Thursday, April 19, 2012

Theme 51 - Night

From @zaiuranjit: Silence had finally fallen. The first lights of dawn were upon her now, melting the fear from her cold cheeks. She knew she had escaped the horror, that she was safe, but she couldn’t stop running. Not yet, she wasn’t far enough. After five hours of torture in the dark, he’d never hurt her again.

From @theotherbanana: It was the only time they had together. Both had hectic work schedules, with little time to think about, let alone talk to each other. The darkness was their refuge, their saviour. Their only companion during times of ruthless frustration with the outside world. It was the cover for the illegitimacy of their love.

From @_wbrodrigues: After a long hard day, all he wanted to do was get home and sleep. “Don’t talk to me, I’m really pissed off, mom”, he said before slamming his door. After a few minutes, she walks in and sits on his bed. He puts his head in her lap and goes to sleep, heaven indeed.

From @riddhiaswani: The dark brings fanciful notions. My imagination gallops across fields of endless possibilities. Mischievous sheep bounce around and my head is too small to contain them. They dance in front of my eyes. Before I can scold the wily creatures, a bump scares me. Imagination overdrive, I now think of zombies. Insomnia is so tedious.

From @Drun007: Her nights were filled with songs, dance, liquor and sex. She was made to discontinue school a year back. But she still remembers Vasanthi ma'am teaching, "when it is our night, it's daytime somewhere else in the world". All Payal wanted was to live somewhere else in the world, FOREVER!

From @BongBuffoon: He couldn't see. He couldn't move. But he could hear. All he heard was the sound of insects crawling around him and his laboured breathing. He tried to speak but all that came out was an inaudible croak. Inside that rotting coffin, the darkness enveloped every crack and crevice. For him, it was always night.

From @gauravjagwani: He slept through the day. Awake at night. When you’re a musician, I guess that comes with the job. But, he wasn’t your typical musician. Yes, he did hum a tune now and then. And yes, people appreciated his beautiful presence. He slept through the day, alright. For the blind man, it was always night.

From @RBTrary: Higher secondary education was all Nitesh’s father could afford for him. But the lack of resources never pulled him down from his ambitious path. Now he’s a call-center employee, works all night and attends college in the morning. They call it the Graveyard-shift but for him the night is the ‘brightest’ part of the day…

From @teejavus: Waking up at dawn, promising to sleep early, running to work. Waiting for the day to end, million thoughts in the head, but one of them makes him smile. Finishing the daily chore, sitting down and waiting for the call. Her voice brightens up the night and before they realize, it's four am. Sleep. Repeat.

From @aatifsumar: The car came from nowhere, crushing his bike like a toothpick. He lay crumpled on the road, the night so dark it didn't let him see his bloody limbs. A figure emerged and he felt himself being lifted. But a moment later, the figure left him back down, having taken from him all his valuables.

From @ScribblingOn: Night: perilous, illusionary, intriguing, intimidating, hallucinatory, disconcerting. As the world sleeps, wrapped in a blanket of darkness, she gazes at the moon & stars, her faithful company, expecting her Sun to rise soon; Him. Staring at her phone, she waits. As disappointment weighs her down, a draught of whiskey & misery uplift her sagging heart.

From @xmanishaa:
Night after night she continued to work. Her body was victim of lustful eyes and touching. She felt impure, this is not what she wanted. But she had to, she had to pay her son's school fees this month. And nobody would know what she did for a living during the day.

From @swordfish19: The Sun has died. All plant life has started withering away. Animals are perishing. The ones that are alive are being devoured wantonly by men, even erstwhile vegetarians. There is mayhem on the streets. Night has complete dominion over the world. Mankind knows that it’s just a matter of time now. 14th Dec 3020.

From @roshd: It was 10 pm as she peeped into Ryan’s room.He was not in bed. She tip-toed in and received a painful blow on the head from behind. “Mama, I am so sorry. You said the monster would come if I was not asleep by 9.30pm. I wasn’t asleep.Thought you were the monster.”

From @wekneweachother: They say you become anonymous in the dark of the night. Then again, they say a lot of things. Sister Loretta tells me whenever she goes for a walk after dinner, she feels as if someone is following her. I joke around by saying, ‘Oh it must be your past sins haunting you every time.’

From @SarwarBaig: Vladimir stirred awake at midnight , as he had for three hundred years. It was the twilight of his undead life. He'd tasted the blood of virgin princesses in Europe , spent a stealthy night in the Vatican , seen a Nazi crumble in mortal fear , ravished nymphets. Now , he could barely hunt down cats. "Here , kitty."

From Bini Vijan: He planned the perfect surprise. There was champagne, music, food and an engagement ring. Nothing could go wrong he was sure. When night arrived; he popped the bottle to offer her a drink; “I can’t”, she said. “I am pregnant”. And for the first time he felt guilty about having restrained himself from her.

From @bhytu: Night came. As usual. He lay down. As usual. More tension. As usual. He cried . As usual. More problems. As usual. No solution. As usual. No more hope. As usual. Alone. Lonely. As usual. He took the pills. As usual. More than. As usual. Night passed. As usual. He did not wake-up as usual.

From @IndianIdle: He was an obedient boy. Early to bed, early to rise. The copybook “Idol student”. He was afraid of dark and never stayed up at nights. He got in to the college. A late night call with a girl, cup of tea with a friend. And after that he never slept before 2 am.

From @My_Summer_Eyes: Insomniacs, that’s what they call themselves. His elders had warned him against the Homo sapiens who killed, captured and destroyed in the day and stayed up at nights searching for peace. They might try hard to blend into the silence of the darkness but the nights belong only to me, mused the wise owl.

From @ladyclonidine: He sat in his room and stared at the Moon. Sleep evaded him again. She did exactly the same, courtesy her afternoon naps. He messaged her knowing she’d be awake - their nightly ritual. Before finally resting, they looked at the pale Moon again, as it shone so bright and each wished the other was nearer.

From @dipakmah: I carry my smile, anger, frustration, love in my mobile, as long as I can using my phone it is a day dream and reality for me. When my battery empty, my day ends and night came. I put my phone on charge and wait for Day.

From @MrNarci: He stayed up nights to ply on the roads. Streetlights changed the city into something it could not be under daylight. He knew the world was ending. “Kalyug.” Men and women smoking and drinking and making out constantly in his back-seat. He drove on, his only respite coming while voyeuristically peeking into his rear-view mirror.

From @oxymornonic_me: Lolita’s task for the night was drawing circles. Yesterday it had been squares, and she had drawn them well. Her only drawing-aid was a pencil. She sketched her circles carefully. Every circle had to be perfect. For every crooked circle she drew, there would be another circle on her bare skin. Drawn with a peeler.

From @Ladycardiidae: Anna hated the sun. She was blind and always looked at the world upside down. Just like Juliette, Anna would stay up all night. Being in her cold, damp cave made her happy. How she would read and re-read Dracula. But reading wasn’t her favorite pastime. She would have to wait till night for that.

From @akshayabansal: A white screen stood tall against the twinkling night sky. A gentle breeze wafted the aroma of candy floss and fresh caramel popcorn to everyone nearby. Sheets, pressed against the lush green grass, as families and friends awaited the movies start. 'Casablanca' aired, instantly teleporting the gen-x to the forgotten era of open air cinema.

From @RealFartShady:

"So this it for us, I guess."

After a brief moment.

"You did everything for me, softening my tough times, and framing the blows. Without you, It'd have been much more harder to sleep on numerous troublesome nights."

With these words and teary eyes, I budged my couch bed in to the garbage truck.

From @yashakothari:

With stealth in his pace, he moved towards the treasure. It was dark and everybody was sleeping. He dared not make a sound.

A minute later.

Light bombarded his face as he opened the treasure. His eyes searched frantically for that one thing he longed for. He found it. The delicious chunk of yellow heaven.

From @punvati: He was going away on a long expedition. She was miserable. 'Everytime I see the sunset, I will think of you', he had said. She had hesitantly gurgled her goodbyes. Warm fuzzy thoughts and longing clouded her mind, until she googled for sunsets on the North Pole.

From @tunnvi: He looked out of the window and his body froze. He felt his heart pumping and blood boiling. The fangs grew, toenails turned to claws. His spine coiled and the face turned into a snout. Intense pain. Loud screams. He lost his human mind and needed to hunt. The night turned him into a monster.

From @sahilbulla:

“Drowning my sorrows in alcohol doesn’t help. I have become an insomniac. Sleepless painful moments caused by her frequent visits. I only see her hovering ghost float in front of my eyes...I should have never killed her” he weeped and confessed to the psychiatrist.

“When does Keira visit?” asked the Doctor.

“Keira?…Nightly.” said Johnny Depp.

From @_Nehu: He was regretting why he didn't paid attention, instead of roaming with her. Tomorrow is big day and still he watched movie, was busy on phones and was roaming around. Wished he could reverse time and start from the start. Sigh! He decided he would Up all night long to prepare for his Math exam.

From @melittlepixie:
She was waiting long but he loved playing tease. At first, he exposed half his body. She saw him and smiled. She stood there, staring at him, looking gorgeous. He couldn’t resist. Finally, he emerged. In stark nakedness, the moon stood tall. Relieved, she called out to her husband. She could finally break her fast.

From @divya_moorjani:

The night stood there, silently, crying in the voice of crickets, as she came to know the moon wasn’t coming tonight, her grief and hurt became murky and shady, when she realized tonight they won’t meet.

She slowly sunk into the darker folds of herself, until the sun came out. Then she hurtfully melted away."

From @perniciously:

The moon glistened. The streets quieted. They would spend till dawn exploring each other’s bodies, having forgotten how to stop months ago.

Mrs. Rai served her famous waffles with cream for breakfast. “Was the sleepover fun, girls?” she asked offhandedly. When they wouldn’t stop smiling, she walked away feeling rather pleased with her cooking.

From @MonkAvantGarde: Time seemed to have stopped, Stars never moved, Moon was omnipresent, the night seemed to never end. He thought it was all a weird dream. He had been wandering aimlessly for eternity, feeding on whatever he got, drinking icy water. He was a survivor without a purpose. Meanwhile a news-headline: Arctic Crash, One person missing.

From @WhatteKarvaad: Sleeping in the night wasn’t a problem when it was just the two of them. Now there was an intrusion. One that would last for months to come. How to tackle it they didn’t know. The intrusion would kick its legs and arms and squeal on top of its voice. It was a sweet intrusion.

From @RandomWhiz: It's been too long. No reply. She looked at her phone again. It's been hours. Something has happened,surely. Night, usually the bringer of delight, pleasure and his company, now bought anxiety. And then there was the heavenly knock on the door. Hugs, slaps, scolds and tears happened together.

From @quratzafar: Winters in Lahore are evil: the fog thickens so much that the city is cloaked. The worst are nights. As people snuggle in their cozy beds, Sher Khan hugs Khushal, his feverish younger brother, closer as they huddle together on the cold footpath and he is reminded of the warm fire back home in Afghanistan.

From @highheelswaali:

She opened her eyes, but it hurt. It pierced and she cried out. She was used to the dark. She had spent months in the dark.

The shapes were still blurry, but the light was feeling better.

The father said “Another girl! How will I afford it?”

And the darkness came back.

From @abjt: They stood silent. And staring. Waiting for that idiomatic resurrection. She lay on her side. Her body flattened into treaded submission. Eyes wide in terminal surprise. Bulging even. The red fire trucks were mute. Help was long past nine. I prefer dogs, but premature elimination is always awkward.

From @anjana_murali: She was walking with him at night. Her followers wore masks and laughed aloud. Suddenly Anup was not beside her as they blinded her . She felt them take her to a house. Her legs went weak and she fainted in surprise as all her friends cried out “Happy Birthday Neha”.

From @whimsytales: Nights were her favourite. Her imagination, at its best. The romantic in her, wide awake. The dreamer in her, hard at work. The love for her muse, at its height. No interruption. No disturbance. The night lamp lit the narrow road to her thoughts. Privacy, at last. Just ink, paper and words.

From @madrasmad: I don’t remember when or how I died. I think it had to do with a girl. Anyway, I now like visiting people at night - better weather, less TV, etc. But, you know, some people get a funny feeling when I’m around, like when the curtain sways differently. I’ve got to work on my stealth.

From @hilonee: She romanced silence. She moved with the shadows. She befriended secrets. She mesmerised people. She scared them. They openly favoured her antithesis, but secretly preferred her. She was all what her parents asked her not to be: dark, fearful. She was all she ever wanted to be: enigmatic, charming. She went by the name, Night.

From @zainity: It’s a full moon night; silver moon with its shadow in dark water. For a moment I considered, how lonely moon is in the universe. Its companion is imprisoned in deep waters. Silently they converse, with silver rays. Moon raises tide, to untie water bonds off its love; their endeavor to be together goes on, forever.

From @anushreekejriwa: She was sold by her poor and helpless father and was pushed into flesh trade. Her days started as the sun set. The lighted stingy lanes were her house. The nights made her heart flutter with fear. With every touch she asked god "why me". God smiled in the form of money she received.

From @captain_speakin: The day had left branding marks on her and drained her of all she had. Finally she could see black velvet slowly spread across the sky. Then the night came, she blew cold winds over her wounds softly, played with hair and whispered to her, “you are going to be fine”. Somehow she believed it.

From @donbratman: There was lots to be said. She had tears but she stopped. They were married. Their first night together as man and wife. They made love with vengance that night. The next morning she found his letter. He couldn't face her. His first love was his country. He had to fight the war. She cried.

From @sinpinklove: He took me in his arms and to the terrace we went. Star ladden sky, a cozy bedspread , soft music , red wine and dinner. The mood was set. We gazed for long at each other , undressed in silence and united our souls. We lay there , counting the stars as I lived my secret fantasy.

From @Ad_Coelum:

Tonight. 3 A.M

223/A: The bachelor on his couch staring at a muted t.v., brushing crumbs off his denims.

223/B: The man stumbles in and drags his feet to the couch where the woman is asleep.

223/C: Me, peering into my binoculars, making the last journal entry of their lives. The gun sits loaded beside.

From @sumitrai100: Dogs were barking in distant. This was the only sound she was hearing now. Wrapped in his arms she was breathing heavily. War was over. He was back. How much she'd waited for that night. She was now tired. That night she slept, slept and slept like she hadn't done that for ages.

From @thtidiot: I categorize myself as a light sleeper. Odd sounds often wake me up at night; including inconsiderate truckers who keep rumbling through my neighbourhood. Recently I was woken up by what sounded like a feral dog growling inside the house. Feeling somewhat ominous, I crept downstairs feeling in the dark. It was my mom snoring.

From @Freelosopher: He liked this illusion as he crept up on her again and again, working on her, both ways. She spun around his powerful body, worshipping him like a woman possessed. He felt in control, sending rays of warmth tingling through her body. The sun rose, the Earth came alive; the sun set, the Earth sighed.

From @pawanrajs: His eyes were red, face swollen. The lacerations on his wrists smarted. Larger ones on his back burned. He was tired, hurt. The monsters of the night had come a-calling again. Hungry, violent, clamoring for flesh, unstoppable. But the sun was rising. He was safe for now. He could rest. He closed his eyes. Goodnight.

From @drac_69: The only question hinders me when melting sun fills the sky with darkness as drain as my soul is how to survive the night. Day passes by strangers’ prattle and bicker of known. Insomnia, the worst nightmare. Home? I burnt down years ago. Sweet smell of aged wine is my rescue. Hallucination is my pilgrimage.

From zushk: He woke up suddenly, yawned and sleepily walked to the loo. He hunted for the toothbrush before realizing it was still in his bag. That was when he saw the doggie biscuits and realized Laila needed to be fed. He stumbled out the door and blinked. Where was Laila? And why was it so dark?

From @2emkay: How could he write about something with which he had nothing in common? He wasn’t calm or starry. Neither Dark nor Stormy. His moon had left him stranded.

But wait.

The night never slept, and he too spent sleepless hours thinking of her, of them and of why. 7pm, He opened MS Word and typed.

From @NeatBee: He knew a Mozart composition by hearing the first few notes. He knew if you used nutmeg in that cookie. He knew she entered the room by her Chanel No. 5. He could trace each wrinkle on her bony hand. He hadn't seen Mozart, a cookie or her. His life was a bright eternal night.

From @bidyut354: Day/Night, Hot/Cold, Black/White--either or are so easily acceptable. But happiness/sadness not so easy, eh?

From @Crucifire: She was a slave to her King's pure white blessings. It's smell intoxicated her senses like no drug did. She went crazy with thoughts of wild, passionate love making. When night fell, he did too. And in the morning, she came. His soiled robe was her souvenir.

From @alreenapinto: The almost-darkness was soothing. All they could see was the twinkling reflection of the candle flame in each other’s eyes. The sea breeze, the shining stars. The martinis and the warmth of their intertwined fingers. After dusk they met. Two years, every single night. The night was a mask, a shield from the cringing lies.
From @KonfusedKhopadi : Once the night asked, why does everyone stays with the day and sleep when I come ? I have the beautiful moon, constellations and pleasant climate. Contemplating I said "maybe because of the rainbows and daisies." Even I have the shooting stars and sweet smelling moonflowers, argued the night. Unable to reason, I sighed.

From @Gods_Evangelos: They never decided when to make Love. It was natural. Since entering the room they both always took a bath. This was a code. That night was luscious. She wore the best Lingerie. He set the best music. Their lustrous bodies wanted more of it. Time slipped and so did they in to each other.

From @bitchwanti: The sky glowed like a million solitaires on a velvet-cushion. The waves, a symphony of sounds. They lay on the sand, silent, staring at the sky. She pointed at the stars."Do you see my heart, my love?" She turned her head. He wasn't next to her. She looked and smiled at the heart up there.

From @JestChill: The darkness envelopes me now, and I feel alone. There is no one near me, not a whisper can I hear, not a chink of light can I see. And yet I sense a that a shadow I see? Did it move? Did I hear a sound? There is a sudden chill in the air...

From @chocoholic_213: She stood waiting by the old post office in the dead of the night, waiting for his bus to arrive. He was at war, returning after 4 years. An unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach, she ignored. After an hour her father-in-law dragged her home. His bus met with an accident and nobody survived.

From @vivekisms: A fight. John hurled the chair at George for no reason. George had been the recipient of John’s frustration for no reason at all. George would stay-up and wonder what went wrong. Nothing. May be John just had a drink after work and had gotten to the wrong side of something George would never know.

From @faithlessdream: Warm summer night, the stars burn bright, two friends they walk along a riverside. Meadows rolling far, not a person in sight. Merrily they walk, discussing wives and their futures. Comes back just one friend, to the other one's wife. The river carries its secrets while the stars skip on, on that dark fateful night.

From @minolajekar: That’s his baby, his Piya, that’s what they were telling him. But that face was smashed to a pulp and she had had bruises all over.

She was kidnapped and assaulted at 11.00 am. Just yesterday she was re-negotiating her deadline, come on Papa I am sure perverts remain perverts irrespective of day or night.

From @bpmenon: "The thunder was loud, and my sister, my little one, barely a year old, petrified, and crying, raised her arms toward me, and as I lifted her, rested her tiny head on my little shoulder and cuddled. That night, twenty years back, was when I first realised that I was to be her protector."

From @AmanjotKSandhu: 8-year old Shruti was humiliated at school again for the way she looked. Even the teachers used to flinch when they saw her face. No one tried to understand that she was as much human as them. She thought of all this as she ran crying into the embrace of her best friend, the night.

From @textuallyhorny: “A night happened between you and me. Inebriated consensual. Blurred it is I know in your memory. May be you remember the night but not the ‘who’. I do. Yes, it was tonight, last year. Today, now, am surrendering to guilt.” She never posted this note. He still believes he’ll find her again, some evening.

From @Munchin_Jughead: It was the dead of night. Silence reigned over the misty hills. A cricket chirped, then fell still as a malicious whisper overtook him. The moon highlighted the twisting shadows of the fog, as gradually the shadows took form. Ethereal shapes churned into being. They were the dead of night. The zombie apocalypse had begun.

From @_kautilya: He was in balcony smoking, on a beautiful night. She walked up to him wrapped in bed sheet "I want to taste it" she said. "Here have it" he said. "I have a better way". In a split second her lips was on his. “So that’s how it tastes” he smiled and they kissed again.

From @OhTeri_: She feared nights. Sleep, caused her too much pain. She could see herself beaten. Felt it. Tied. Tormented. Raped. That one night, she was burned. She cried and screamed. Nobody could here. She was asleep, they knew. She was in her dream. She was possessed. She died. "Coma !", doctors said. She never came back.

From @DrNiravParmar: It was her first "NIGHT" as a nurse in the emergency room. She was too excited. Reaching the hospital gate, she bent low, to touch the threshold as a blessing. Suddenly there was a terrible bang, which threw her on the floor, where she breathed her last. It was the night of Ahmedabad serial blasts.

From @BoozeSexSundry: 'Why isn't love a Boomerang effect?' she wondered while dressing up. For every time she expected love, she got scalding reality tattooed on her body. He slapped her for arguing. She left with Rs. 200 less. She wanted to retire for the night. But it was only her first customer. Maybe, she'd live to find a purpose.

From @priyankadharmsi: Books. Photocopied notes. Studying. Random pages. Print-outs. Projects. Continuous SMS exchange. Mushy talks. Flirting.FB. Profiles. Stalking. Mind-boggling thoughts. Unlimited dreams. Fears and Hopes. Pen. Diary. Feelings. Maggi. Coffee. Chips. Long talks. Frenzy feelings. Glee. Expectations. Wait. Tears. The things which night started it all and the things which end on the same.

From @DayaDarwazaTodo:
It was her best friend and worst enemy. It was the air she breathed and it was her vacuum. It was her heaven and hell. It suffocated her as much as it liberated her. She repelled it as much as she embraced it. It was her reality check. Her dreams, her cries. Night, it was.

From @rinashah: That was one beautiful evening, just the way she always dreamt. A walk by the beach followed by nice dinner at a beach side restaurant and star gazing. Such a heavenly feeling it was. And just then, some weird thing happened. She saw a lady walking in the white sari, a ghost?

From @Aarom_Ramsey: Darkness engulfed not only the light, but also her life. She lay sobbing on the bed. She would have walked out long ago had it not been for her children. Every night was the same – alcohol – screaming – beating – sobbing – silence - sleep. But a line had been crossed today. Her children were caught in the crossfire.

From @Vipin_Decentboy: Walking’ on the terrace, exploring the SILVERY WHITE beauty of night., moon looks so charming. From the dark side of door, a bright face seen…..ITS MY MOM! says” lets come for the dinner” . I said”let us arrange candle light dinner here MOM” She laughs and finally we both dinner in beutiful night..

From @ZZeenius: Chaos tapered slowly. Pandemonium bartered for tranquility. Leaving behind,only fluttering of miniscule leaves. Clement zephyr brusked towards poseidon. Nyx outstreched her penumbra spryly. Both entwined into other. Solitary candle flickered out halfway through Night. He was Dead. She was Asleep. Maybe,He was her fables,She his lullaby. Distant Owl hooted in woe.

From @AnushaLalwani: It was the night of the first snow. She slipped her hands into the sides of her yellow fleece shorts, smiling fleetingly at the warmth seeping into her fingers. She had never understood why he did it before. He couldn't get the cold out of his burning fingertips. His flannel pajamas were a terrible replacement.

From @vagabondinact: Sleep eluded him again tonight. As expected he heard the fall of light feet crackling on dry leaves.  Today he mustered enough courage and looked out. Flabbergasted he saw the ghost. His heart seized. Only if he had his glasses on, he would have seen his wife’s nocturnal rendezvous with the neighbor in the garden-shed. 

From @shrishtea: She clutched the crumbling paper in her hand. The writing long faded, the words indelible. Too painful to be called nostalgia, yet not enough to be called pain itself. They were remnants of regret, companions when all else slumbered, it was what the night would give her till the day she surrendered herself to it.

From @VishalKSwamy: He opened the gates. Weeds from a year gone by stared at him. He unlocked the door and cut through the spiders artwork. Lying down, he shut his eyes. Flashes. Startled, he opened them. Flashes in every blink. The horror of the truth dawned upon him. Terrible memories, but the night had only just begun.

From @truthof_paradox: She was my moon, and I used to walk the darkness in her light. Now the dark clouds of pride cover the sky. And I am stuck here, in this endless night, waiting for rain to clear the sky. A thunderstorm is on the way, and it must be faced, but she will be back.

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