Sunday, April 22, 2012

Theme 54 - Epiphany

From @donbratman: He was smoking his last joint. He wanted to quit after that. He was sitting in his bathtub and playing with his mug. He dipped it but it kept coming back up. It suddenly hit him. "EUREKA" he screamed and ran all around town naked. He went back into the bathtub to smoke again.

From @Riddhiaswani: I re-read my teenage diary, grinning in self deprecation at the obvious hysteria and angst lining the pages. Words after words of bemoaning wails and cupid curses, yet the mystery of heartbreak eluded me. As another page of sobs turned over, I wrote a letter to 14 year old me. The heart heels. Eventually.

From @BongBuffoon: He lived by the river. He lived off the river. And he nearly killed the river, leaving on it the stench of death and humanity. Then it struck him. I'll save the river and myself. And he changed its course and merged its sisters. And a giant flood came and washed all their sins away.

From @dumbsterr:
"There it is!  Covered in gulaal and gold!" the girl shrieked as she struggled on her weak fathers' shoulder, trying to see the small Ganesh idol far ahead.

Her father heaved a sigh of relief.

"Why such huge crowd today?” the father asked a devotee beside.

"The idol. It's missing since last 2 hours."

From @SarwarBaig: Gabbar Singh is the dumbest villain ever, thought Sohail. He had trouble remembering the reward on his head or national holidays. Relied on Sambha for sniping. Got his butt kicked by an old man with no hands. Couldn't keep count of bullets. He himself admits, "Humka kuchchh nahi pata." Who the hell made him Sardar?

From @roshd: The master reached way too late for the banquet the King had thrown to celebrate the birth of his first-born the crown prince. You missed the Lord, they told him. No I did not, He replied with a twinkle in his eye, thinking of the time he spent playing and eating in the lepers' colony.

From @SupraMario:

As the world hurtled past him and gusts of wind slapped his face, he had a sudden realisation. It was all just a misunderstanding. He wasn’t to blame. He wasn’t at fault. This needn’t be the end.

The ground grew closer and the air, warmer. He wished he’d thought of this before he jumped off.

From @gauravjagwani: The word junkie always had a fascination with water and its ways. He wanted to be a plumber, but he worked at the daily paper. One day, he got an Epiphany that water was the one thing universally accepted. In his scramble puzzle, he wrote down 'd epiphany.' Not many guessed it as 'handy pipe.'

From @2emkay: The Pillow was drenched. He was profusely sweating, tossing and turning. The image appeared. She and him, behind his back. The Nightmare was alive and kept him awake, every moment.

He clutched the blanket and yanked it hard.

“Meow” cried Bella, startled.

And then it struck - She wasn’t with him, she was with her.

From @shantusharma: In 30 years, she never took a break from her day job. She lived one day at a time, for her children. In despair and hope, she drew strength from watching them grow. But, all left one by one to seek wisdom and glory. To them, the epiphany for their own mother was never clear.

From @vinaykola: And in that one crystallizing moment, everything else seemed to make sense. His blood pressure rose; he felt happy. Finally unburdened, he moved gracefully towards the ball and curled it into the top corner. His teammates ecstatically formed a human mountain on top of him. "I belong here”, he thought to himself and smiled.

From @anubhavjalan: His morphogenesis into breast led him go delusional. The Identity crisis fuelled his imagination and the prospect that everyone is watching “it”.

Living the moments with tragedies, breast had exquisite feelings and explicit demands. And he suddenly realizes that yearning to hear what he wants to hear rather than what is being said is parody.

From @Dayadarwazatodo: A treatment delayed, an operation gone wrong, an illness for life, hormonal changes, chemotherapy, nausea, loss of appetite, loss of hair, a million medicines, a huge hole in the pocket, mood swings, some side effects that stayed too long and a sudden realization, that life is too short, and too precious.

From @me_abstract: He had to leave for reasons then. Now he cannot stay for his. She did not understand Him then and cannot accept him now. Blaming Him didn't help and abusing him does not soothe. Suddenly an epiphany clearly shocking and still blurred that that is still not over yet. And this was not that simple.

From @Oxymoronic_Me: As she orgasmed, she felt nothing. No pain. No pleasure. No hurt. No happiness. The focus of climaxing made her feel nothing. That one moment. That one point of endless time. When there was no one but the two of them. At a height that was otherwise insurmountable. There was only the epiphany or nirvana.

From @AnOddYellow: Earlier he looked at some of his children with awe and at some with disgust. He got frustrated when they were wasting their lives, sad when they lived in misery and happy when they succeeded and were happy. One day he realized, he had to love them all equally and always, for he was God.

From @JaaTeri:
"Life cannot exist without Foxygen and Swater. Only our planet has these," said the scientist.

"So, where did the UFO come from?" he continued, "We have studied the eight planets. Ours is the coolest, making life possible. There isn't any other planet with a liquid like substance..."

"Earth!" shrieked a researcher in an epiphany.

From @woohoochild: He needed an apple to fall on his head for it. Another resorted to alcoholism to give the world the best piece of literature ever written. And then there was the pool of other struggling creative genii just waiting for it to come along. Everybody searching for that moment of epiphany when raw truth unfolds.

From @sahilbulla:

“So what do your daughters do?” asked the prospective in-laws.

“I have two daughters. The elder one is into interior designing. The younger one constantly gets visions about the future” said Mr. Sharma nervously offering them a Samosa.

“What are their names?” they asked. “Stephanie and Epiphanie” he said as he bit into his Samosa.

From @AapChutiyeHain:

“Why do people think I'm you? Answer me!”


“Answer me, why do people think that I'm you.”

“I think you know.”

“No, I don't.”

“Yes, you do. Why would anyone possibly confuse you with me? “

“I... don't know.”

*chuckles* “You got it.”


“Say it.”


“Because we're the same person.”

“That's right.”

From@madrasmad: My girlfriend Xin Zhou said she’d get both her parents to dinner, but arrived with only one. I had no clue whether it was her mother or father, and all my observation skills failed. After an hour, there was a strange beep. Xin peeped into her parent’s crotch, and appeared frustrated. “Low battery,” she said.

From @IndianIdle: He was a failed scientist. He tried a lot but somehow his every experiment failed. Even the ones which were given in text books. He was a joke in the geek circles. But still he gave science world a very important discovery. He gave something which defined the epiphany; He invented “Ureka!”

From @fountaintales: there was no clashing, or ringing bells… no fanfare… the knowledge crept into her mind in a stillness… the kind when everything slows down and stands still, and stayed there…firmly rooted… grew tall, strong, bore fruits and nests… it was years before she could pinpoint this precise moment as the one when she finally knew.

From @RealFartShady:

" got beat up! And the goons took your girlfriend too! What you gonna do now?"

"I’m going to separate myself from world for one year. I'll workout and teach myself Brazilian jujitsu so I can rescue her and be a hero!"

"That’s fucking stupid."

"True.....hey wait, I’ll just find a new girlfriend!!"

From @drac_69: He was shivering from fear when I got my grip on his collar. I raised my rod to beat him but saw his hand. Bread. That’s what the boy stole from the store. His closed eyes opened mine. A poor guarding the rich from the poor. I released him, resigned from the job next day.

From @satyaagraha: 22 years. She was finally back. Her producers complemented her. Still ravishing! She liked what she saw in the mirror of the make-up room. This is where I belong! Lights, sets, camera. Pure Magic. The screen-test was great.

Stepping into the waiting-room: Her granddaughter came running: crying! Have you seen my nani? I’ve lost her.

From @sahilk: According to our religious scholars, everything’s been put on paper by Allah. So, it’s all melodrama in our lives? To make us feel that we can think on our own? I think epiphanies in our lives are when we realize where the key to the principal’s office was all this while. To change the syllabus.

From Rashmi Menon: I felt his gaze, scorching through me and involuntarily, turned and looked, taking in the wavy hair, the rolled-back sleeves- seven out of ten, I decided. Before I could make up my mind on whether to make a pass, he walked past me to the book-shelf behind me and picked up the next best seller.

From @AbhiandNow: At the ghats of Haridwar, shivering people waited to take a dip in the holy Ganges to wash their sins. An old couple ‘happily’ eating ice-cream, was sitting with their feet dipped in the river.I guess, it was Ice-cream’s effect. Or maybe, they weren’t scared of the river God, shit, I hate these sinners.

From @wekneweachother: He was leaving for Amsterdam. Waving goodbyes, hugging his mother, kneeling down to cuddle his puppy and shaking hands with his father. I was his sister’s best friend who’d come to borrow some notes. A wedding celebration movie played in my head as our eyes met. Yashwardhan and I got married seven years later. Epiphany.

From @sinpinklove: She had just turned eighteen. She did not want to commit a murder. Her parents were supportive. Incomplete education, no job and no father for the baby to be. Realisatin struck, it was indeed a difficult journey ahead . Tears fell down slowly.

From @Anjana_Murali: The mother held her baby close to herself. She kept remembering the realisation she had yesterday when the nurse handed the newborn to her. She had instantly recognized it as another baby only to remain quiet after being informed that the only other baby born that day was stillborn.

From @aatifsumar: As he stood there at the alter, collar cutting into the nape of his neck, his mind began to wander. The priest's words faded away. Her eyes on him, faded away. He looked into the crowd and saw her sitting there, looking at him, and he knew. It had to be Rachel, not Emily.

From @My_Summer_Eyes: “I’m going to be a poet”, announced Naina.

“But honey…”

“Mom! Don’t worry, I’ve a plan.”


“Epiphanies. I read somewhere that William James experienced visions that inspired him to write all his poems . I just have to wait for my share of epiphanies.”

The mother smiled at her innocent remark.

From @Gods_Evangelos:She was lustrous. My mom met her when she was in her forties. A different light on her face and charm in her actions. She was a sister in Brahma Kumaris. Her words were magical enough. She gave me three secrets of Success to a Divine Life. I applied them. I feel they are working.

From @binivijan: Men in uniforms are the men of principals. She heard since she was 9; dreaming about ending up with one. She felt special about having his undivided attention. But tonight, holding the paid abortion bill and weeping over her lost child, she knew better. He was just another officer and not a gentleman.

From @minolajekar: He sat there under the tree, in the shade, internally expounding notions to unlock the secrets of the universe. His existence depended on it. Just then a red, shiny, fleshy sphere fell from the tree.

Watching the apple on the green grass was when Isaac had his epiphany and the world received the Newton Laws.

From @nameetshetty: Blood drained from her face when I walked in on her and her lover. All the sweet nothings and meaningful things turned to dust in a heartbeat. The silence was deafening at first. The symphony of epiphany then cleared my thoughts and a terrible truth dawned on me - I was alone ... all alone.

From @quatrainman: Once the epiphany sank in, he rushed out of his cave to inform humanity. World Peace! Poverty Elimination! He had the answers. Were those years of excruciating meditation worth it? You bet. All 83 of them. It took him just a week to realise all of Earth had left for the Moon 50 years ago.

From @bitchwanti: Minutes were ticking by. Blood flowed freely as her life flashed before her eyes. She was dead, yet something held her soul. The infant's cry hit her like an arrow between the eyes. "I love you, my darling", she whispered hoarsely to her new-born child. That was the moment the she breathed her last sigh.

From @anushreekejriwa: The mother-daughter shared a turbulent relationship. Mother worked hard so that her daughter could lead a comfortable life but couldn't give her time. She never understood her mum and held grudges against her. The support was lost the day mum passed away. It was an epiphany for her to understand what mums presence meant.

From @bhytu: He lay brutally wounded. His body parts were scattered around him. Unfortunately the bomb had left him alive. The pain was unbearable. Closing his eyes he recited the Quranic verses. He was a martyr.

A heavenly fragrance embraced him. "Allah hu Akbar" were his last words as he smiled to experience epiphany.

From @Munchin_Jughead: After the day's meditation, they went crawling into their sleeping bags with light snowfall dancing in the beams of their flashlights. Soon, his patience began to wear off as he became susceptible to the ancient teaching. With a sudden vertigo, he saw the constellations in the sky of his mind wheeling backward. He was enlightened.

From @Violet_Droplet: He got an unpleasant phone call. She was dead. The love of his life. The one he ruined, scared & broke. She never allowed herself to feel anything for anyone. She loved him. She wanted him. She had what she thought was an epiphany and she killed herself. She was always on his guilty mind.

From @ladycardiidae: Oh! How much she loved this new city. That is how she fulfilled her travelling itch. She had moved six cities. It was her theory of six degrees of separation. But her new love was short-lived. Abused and enraged. The city broke her heart. The feeling suddenly sunk in. “No more,” she said. No more.

From @vagabondinact: Remembering her yesterday's words, her face reddened with shame. She had in anger asked if they even cared that she had to travel 32 hours on a much needed weekend. Looking at the smiles and hustle- bustle in the kitchen and living-room, the epiphany of family's love and care brought a sheepish smile to her face.

From @Freelosopher: He glanced at the clock. It was eight-thirty pm. The day had passed routinely. Wake up, jog, breakfast, study, lunch,study, football, dinner. But something was missing. He knew it. A gnawing, nagging feeling. Suddenly, he sat bolt upright in his chair, hurriedly wrote a story and emailed it to Vivek, narrowly making the deadline.

From @vivekisms: My books and yours. Your medicines and mine. Your art on the wall and mine. Your side of the bathroom and mine. Your bills to pay and mine. And then it came to me. Our lives. Together.

From @PoetBapat: "faith is a gift that I haven't received yet" Daniel exclaimed, instead of being a guardian of the great christian secret. They have always been worried about revealing their identities to the real world. The priory of Sion, that is how they were named, for a job which was way bigger than the god himself.

From @YearofRat: He sat on his plush leather wing chair, smoking a cigar. With each smoke cloud that was blown out, his mind created images of dancing naked woman that would be envied by the artisans working on the pillars of Khajuraho temples. Epiphany stuck, "Sometimes, a cigar is just not a cigar." Said the drunk Freud.

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  1. 33 people in the room. Nobody seemed to care for me except her. Everytime I looked around, she knew it and stared down on me.
    I got up, collected my things, went straight to her. Handed over my answer sheet to the lady invigilator, and walked out.
    "ufff.,, I've written enough to pass.."