey.

From @clockroots:

He wiped his cum off himself as he dressed after his bi-weekly ritual. It was 4:30 AM, time for his shift. He made coffee. She was still chained to the bed, moaning.

He took her back to the cage at the zoo. The signboard read: African Orangutan.

It was his last day at work.

From @Sneak_Speak:

He liked little boys. Their raucous laughter was like music to his ears.

He brought them home, played with them and bought them gifts. He grew intimately involved with them.

The world pointed at him and sued.

He spent his life being called a freak. He was also called the King of Pop.

From @BongBuffoon:

“What’s that animal dad,” the boy asked, pointing at the quiet mammal.

“That, my son, is the king of the jungle,” the father replies.

“Is he ferocious?”

“Not really. He doesn’t ever roar. Anyway, the real power lies with the queen.”

“What do they eat?”

“Cash son. And a little bit of the country’s soul.”

From @perniciously:

His shoulders were drawn square—their pupils followed his strides—he climbed the stage for his last act.

The zookeeper tugged at the ropes—the audience roared. “No good deed goes unpunished,” he thought. He was hung till death; free at last.

From @KonfusedKhopadi:

Father: See that's Lion, the King of the Jungle .

Daughter: Don't lie daddy .

"No sweety I'm not , What makes you think so ? " Father enquires.

She replies " Kings live in castles Daddy, Not in cages."

From @roshd: As a child the zoo excites you. The very idea of seeing animals from the wild such as tigers, lions, etc from close quarters has a thrill of it’s own. But for little Chanda, the zoo had a different attraction. She loved it when it was crowded as she stood outside the zoo gates, begging.

From @Kantaap:
“Stop!” she yelled, to no avail. Her voice could barely be heard over the raucous screaming. She tried everything but the kindergarteners were out of control. Fighting, scribbling, running, jumping everywhere. Behaving like wild animals. She was about to bolt when her phone beeped. Her boyfriend was taking her to the zoo over the weekend.

From @IncompleteWaste:

''Mumma, did you know that polar bears, wolves and hyenas eat their own children?''

Ron and his mom loved sharing facts.

Today, when his wife reading him the newspaper,''Look, a man battered his daughter to death''.

Teary eyed, he looked at his daughter's innocent face, kissed her on the forehead.

He muttered,''Fucking animals''.

From @Sychlops:

He looked around. There were people everywhere.
Just not the ones he was looking for. His parents.
Suddenly, the Candyfloss didn't feel edible.
Suddenly, he was jealous of the other kids.
Suddenly, the animals scared him.
Suddenly, the enclosures didn't seem safe.
Suddenly, the Zoo wasn't fun.
Suddenly, he was crying.
He was lost.

From @BombayChor:
At the age of 10, if there was something Bunty always loved, it was his huge joint family. There was always someone screaming at the top of their voice or even fighting. "Mummy, aaj mainu Zoo dekhna si." commanded Bunty. "Oye khotteya, ae ghar koi zoo se kam hai?" retorted Bunty's mom, belan in hand.

From @mizarcle:
“Let me introduce you to the animals of the zoo,” said the man in a tall hat and a white coat. “Monkeys on your left, lions on your right,” he announced in a grand voice. “Be careful. They bite and scratch.” I still couldn’t figure out what was happening as I left the Psychiatric Ward.

From @gauravjagwani:
Typical Sunday at the zoo. The animals were on display. A museum for caged animals, if you may. I noticed this one boy arguing with his father. The boy let go off his father's hand and grabbed the chimp's instead. My thought: Chimps sure do make fine role models for their cousins in the wild.

From @anuanupam88:
That was his first day on job at the zoo. He job was to timely feed the animals of the zoo. One day when he was starting his work, he heard the footsteps of someone approaching him. Before he could understand anything, the tigress attacked him and got her share of food for that day.

From @salonitia:

"A place where wild animals are kept for display is a zoo."
This is what sunita,learnt in school today.
She went home,and got ready.
She was to accompany her sister ,as usual,to stand with her when they are escorted to the rich house.
She remembered the term zoo,not restricted to animals!

From @thefookface: Az stood under the most dense tree to avoid the Sun, popping peanuts. He littered all around unfazed by the clean surroundings. He saw a calm animal, a descendant of the homosapiens. Az heckled him, but the animal was too withered to react. Az was a monkey & the animal was an endangered human.

From @vagabondinact:
Constant snickering of shrewd hyenas muffled the roar of a bitter impatient lioness and the grunt of a knowledge thirsty mandrill. Herd of curious wide-eyed deers hopped alone seeking. Host of chameleon emotions changed colours, so frequent, they merged and severed in unison. Elephant problems stayed, hoping rabbits scurried. Desires caged, remained in the mind-zoo.

From @oxymoronic_me:

The monkey jumped in through the half-open car window. I froze, shell-shocked. Glaring at me, he reached out for the Pepsi bottle lying nearby. Smirking, he jumped out and opened the cap. I burst out laughing when he shared the drink with his friends.

The monkey must have thought he was in a human zoo.

From @anushreekejriwa:
He entered the Corporate World with ambitions. It was survival of the fittest. Humans became animals inside keeping an eye on others; boss was the king, one wrong move and trapped. It was like a zoo, caged the mind but couldn't tame the ambitions. He helplessly saw himself turn into a fox without his fault.

From @tuhinaneogi: Kittu’s cousins have gathered for the summer vacation but the noise drove Sandhya crazy. She was horrified at the sight of her room and shrieked at the top of her voice, “What are you all up to? Look at the room. The house looks like a zoo. Everybody get off to sleep, right now.”

From @designerfoo: He woke up and found himself, being carried by two of his captors, in a metal cage. Looking around, he could see the symbol "Zoo" on the biped's skin. He found himself roaring, calling for mercy, but by then he was looking at his skin lying next to him. He was roaring, calling for mercy.

From @Rheality_Bites: Not two hours after we depart the aircraft the wildness sets in. Colorful expletives are hurled in every language - over dented bumpers or dented egos. Dogs bark, children howl, hawkers roar. Distinct whiffs fly from each direction - jalebis mixed with sweat. The heat rises, the chaos crescendos. Ah, to be in Bombay again.

From @sinpinklove: He was a wild animal but today was her day .His hands tied at the back and his eyes blindfolded. She performed antics like a monkey in the zoo. She used the power of her fingers and then her tongue. He knew her like never before.She seduced.He surrendered.

From @sarwarbaig: The Great Ones voyaged through the cosmic wilderness, claiming souvenirs from all worlds visited. For aeons afterwards, no dweller of these worlds would find the signs left behind by the Great Ones. Back on their home star they regard with pitiless eyes feathered serpents, unicorns, the Minotaur, puny upright bipeds, soaring pterodactyls and the Kraken.

From @khattemithi: Roy had a crooked nose. Eric had gorilla-like hands. Chris smelled like a monkey-cage after his runs. Raj was nothing what Yash Raj had promised! Tuli laughed back at the memories. It was a zoo in her head. The ‘baraat’ reception was on full-swing downstairs. ‘Time to find out which zoo this one escaped from!!’

From @numbyaar: Little Chintoo had heard a lot about the zoo and would do anything to catch a glimpse of it. In parks, on the roads, everywhere, he would just hear people talk about the Zoo. If only his mother would let him pay a visit. At every mention, she would scold him and say "They run the country in the Zoo. We dogs have no job there."

From @sumitrai100:
Golu was observing every single cell in the zoo. Python, Panther, tiger, tarsier scared him. Duck, deer, monkey entertained him. At one place Golu saw a signboard "The most dangerous species on this planet" "But I can't see anything, do you?"asked little Golu. His father was silent. The big mirror had rendered him speechless.

From @madrasmad: Raj, Seema and I were born to the same mother, but different fathers. Seema and I look a lot alike, but you can tell us apart by this scar on my rump. That’s Raj, sniffing Jahangir’s legs. Poor Jahangir hasn’t been well. His rump hasn’t been smelling good. Ah! Here comes the keeper.

From @shirina83: "Dad..didn't you say that we are the kings..then why are we living here?" the son said. He looked at the kid,looked past the iron rods blocking the exit of their one room abode,looked back at the son and said,"We are,son...its just a different kind of jungle out there.."

From @Munchin_Jughead: He was sitting with his lens, camouflaged by the sound of the stream. A lioness started evaluating his presence. He panned the lens. She started crawling towards him. He lay completely still. She rolled over and looked at the lens. Perhaps she wanted to say "Take a picture of me and save our species".

From @writingchalk: Heavenly bars. Every time he had a bite of chocolate, his mind would travel. The lovely, sweet combination of cocoa, milk and sugar... once that feeling receded, and he realised he was the only monkey who could walk on fire, he had to do it for the audience – all for that sinful bar of chocolate.

From @rumna:
The children screamed with glee when the animals lifted their heads or walked and just as easily, pouted when the animals didn’t display themselves for their benefit. With a shock he realized he too lives in a media created caged life. The press and his fans were grown up children, clamoring for his attention

From @sahilk: Read this article about the zoo in Riyadh. 1400 animals representing 350 species. Cost them $33.3 million to build it and then they spent another $6.4 million to acquiring those animals. What actually caught my attention was the breeding program for the male Arabian oryx. It’s like having your own National Geographic show.

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