Friday, April 6, 2012

Theme 41 - Leather

From @gauravjagwani: The water was dripping. The leather belt made its way to the floor. As did his pants and shirt. He had just come back from the biggest gig of his life. He finally made it. He walked under the shower. The tiny quaint shower. He smiled. The water was dripping. This time, from his eye.

From @LadyPinkFloyd: The creature sat by the corner of the room. Peering into the darker outside world. A breaking twig caught his attention. She was coming. The door opened and that familiar call spent shivers down his spine. She motioned her way towards her pet. Stoking his hair and pulling on the leather belt round his neck.

From @AbhiandNow:

"Hey sister where’re you from?"

"I'm from Kishenpur grasslands, what about you?"

"I was born and brought up here only."

"So you know where they're taking us?"

"As if you don't, we're going there only."

"But isn't it illegal?"

She chuckled as they were on their way to leather factory. One of those last conversations.

From @IndianIdle:She loved it all,purses, pouches, belts, accessories. Genuine leather was her fantasy. She had the collection that many envied. But, that was five years ago. Now she was married and 'leather' word reminded her only of that crooked hunter, which came towards her every night with a whispering death sound.

From @MystiquePai: She opened the door wearing only his leather jacket. “Let’s try something new,” she said, as she cuffed him to the bedposts. “Sh-shouldn’t we have some kind of sign?” he stammered, “like, a safe word?” “Y’know,” she murmured as she climbed on top of him, “The best safe word is ‘crap, I forgot the safeword!’”

From @rbd_sqrl: He had fallen in love with it. He savoured every part of it. The spine, the yellow tint on its pages, the flowery writing on its cover and the musty glue-like smell. Most of all he liked the brown leather covering on it. All his life he wondered what was written in it.

From @Marwaari: Practicals didn't end in time and she missed her bus to home. It was already dark. Deja Vu occurred. She started sweating and panicking. What if the same thing happens today? What will I say to step dad? What if he beats me again with his leather belt like last time?

From @TheBigDowg: At 23, I realised that I wasn't good with sports, or literature, or politics, or studies. I was average. I wanted to be a free. Thus, I bought myself leather pants & leather jacket. I got on my bike & rode the never ending roads. I'm 59 today, leather is my second skin. I'm a biker!

From @sahilk: I went to the Harley-Davidson showroom the other day. Orgasm on two wheels. But oddly enough, they were selling leather jackets in the accessories corner. Are they out of their fucking mind? Who the hell is going to wear those in this 52ยบ C weather? There’s a reason why our people wear the white thobes!

From @thatbhandaguy: The invitation said the president was honouring him. His work in stopping animal slaughter for leather was outstanding. He looked into the mirror. The tux looked good. He realised his matching shoes were leather. He took out his wallet for a new pair to realise that was leather too. A part of him died inside.

From @RBtrary: Sun had almost set and he was still on the footpath holding the same aluminum bowl. Pain from the bruises was killing him. With eyes long lost, he felt the coins in the bowl with his fingers; hardly 15-20Rs.. He could already smell the leather and hear the whip sounds bruising his back again…

From @TrollGoneGood: The single guttering oil lamp threw its sickly yellow light over the table. Hunched over, he worked furiously, blue veined hands moving from one fluid movement to the other. How he hated it, he thought glaring down, and how much he needed it. It meant food, this last cold piece of leather. It meant life.

From @pearly_swhites: She sat on the front porch. A faraway look in her eyes. The warmth of his loving embrace had once shielded her from the cold. Now, all she had left was his crisp leather jacket. It smelled of him, she'd never wash it. Wrapping herself with the last remnant of his existence, she fell asleep.

From @RealFartShady:

"In soviet Russia vans drive you." said the guide.

"That doesn't even make any sense." said the Indian tourist.

"In soviet Russia sense makes you!" said the guide. "The van is out of petrol. Get down and pull, fucker. I’ll herd." He swirled his shiny leather whip in the air.

From @sumitrai100: I hated departures.Memories started flashing.My first kiss,those countless nights,my proposal,her acceptance and then that break-up;he was there everytime.He never cried when I smiled.He never laughed when I cried.Today he was retiring.With tears in my eyes I bid adieu to my leather shoe on that night.

From @wekneweachother: She’d cooked beef for the first time since their wedding. She was anxious. Anxiety was justified because she was a beautiful and meek vegetarian and he was a handsome man with cannibalistic tendencies. “Please tell me how it tastes.” “Leather!” He slapped her with a slice of beef. Viscous brown sauce dripped from her cheeks.

From @rinashah: What a memorable London trip that was and so was this leather purse she got from there. She was excited but nervous too. First plane journey, hotel room, jet lag, passport, visa, documents, pounds, camera, site seeing, shopping, junk food, oyster travel card, tube map, matrix card, new people – indeed a lifetime experience it was.

From @roshd: He was coming back after 1 year in the US. It was the longest year in her life. She kept his well worn leather purse under her pillow to help her through those lonely nights. Tonight she wanted to be crushed in his arms and loved all night. The longing grew as the hour approached.

From @narinderkapur: Their love for leather was the only thing that bound them together, even after everything else had disappeared. People came and people went, religions came and destroyed, critics came and smashed, but leather was always there, unquestioning and unassuming, always ready to be shaped and beaten into something new, something that would survive.

From @neatbee: As she saw him staggering through the door, reeking of cheap whisky, the inanimate wounds across her back and arms became conspicuous by their presence. They fortified her enough to look him in the eye and say, "Enough". Tonight, there was very little left in her to be hurt by the leather of his belt.

From @swaravali: My friend's purse got exchanged with someone. She realized only when she was home and looked for house keys. It only had make-up, condoms and some visiting cards. Later she managed to get her money, cards, keys, family pictures, receipts and bills etc. A purse tells who it belongs to. So well???

From @OhTeri_: Sometimes life is not easy. Sometimes you're too unsure. Sometimes you're forced to do things which you totally despise. But, you have to. "They" tell you, show you beautiful dreams. You are greedy. Dependent. You work hard. Make yourself worth it. And then, you're SLAUGHTERED. Story, so similar. A perfect 'working son' and 'fine LEATHER'.

From @MitigatedLying: Her granny passed away. She'd lived a happy life. Her family wasn't there. Bianca was to do everything. Family was on there way. She did the deeds. She saw her grand mom burn away. What was the use of all this? We are nothing but leather waiting to be burnt.

From @kunalbaidmehta: Simran's promotion party at her penthouse was at its peak. Kamini dropped her glass of red wine on the plush white leather sofa at Simran's house. She didn't know that Simran loved animals and never bought real leather. Simran didn't know that Kamini did this because she was the other contender for the same role.

From @rahul: It was a gloomy morning. I was on facebook watching some random videos. A PETA video shared by a friend caught my attention and i started watching it. Cruel, nasty can be milder terms to describe the atrocities on animals while manufacturing those leather artifacts. From then i decided to say no to leather products.

From @ritukarthik: I open up the box that moms left behind, and see snapshots of holidays; of happier times. Though faded, I see pictures of mom and dad holding hands. My lil brother and me playing on white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Memories long forgotten, bound in a leather album, trying to keep them alive.

From @sweetangel: His mother ran out to show her friends the new sari that her son had gifted her. Meanwhile, Abhay went to his room and thought of his family who thought he had won a lottery. He prayed that they never came to know that the lottery was the leather wallet of his best friend.

From @milapthakrar: She married him against the wish of there parents , It was a love marriage but now there is no love only heatred between them . He beats her everyday with a Leather belt . And she has to be mum as she married against the wish of her parents .

From @sinpinklove: She walked in those tight short blood red leather skirt .Her striking red lipstick gained the attention of the entire crowd . To them , she was just a whore . Her body was for sale and the leather skirt, her display . What they did not know was her love for her ailing husband , suffering from cancer.

From @bitchwanti: Daniel brushed down the chestnut horse. The thoroughbred looked at him with loving eyes as he saddled him up. Through the lush green countryside they raced,rider bent over the horse, cooing into the horses ear. Daniel had never used a whip on the horse. He still couldn't forget the red welts on his skin from his father's belt.

From @oxymoronic_me: Imran, the 13 year old boy swung the leather chabuk. Perfect. Unwrapping six blades, he fixed them along the whip. This was his first time. His father did this every year. In the evening, he joined the mourning procession. “Ya Ali”, he shouted, as he hit himself with the whip. It was time for Matam.

From @JaaTeri:

It was Sujata's grandmother's first visit to their city. When offered fruits, she said, "No! That plate is fibre." When food was served, "I can't have this. You haven't changed after using the bathroom."When offerred a bottle of water, she said, "No! That's plastic."

"But then, aren't we covered with leather already?", Sujata wondered.

From @lady_shweta: "No papa, please don't beat me" little Anita pleaded. Her father took out his leather belt and lashed out at her . She could still feel the hot stings where the belt hit her. Its strange, but you never know that how one word can trigger a dormant memory.

From @akshayabansal: The eerie silence of the empty halls provided a solace he craved. He often showed up to school; disheveled, brandishing scars and looking rather pale. Every evening he stayed back in school for as long as he could. He dreaded going back home to his inebriated father's leather belt and his stepmother's malevolent attitude.

From @spud_31: "Working in the Homicide division in a career spanning 20 years, Igor had seen it all. This was nothing new. The body lay face down on the floor, blood splattered walls, a .25 automatic pistol few feet away. And then his eyes saw the belt. The leather belt bearing her name he had gifted her."

From @hollowmaniac: He slid his hands into her jacket. The suede surface brushed his fingers as she felt the warmth of his arm. Their hunger, now lumps on their dry throats, waiting for each other's sweet nectar. Her legs, curling around his crocodile skin lowers, her supple soft thighs, impressed with his grip. Sweet love, they made.

From @anushreekejriwa: He watches his successful daughter splurge on leather bags and remembers his days as a worker in the tannery. The stench of animal skin was unbearable, his hands would quiver but her future gave him the motivation to face them. Now she is capable and doesn't understand to why her dad detests these bags.

From @Kantaap: He sat in his wheelchair and wrote his legacy. He’d leave it behind for her so that she’d have something to remember him by. As he finished the last sentence, he closed the journal and ran his fingers over the leather cover. He smiled. His stories involved the use of leather too. She’d love it.

From @The_Lie_Lama: She was a PETA activist ever since she stopped getting film offers & started getting offers from industrialists. An animal lover, her'socialite' status helped her spread awareness against cruelty on animals. She even sacrificed being seen with her costly and beloved Louis Vuitton luggage she always wanted to flaunt. She respected herself even more.

From @salonitia: The cafe was really crowded,he was searching for a place to sit. Then he spotted her,working on the laptop,dressed all in black with a thin red leather belt. She turned,smiled at him "thanks dad,I love the present,my first designer piece,love the belt" She had turned sixteen today.

From @BombayChor: "It was done. No more coming home drunk and beating her up. No more abusing her, no more blood from forceful sex. Her husband had crossed all limits. He had tried to molest their little daughter. Something had to give. And now he lay dead. Strangled by the same leather belt that eroded her skin."

From @NumbYaar: The cow moaned as they slit its throat and it would not stop even after its soul left its body. Its skin would then cry as it was beaten, kept in the burning sun and stretched time and again. It cried in front of the entire village. And a village drummer made a living of it.

From @madrasmad: My dad worked at a railway station, shining shoes. On the way to my first job-interview, I walked up to him for a special buff. I saw an irate customer kick his brush, before disappearing. When I later walked into the interview, I saw him on the panel. I chose to swallow my pride.

From @BoozeSexSundry: A quick burning pain on his lower back aroused him. He never knew love could make it 10x ecstatic. The whip stung him like a bee on heroin.She twitched as he pulled on her black rubbery lingerie which made her damp skin more conscious; Waiting to get out of it. And then, they dived.

From @KonfusedKhopadi: There was a campaign being made against animal abuse . A top actress had come to support the just cause . She was giving a speech full of concern, holding the mike in her hands covered with slink leather gloves .

Note: Slink leather is made from unborn calves skin.

From @randomwhiz: She was the best designer in years. Tonight, she would walk the ramp the last time ever as a retiring performance and adding a personal touch to her collection. She collapsed on stage. Was declared dead instantly. The leather animal print she wore wasn't cleaned perfectly. Toxic. The animals had the last laugh.

From @dinkypinkybrain: 'Twas her first visit to her ancestral home. Twelve and eager, she breathed in the heady fumes of warm dung. Her straw slippers damp from the morning drizzle. Her cotton backpack, full of her father's memories of this house, captured on film. Gingerly she stroked the calf's leathery head and discovered her love for animals.

From @dhoopchhanv: He sensed it but, couldn't see it in bushes. Trusting his survival instincts, he ran but was late. He felt like a hard stone hit in his stomach and stumbled, a painful cry came out. After mild struggle he gave up, so that they could use his skin. But his eyes remained open, innocent, fearful.

From @writingchalk: It came hurtling towards me at 100 miles an hour. I just closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards. Even after all these years, I relied on instinct rather than my eyes. I knew when it came close – it smelt like rotten flesh. THUD – the wicketkeeper caught the ball, and my nose was intact.

From @jhanvidhawan: Her mother’s trembling hands tried to control her. She was screaming and shouting. They had tied her hands and legs to calm her down but nothing was helping. She was getting fits again. Her father knew the only thing which would help her now… is her dead husband’s leather jacket he last wore.

From @tweettabulous: The poor economy had driven them to bankruptcy. They watched their home empty out as piece by piece their furniture, paintings and art work got auctioned. The gorgeous leather couch was one of their first purchases. They quietly removed it from the list; after all their only child was conceived on that very couch.

From @IncompleteWaste :- ''But father, why are all our animals being taken there?'', pointing at a huge barn. ''Son, animals get sick too. That barn is like a hospital to them''. He knew it was a lie. Because the cattles, cows, pigs and other animals he grew with, never returned. That night, he investigated. And detested leather forever.

From @Freelosopher: He'd catch the 06:17am train every morning and reach his workplace by 07:30am. Customers would pour in 08:30am onwards. He'd break thrice for tea, once for lunch and catch the 09:30pm train home. It'd been thirty-two years since Roshan started working at Churchgate station. His skin now resembled the material of the shoes he'd polish.

From @purplebrains: The sight of her hips swaying like the breeze. The flip of her hair when she turns to look back. The sparkle in her eyes when sitting on the roof of my house. A stray cigarette drooping off her lips. She was pure sex in walking around in leather boots. And she was mine. Forever.

From @vivekisms: He was woken up from his sleep. It was 5 a.m. Asked to come and identify his lover's body. The morgue was cold. The smell was distinct. His lover's skin reminded him of something. A school picnic, to a shoe factory.

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